by Kim on Sunday, April 01, 2007

#1: Kristy's Great Idea (1986)

"Recently I haven't felt quite as comfortable visiting Claudia as I used to. This year she had to go and start growing up faster than us. She's wearing a bra, and the way she talks, you'd think boys had just been invented.

She acts like all the guys in the seventh grade aren't the same goony boys they were last year. Last year, the boys were saying 'want some abc gum?' and then handing us the gum out of their mouths, saying 'it's already-been-chewed, get it?' and laughing hysterically. Last year, the boys were giving us noogies on our arms and throwing spitballs at us. Last year, the boys were pulling our chairs out from under us when we stood up to answer questions. This year (if you listen to Claudia), the boys are heroes. Personally, I don't see any change.

I rang the Kishi's bell. Claudia came to the door. She was wearing short, very baggy lavender plaid overalls, a white lacy blouse, a black fedora, and red high-top sneakers without socks. Her long black hair was carefully arranged in four braids. I felt extremely blah compared to her.

I was so used to seeing Claudia in outfits like that that I didn't bat an eye. What I did notices was that she was wearing makeup. There was blue stuff on her eyelids, gold stuff above her eyes, and magenta stuff on her cheeks.

'Claudia,' I gasped. 'Your face! You look like' - I couldn't stop myself in time - 'you got made up for the circus . . . I mean . . . it's so colorful . . .'

'Thanks a lot.'

'No, honestly Claud. You don't need makeup. You've got such a beautiful face . . .'

'Oh, you just think it's exotic,' said Claudia.

Well, maybe I do. Claudia's parents are originally from Japan. They came to the United States when they were very young. Claudia has silky, jet-black hair, dark eyes, and creamy skin without so much as a trace of a pimple. She's absolutely gorgeous. But she has this wild streak in her that makes her buy belts made of feathers and wear knee socks with palm trees on them. Makeup was something new, though."


I wish that I could find a belt made of feathers...

by Jillian on 11:41 PM. #

haha what a great premise for a blog. i can still remember at least two bsc fashion moments off the top of my head- stacey and her new york friend laine in all black and white outfits being very hip and making everyone else feel inadequate in 'new york, new york'. and mary anne's dad buying her a truckload of makeup and new outfits in 'mary anne's makeover'. that lucky b*itch.

by bee on 6:40 AM. #

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