by Kim on Sunday, April 01, 2007

#2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (1986)

"Mimi knows how much I like to dress up. It's very important to me. I think clothes make a statement about the person inside them. Also, since you have to get dressed every day, why not at least make it fun? Traditional clothes look boring and are boring to put on. So I never wear them. I like bright colors and big patterns and funny touches, such as earrings made from feathers. Maybe this is because I'm an artist. I don't know. Today, for instance, I'm wearing purple pants that stop just below my knees and are held up with suspenders, white tights with clocks on them, a purple plaid shirt with a matching hat, my high-top sneakers, and lobster earrings. Clothes like these are my trademark."


i remember reading this passage and thinking it was the coolest outfit ever...and asking my mom for a pair of tights with clocks on them.

thank god i didn't get those tights.

by kate on 3:03 PM. #

Wait... when she says "tights with clocks on them", does she mean, literally, tights with a pattern of timepieces, or just tights with clocks, as in an embroidered design up the sides?

by Unknown on 4:49 AM. #

or maybe she means ACTUAL clocks. Like, working clocks, glued onto the sides of her legs!

by Miakoda on 10:26 PM. #

Suspenders, hi-tops, plaid hat - this was definitely the style blueprint for DJ Tanner on Full House.

This blog is like therapy. Thanks so much for your efforts!

by Claire on 11:39 PM. #

what do lobsters have to do with clocks, I wonder?
I like this outfit, but I can't figure out the tie-in with lobsters and clocks.

by Carly Findlay on 8:48 AM. #

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