by Kim on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

#28: Welcome Back, Stacey!

"Same old Claud, I thought as we trudged up our front steps. Her hair was flowing down her back, pulled away from her face by a headband with a huge pink rose attached to it. She was wearing a long, oversized black-and-white sweater, skin-tight black leggings, pink-and-black socks, and black ballet slippers. Her jewelry was new, and I could tell she'd made it herself. You know those things about a best friend. Her necklace was a string of glazed beads that she'd probably made in her pottery class. And from her ears dangled an alarming number of plastic charms attached to gold hoops."


well, i would hope that claudia didn't actually pay MONEY for that jewelry. sheesh.

by Chrissy on 4:54 PM. #

have you ever noticed that the ALWAYS wear socks?!

by britt on 12:57 AM. #

How many plastic charms is considered alarming?

by allison on 9:16 PM. #

Love the socks with the ballet flats

by Unknown on 2:56 PM. #

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