by Kim on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

#30: Mary Anne and the Great Romance

"She always wears the trendiest outfits. For instance, at our last meeting she was wearing layers - a shocking-pink tunic over a white shirt with pink and yellow umbrellas printed on it. Over the tunic was a wide, low-slung yellow belt with a pink plastic buckle. The shirt, but not the tunic, was tucked into a pair of black knickers, and below the knickers were yellow stockings.

Then there's her hair. Claud's hair is something else. Her family is Japanese-American, and Claud has this shiny, black hair. But her hair isn't just shiny and dark, it's long. And Claud can find a million ways to wear it. At that last meeting, she had divided it into five braids and had woven pink and yellow ribbons into the braids."


holy moly, Claud. the hair thing is a little over the top.

by whitney on 11:58 AM. #

I WANT to understand. I really do. But I don't. Five braids? Like I've said (though maybe not here) the illustrators for the BSC always let me down so much. I needed realistic interpretations of Claudia style!

Meanwhile, they would give me baggy mom jeans that were rolled up past the girls' ankles. On every single cover. It's like a conspiracy or something - BSCers were not allowed to wear jeans that were not unflatteringly puffy and cuffed.

by Kim on 2:36 PM. #

Do you think Martin (or her ghostwriters) just took a bunch of peyote, went on a vision quest, wrote down a bunch of outfit ideas, and then drew from that list for the rest of the time?

by Sarah Brown on 3:39 AM. #

Kim, I think you should try to recreate one of the Claudia outfits on yourself and have it as your profile picture.

by Kristina on 11:15 AM. #

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