by Kim on Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#7: Claudia and Mean Janine (1987)

"Anyway, on that busy Wednesday morning, I finished dressing in my favorite art class outfit - black jeans, a giant bright blue t-shirt, and a snake bracelet that I wore above my elbow - and ran downstairs."


"Oh, one sec! Be right there! Just let me grab my snake bracelet!"

by Sarah Brown on 11:55 AM. #

I sooo re-produced that outfit in real life. I even found a snake bracelet big enough to fit above my elbow at the dollar store.

by Anna on 2:07 PM. #

I actually think a girl could wear that outfit today! Granted, the shirt would have to be small and not over-sized and the jeans wouldn't be like "Mom Jeans," as seen on the book covers.

by Required: The name used to sign your blog posts. on 11:42 PM. #

that outfit sounds relatively boring and lame. And what about the shoes and hair? I can't picture this.

by Miakoda on 9:14 PM. #

i was always so jealous of that snake bracelet

by SophisticatedBrew on 2:05 PM. #

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