by Kim on Wednesday, April 04, 2007

say hello to your friends: bsc reading group in san francisco

"Come discuss:
The exotification of Asian femininity,
The complicity of white allies in the racism of their peers,
Stereotypes of butch lesbians,
The emasculization of Southern boys in the North,
The internalization of images of disability,
& the disgusting way Alan Gray eats a sandwich!

That’s right, Dog-eared Books on Valencia & 20th, the haven of hip, is having a Baby-Sitter’s Club reading group (for grown-ups) to celebrate the recently released graphic novels and to appease their dorky kids’ book specialist!

Did your adolescent love of the adventures of Claudia, Mallory, Kristy, Logan, Stacey, et al, fill you with embarrassment? Well, as you can see from the list above, they shouldn’t have. There are plenty of sophisticated topics deceptively hidden in these slim volumes. (Why do you think they were published by a company called “Scholastic?”)

Join us on May 1, the first Tuesday in May, at 8 pm, where we will discuss The Truth About Stacey, and we will discover EXACTLY what this truth is, through friendly discussion coupled with beer and snacks (Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, and of course carrot sticks for those of us who are either diabetic or from California).

Starting a Babysitters Club Reading Group is hard work, but cubbie’s going to do it! For more information, call (415) 282-1901 and reach nine experienced booksellers! "

(via craigslist)
now that is what I'm talking about.

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