by Kim on Wednesday, July 04, 2007

#104: Abby's Twin

Remember Abby? She moved into Kristy's ritzy neighborhood (which, every narrator always painstakingly reminds us, is full of straight up MANSIONS, bitches) one book after Dawn finally decided she'd had enough of this small-town hamburger eating crowd and jetted back to California to start her own diary series that was incredibly whiny and emo yet fascinating and I am STILL bitter about the fact that it ended after fifteen books*, similar to my wrath over the rapid decline in quality of the Unicorn Club series (and if you don't remember that particular offshoot of the Sweet Valley universe, then you really missed out). Anyway, rambling aside, Abby made a convenient fill-in for Dawn. Where Dawn was annoying with her nu-hippie schtick, Abby is annoying with her, uh, punny attempts at entertaining those around her. And her asthma attacks. And her allergies to just about everything. But anyway, Abby's great. Really. And according to Abby, Claudia ranks a ten on the "Cool-Meter" for creativity:

"She's very artistic and very original. The wild outfits she wears are her own creations. That day she had on multicolored, tie-dyed painter's overalls she'd dyed herself over a blue, hand-beaded, long-sleeved shirt. Five colorful, bead-studded papier-mache bracelets clattered softly on her wrist whenever she moved her arm."

A+, Claud. A+.

* didn't you think Sunny was going to end up a heroin addict turning tricks on the streets of Palo City? I sure did. And did Ducky ever figure out what exactly his sexual orientation was?


*sigh* seriously, those were the days! stumbled upon your blog and i love it. my tubs of BSC books is patiently awaiting my 3 baby girls to be able to read them. i know they'll appreciate claudia's fashion sense as much as i did....
great blog!

by Unknown on 1:49 AM. #

The unicorn club was the most amazing thing ever. im excited someone else read them

by Staff on 8:32 PM. #

I liked Abby...I think it was her naturally curly hair (for some reason I had a fascination with curly hair when I was younger...and now). Was this the book where Abby's twin has scoliosis? I used to own that one...I need to find these!

by Kate S on 3:20 PM. #

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