by Unknown on Saturday, August 11, 2007

#33: Claudia and the Great Search

"'. . . I must say, though, that it's hard to believe you are sisters.'

Well, thanks a lot. I've heard that plenty of times, but it never gets any easier. Most people say it when they find out what a dud I am in school. (I can barely spell. [sigh]) I think this teacher meant, though, that Janine and I don't look alike. We certainly don't dress alike. For instance, that day, Janine was wearing one of her usual plain outfits - a long pleated plaid skirt, a white shirt with a round collar, stockings, and blue heels. Her hair is short and cut in a pageboy, so she can't do much with it. I, on the other hand, was dressed in one of my usual wild outfits - a very short black skirt, an oversized white shirt with bright pink and turquoise poodles on it, flat turquoise shoes with ankle straps, and a ton of jewelry, including dangly poodle earrings. My long hair was swept to one side in a high ponytail held in place with a huge pink barrette." I'm pretty surprised that the barrette didn't have a poodle on it.

You gotta love when La Martin uses the crutch of comparing wardrobes to illustrate how different they are.

"If I were handed a check for $250, I'd run to Bellair's Department Store and buy this really neat Day-Glo green sweater with charms knitted into it that I'd seen on sale. [Classic Claudia. I love it.] Then I'd go to the art store and buy some new oil paints, a good supply of brushes, and this great silk-screening set I've had my eye on. After that, if any money was left over, I'd hit the candy store in a bad way. Mmm - Baby Ruth bars, Three Musketeers bars, M & Ms (plain and peanut), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups . . . Oh, the possibilities were mind-boggling." And delicious.

And, to cap it all off, some bsc style for you all to enjoy - particularly Stacey's 'funky New York sweatshirt'.

"I glanced around my bedroom. Every single one of us had leaned forward. On the floor, Jessi in her jeans and ballet leotard, and Mal in a new sweater dress, were leaning forward. On the bed, Stacey in a funky New York sweat shirt, Mary Anne in one of Dawn's baggy t-shirts, and I in a Day-Glo-striped top and skintight knit pants, were leaning forward. And on the desk chair, Dawn, wearing an outfit of Mary Anne's, had cocked her head toward Kristy."


Day-glo! will probably be trendy again like, tomorrow.

by shegotzen on 2:58 AM. #

Poor Janine, I'd feel inadequate with a sister like Claudia! I always wondered where Claudia got her barettes, one barette would NEVER hold all my hair!

by Mehreen on 10:27 AM. #

Stacey should wash that sweatshirt. I can smell it from here.

Also, I love the values that AMM is promoting! Main character - bad in school. Annoying older sister - good in school. QED, smart = bad. You should be average like the other Babysitters!

by srah on 10:57 AM. #

claud loves day-glo

by whitney arlene on 11:18 AM. #

they were all leaning forward, you say?

by Chrissy on 12:05 PM. #

"skintight" is such a troubling adjective.

by Meghan on 6:01 PM. # I'm REALLY curious as to why they were all leaning forward.

by Miakoda on 11:13 PM. #

Dawn was always cocking her head. She was so cocky!

by Libellule on 3:13 AM. #

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