by Unknown on Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Moment with Kim: Haters to the Left

For the directionally challenged haters, it's <----- this way.

Some of you fools are not appreciative enough. You demand pictoral evidence documenting these crimes of fashion. (Some of you even think I should be recreating these outfits, but I am not "exotic" [read: asian] enough to do so.) And once in a while I bring the .jpgs, but quite frankly I am too lazy for that shit most of the time. Isn't it bad enough that I'm doing this? Do you know what it's like to explain this hobby to people in Real Life?

People tend to look at you funny, that's all I'm saying.

Luckily for you, I've been listening to a lot of Blackout lately. And in the inspirational words of Britney Spears' songwriters: "they want more? Well, I'll give them more."

Therefore, we interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging format to bring you:

I know, I know, you're impressed with my mad Photoshop skills, but you don't have to inundate me with graphic design job offers. Your love is all I ask for. Unless you have that doll and are willing to send it to me, in which case I ask for that.

And yeah, that is candy corn. Cause, why not.

I'm pandering to my audience. And my audience is you. And you know you love me.

Gossip Kim*

* wouldn't it be great/horrible if I went through a Gossip Girl Blog Renaissance? "What's up Upper Bradford Court Siders, Gossip Kim here. Did you see the new perm S. was rocking at the Remember September dance? Don't tell M.A., but my sources informed me that L. and S. were looking mighty cozy. Meanwhile, C. resorted to her usual defense when dealing with yet another mom-funded S. makeover: creating bracelets out of telephone cords. Grab your flak jackets, SMS - I don't think we've seen the last battle in this clash of the fashion titans."


i think you'd better hurry up and copyright that idea, because i seriously think it could be a great and popular book! please write it! i'm seeing lots of pictures ("artist renderings") of the outfits as well... awesome!

by Tessa on 12:02 AM. #

I really did have that doll! I have no idea where she is now... possibly buried in my parents' basement. I think I might have to go on a little hunt for her!!!

by ciara hates it on 12:53 AM. #


by CEC on 2:03 AM. #

i definitely got that Claudia doll for Christmas one year... and I was pissed it wasn't Stacey. I wish I still had it now

by annalise on 3:59 AM. #

i actually have that claudia doll. i got it as a christmas present when i was 9 or 10. but it doesn't have the original outfit because my mom crocheted a turquoise and purple full-skirted dress for the doll instead. because, why not? she does have a purple scissor earing in her left ear though.

by Shanna on 11:30 AM. #

I don't know who was terrorizing you for more evidence of the outfits, but I must thank them if this is what you came up with. You have my love, and admiration for your photoshop skillz. That doll, fabulous, your gossip, even better!

by Mehreen on 12:08 PM. #

I had that doll, too! She was awesome, but I was always a little disappointed that she and my American girl doll couldn't share clothes. (Not that prairie-girl Kirsten would be caught dead in Claudia's clothes anyway.)

This blog is amazing.

by Claire on 1:10 PM. #


by maebetonight on 4:15 PM. #

BSC aside, I am completely embarrassed about watching Gossip Girl.
Don't tell anyone.

by kate on 5:22 PM. #

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by AuditoryCooze on 5:31 PM. #

Ok... first of all- you just made my entire fucking day. I'm home sick and now I get the spurious joy of reading all your back entries.

My best friend is scandalized because I read most of the books out of order.. i.e. I started with Mallory and the Trouble with Twins because I was at the beach with my mom and I'd read all the Anastasia Krupnik books.

Do you remember the live-action tv series ever? So very very wrong.

by AuditoryCooze on 5:31 PM. #

I had the Claudia doll, but I sold her at a garage sale when I was 14. Sad times.

by valuemeal2 on 1:08 AM. #

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! So quick story. With all the recent SVH hubbub, my friends have been reading SVH blogs. I was more of a BSC fan. I started wondering if there were any BSC blogs and googled Claudia Kishi since she was my favorite and found your blog. IT'S HILARIOUS!!!!

by Stephanie on 1:21 AM. #

People need to get on board with the Magic of Reading. It's called an imagination. You had it when you were 13.

Anyhow, no modern style could possibly mirror an authentic 1980's cut. You know what I'm talking about. You've tried on second-hand hot pink high-waisted jeans "just to see" plenty of times.

by Rebecca on 12:12 PM. #

Love it. LOVE IT love it love it.

I actually feel like I've seen a few hipsters wearing the Claud doll's outfit recently.

by Alicia on 9:06 AM. #

I am so happy this blog exists! I used to read BSC and savour the descriptions of clothing, specifically Claudia's (I will never forget that one of her outfits had one earing shaped like a monkey and the other shaped like a banana). I used to pull them off my shelf just to read those paragraphs. Yay you for making this blog for people like me!!!

by Roxanne on 11:28 AM. #

So when I was 12 or so my parents couldn't afford to buy me a American Girl doll, so I got the BSC doll of Mallory. It was terrible, because on one hand she was my least favorite BSC girl, and on the other, it wasn't an American Girl doll. And then my best friend's dog stole her and used her as a chew toy...but that's a story for a different day.

by PhoneFeminist on 4:16 PM. #

You ask for my love? You have it.
I want that book!

by Christine on 9:12 PM. #

I'm trying to remember which doll I had. I know I had a large Mary Ann doll that was American Girl size but skinnier. But I also had a Barbie size, and I think it was Stacey. She had "tie-dye" pants and this awful pink long-sleeved shirt that looked like a clown costume lol.

Gah. I love this blog. I think one day after work, I'm going to hit the juniors section and pretend I'm Claudia lol

by Jo on 2:45 AM. #

this blog saved my life! or at least a really rainy day in my life!

by princessmillatwoshoes on 10:12 AM. #

by annalise on 10:13 AM. #

whoa, your blog is blowing up. at least I can saw I knew you when.

seriously though, I agree with tessa: copyright this idea!

by Whitney on 2:33 PM. #

oh my god. a blog dedicated to claudia kishi fashion?! amazing.

by Natalie on 6:17 PM. #

Definitely STILL own that doll!

by Shenanigans on 7:35 PM. #

Wow, Amherst MA?? I found your blog linked off of Racialicious... I'm a junior over at UMass, what a small world!

by KO on 1:54 AM. #

i just found your blog. i'm so happy i could burst. so happy.

by alicia on 5:11 PM. #

please pander for just a moment more and tell me what # that quote is from. i remember it - it's bouncing off my walls of my brain - it was a fight, right? - and i REALLY want to go find it and read it.



by damned_cat on 10:13 PM. #

I definitely had the Claudia, Kristy, Stacey, and Dawn dolls...I used to get one for every x-mas and birthday when I was little. Then my mom made me sell them in a garage sale when I got older. Now I'm really sad. :(

I LOVE your blog!!!!

by on 11:30 AM. #

I gotta say it- the Claudia doll does not look Japanese American. Neither did she look Japanese-American on many of the book covers. It's like the creators were scared to make her too ethnic or something.

by Robin on 12:15 PM. #

Your blog is so good.

by becky on 12:50 AM. #

um i definitely had all the babysitters' club dolls

by sam on 3:49 PM. #

oh and also, once, on the bus, i met the actress who played claudia in the super low budge bsc movies. i was maybe ten, and i think i freaked her out.

by sam on 3:51 PM. #

oh i mean "actress"

last comment, i swear!

by sam on 3:51 PM. #

Um, you win. I don't even know what the contest is, but you win.

My friends and I have been talking non-stop about how obsessed we are with your blog and I just realized that I don't think I've ever commented!


by Your Ill-fitting Overcoat on 11:19 PM. #

I could not be more obsessed with this blog if I tried.

I may never work again.

by leo on 2:53 PM. #

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by Mr.galle on 5:31 AM. #

I don't know why I haven't commented before. I really love reading this. I spent ten minutes chasing down my google accounts password so I could tell you this. (Actually maybe that is part of the reason I haven't commented before.)
Anyway, I love reading this, collection of writings, it's utterly hilarious. So much love.

by Annie on 8:35 AM. #

I think my obsession with Claudia's fashion may have started me down the path of desperately wanting to be Asian for much of my youth.

by OCD OD on 6:57 PM. #

You should keep doing your thing and ignore the haters. I miss all the updates to this blog picking out all sorts of fashion crimes from the BSC books. Come back, Kim!!

by carol on 3:38 PM. #

EVERYONE: thank you!!

kate: embrace. I am so excited for the season finale tonight, it's like I'm 14 instead of 24.

auditorycooze: Mallory and the Trouble with Twins was my first book too - at least, the first I owned. Nice.

rebecca: I just bought a pair of high-waisted flares. While I was driving home, I thought to myself: "Ashley would approve."

whitney: haha. free autographs for you, I'm charitable like that. ;)

ko: that's awesome! hi.

damned_cat: #1, when they have the fight over Stacey's at the time secret diabetes. Claudia calls Kristy babyish, and Kristy retorts that Claudia's the one wearing sheep earrings. I hope you can now sleep at night. ;)

your ill-fitting overcoat: I accept this medal gratefully, even though neither you nor I know what it is for.

carol: aww, don't worry - I was being a bit hyperbolic about the haters. :) sorry it took me so long to update

by Kim on 5:55 PM. #

Yes! I had that doll!! Yes!! OMG that brought back such awesome memories!!! I think I sold her at a yard sale. . .I know she was looking a little rough, because i went through this pseudo goth phase when i was like, 11, b ut i wasn't allowed to wear makeup, so i drew black gothy eyeliner on her with a felt tipped pen. and then upper arm tattoos. i was hard.

by Katrina on 2:16 PM. #

Love the blog- just wasted an entire workday.

and I STILL have all the BSC dolls, although Claudia's hair has been in approximately 8,000 teeny tiny braids for the past 15 years (at one point 8 year old me thought this was right up her alley).

by tania visnaskas on 3:49 PM. #

Holy shit! I actually had this doll! And she was my favorite - I also had Stacey and Kristy. I was determined to collect all seven, but that never happened.

by Vani B. on 2:53 PM. #

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