by Unknown on Monday, April 07, 2008

Super Mystery #3: Baby-sitters' Fright Night

By the time the series got to the Super Mystery stage of the game, they were . . . well, I'll be kind and say reaching. The mysteries in general are pretty notorious for being ludicrous. Even when I first read them I was like "the police want you involved in the investigation? Are you sure?" The cop in those books was always letting them into the interrogation room and stuff like that.

This one involves a huge diamond being hidden in a ceramic pumpkin Abby buys as a souvenir. I'll leave it at that.

"For example, today, while Claudia was no doubt running around Stoneybrook in some tribute to the season that included Halloween colors and themes (last year it was Doc Martens with pumpkin stickers, a hand-batiked shirt in orange and black, plus one orange sock and one black sock), Stacey had gone for almost total black [like her soul?]: black jeans, black boots, black turtleneck, silver cropped top over that, black boots with silver side buttons and silver X earrings."

I feel like there are people who will be okay with that outfit. However, it would help if we could understand what Ghostwriter here was trying to say. Is it a vest? What if it was a silver sequined vest, guys. How Urban Outfitters of her. Seriously.

Oh, and listen to this shit:

"Jessi's fond of wearing leotards even when she is not dancing; she has them in every color imaginable."



Haha, love the Stacey's soul comment...

by Mehreen on 9:59 PM. #

Black coat, black shoes, black hat, Cadillac... The girl's a time bomb.

by Katanma on 10:16 PM. #

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by Ideoplastic on 9:57 AM. #

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by Ideoplastic on 10:16 AM. #

Wait...I thought Jessi's dance teacher was fairly strict about what colors they could wear to practice, at least I might have read that. Hmm. Need to dig out #42. I know it's mentioned in there.

by Susan on 5:17 PM. #

OOooh! And you went for the jugular with our diabetic friend!

by So@24 on 12:27 AM. #


Your blog is how I reward myself after an exceptionally ridiculous day at work.


by Kerri on 10:18 AM. #

You are my hero. NFT. :)

by April on 12:36 PM. #

This book was so ridiculous, even for super mystery standards. Though, I think I've read it a good 5 times anyway....
And I always liked Claudia's suggestions for Halloween costumes in this one, like "Sherlock Bones" and the "womens soccer cup".

by Murial Mercurial on 2:55 PM. #

What always bugged me was that you never saw the same article of clothing twice. Did these girls own an infinite number of black shirts? How did they have "favorite" earrings if we only see them once? How come there was never a "Claudia Does Laundry" Super Special?

by Raine on 7:12 PM. #

Too bad Claudia never had access to cell phones - she would totes make earrings out of tha shit.

It's great that you exist because I get Really Really Bored with all the expository shit in BSC books.... all I ever care about are the clothes. So thank you!

As an added bonus, reading your blog makes time spent at work slightly more bearable!

by maebetonight on 8:39 AM. #

Claudia's previous Halloween outfit- Docs with pumpkin stickers (I don't know why she considers stickers art, I always imagine them being really tacky with white around the edge), a hand-batiked shirt in orange and black, plus one orange sock and one black sock).
...Anyway, my point is, apparently she decided to go pants-less that year.

by stace on 5:32 PM. #

I don't personally find 'silver cropped top' (or wrap top, or workshirt, for that matter) hard to understand. What's not to get?

by Libellule on 5:00 PM. #

Awesome song!

by Rachel Valentine on 7:56 PM. #

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