by Unknown on Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Moment with Kim: Get Out Your Sunscreen

I wonder how Dawn Schafer feels about global warming. Probably good, huh?

What's funny about this particular work of literary genius is that Scholastic must have felt Dawn came off as too much of a blowhard, because they nixed the haughty look of moral superiority on the new edition's cover. I don't know quite how I feel about that. I do know that - unless my eyes deceive me - they also repainted her shirt to achieve that California Casual Texas Tuxedo Look. For this, I'm sure we're all grateful.

Plus, what does 'recycle conservation' even mean? Very mysterious, Schafer.


I used to have a piece of software that was BSC-related. Part of the thing was that you could make stationary and write a letter with the girls' handwriting. It came with the fonts for it.

I am sure I still have it in one of my spindles....

by Lis on 5:47 PM. #

i love this blog so much, i linked it from my own blog so i hope its ok (although im sure no one will ever chance upon my blog). I love claud & the gang so much, a secret guilty pleasure. Im studying graphic design at a 'fashionable' london establishment and it is amusing how a fictional babysitter's fashions are pretty much commonplace here. I literally now see people out in London and think.."Claudia would...(wear that)" and i blame your blog. thankyou x

by plum on 11:20 PM. #

as far as the handwriting is concerned, I can definitely help out. when i was younger i had a babysitter's club secret santa book which was made up of handwritten notes by each of them. you aren't too far off on some of the fonts, actually. i don't have the book anymore, but you can find it here:


by blair on 1:48 AM. #

Oh my god, that is the exact BSC book I am in the middle of at present! Freaky stuff! But I haven't finished yet because it's kind of really boring (the ones with Dawn narrating usually are, though, aren't they?), and the constant statistic-citing is doing my head in. Dawn can be such a self-righteous whore sometimes.

As for the font sample, I think Dawn's, Abby's, Jessi's and Mal's look pretty good, but the rest of them are way off. So if it's Dawn's you're after, I'm sure it'll work fine. :)

Also, I was wondering - would you be willing to put an RSS feed up for your blog? I'd really appreciate it.

Love and "dibbly cool" push-down socks, your number-one fan, Chess.

by CJ on 8:36 AM. #

there's this free font on called kaileen and all the i's and j's are dotted with hearts. if i'm not mistaken that's how stacy writes, correct? it's called kaileen.

by Erin on 12:59 PM. #

plum, i just spent a week with my friend at goldsmiths - yeah. i'd say london is pretty much run amok with kishi types!

by maebytonight on 3:40 PM. #

Mom jeans!

Also, what is so hard about recycling and babysitting? I mean, all recycling is is putting cans in a trash can that has been designated the 'recycling bin'. Am I missing something?

by Athena on 7:55 PM. #

I always had a love/hate relationship with Dawn. Your outfit is fab, by the way.

by OCD OD on 2:03 PM. #

I loved this cover. Well, more like hated it because Dawn was probably my least favourite, but I did appreciate the smug superiority.

by Dinah on 8:33 PM. #

So what're you like famous now?
Go gettem girl.

by Sarah on 8:50 PM. #

I feel like the tagline should say, "She babysits, she recycles, she looks a lot like a leather-faced 40-year-old man." Holy shit, she is absolutely terrifying. No wonder they changed it.

by Sardo's Magic Mansion on 4:20 PM. #

Dawn was most def never my favorite - something about her I can't quite put my finger on.... This blog rocks my socks!

by Anonymous on 6:15 PM. #

If all it takes to be "super" is baby-sitting and recycling, then I definitely deserve a "super dibbly fresh" before my name. I bet superman would be offended with all this casual "super" Ann is tossing around!

by Mehreen on 11:55 PM. #

i love you.

by magda o on 11:53 PM. #

I thought Mary Anne had the best handwriting. Neat cursive. A lady always writes in neat cursive :-)

by Libellule on 9:28 PM. #

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