by Kim on Friday, June 27, 2008

A Moment with Kim: If the Babysitters Were Modern-Day Hipsters. 

This was accomplished with a single issue of Nylon.


ha! beautiful! i love my nylon subscription almost as much as my favorite asian babysitter!

by meredith on 3:35 PM. #

Wow, this really is spot on. Well done. You have further proven the premise of this entire site.

by The_Writer on 3:42 PM. #

wow! this is *perfect*!
i love your blog! this is my first time posting, but i've been reading. and it's hilarious.

by laura on 3:59 PM. #

this is the best post. seriously on point.

by leonor on 4:11 PM. #


by Laurie Stark on 4:43 PM. #

Probably your best entry yet..

by Sheena Louise Roetman on 5:50 PM. #

It's like the Nylon editors are all fans of you, and put together a whole issue just for your blog.

by hairycarrot on 11:57 PM. #

that is AMAZING. i'd love to see more stuff like this on here :)
I always come here whenever I need a laugh, keep up the good work! xx

by Sarah's Chapter on 7:40 AM. #

Love to read your blog. Fantastic!

by Anonymous on 5:48 PM. #

Wow. Love this. Hey, if fluro can come back in style...

by hungryandfrozen on 10:48 PM. #

fucking brilliant

by Michelle on 8:55 AM. #

awesome! I especially love how Stacy looks like the queen of the undead. aka, "sophisticated"

by boppo on 11:44 AM. #

"Dawn" looks much better than she has on any of the book covers.

by Paigealicious! on 12:19 PM. #

Your Mallory is spot on.

But... no Dawn?

by So@24 on 2:54 PM. #

I can reply to comments!

maebytonight: it is pretty much hipster paradise.

the_writer, laura, leo, overcoat, sheena: mwah.

hairycarrot: wait, they DIDN'T? that I can probably do.

smilf, laura, msee: thank you!

boppo: Stacey is too sophisticated to breathe. Breathing is last season.

paige: she's pretty fierce, right?

so@24: she's the one with the orgasmic look (which is probably due to an Act of Recycling) and pale blonde hair. Keep up! (jokes , jokes.)

by Kim on 5:35 PM. #

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by Unknown on 12:51 PM. #

I bow to your genius!

by OCD OD on 7:38 PM. #

truly inspired!

by ashleigh nankivell on 12:53 PM. #

Ok, I don't know you and you don't know me, and I can't even remember how I stumbled across your hilariously spot-on blog, but I HAD TO comment after this entry because it was brilliant.


by laurel on 3:16 PM. #

omg. srsly.
your blog is such a pleasure to read. so. dead. on.
i love it, it's so brilliant.
even if it *is* hard to explain this hobby to real, live people, we love it.

by sara girlscantell on 6:16 PM. #

this is amazing!

by Ann on 1:36 AM. #

Friggin'. Brilliant.

by Tamia on 8:24 PM. #


by Little Willow on 11:01 PM. #

What I really love is your subtle use of fonts for their names. Details!

by brista on 9:44 PM. #

This is brilliant. I just stumbled across your blog and I must say the whole thing is brilliant. kudos to you.

by Gabby on 1:24 PM. #

LOL @ MALLORY! Your blog is perfection. I loved the BSC!

by style-magnet on 3:19 PM. #

omigosh, yes yes yes!!!

by Jess the Chipster on 11:15 AM. #

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