by Unknown on Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Moment with Kim: The Answer to M.I.A.'s 'Where Were You in '92' Query

Maybe you were not aware that nine year old Kim was pretty serious about BSC-inspired fashion.
Maybe you are a fool.

I posted this picture on my facebook a while back and one of my friends commented "do you wish you still had that skirt?". Damn straight I do! And check out that beaded fringe. It's all about the details, guys.

Shortly after this photo was taken (perhaps mere minutes!) I entered my awkward phase, which lasted approximately a decade.


I had the same style skirt that had the high waist with accompanying belt (a lot of times my mom favored the Palmetto's brand of walking shorts and skirts which came with free belts attached). Welcome to my first day of 6th grade outfit, complete with faux Dooney purse (ensemble was plum and hunter green).

by francine on 10:54 PM. #


by So@24 on 3:52 AM. #

I'm really tired of calling things 'fierce'... but I'm gonna need to use it one more time.


by Your Ill-fitting Overcoat on 11:24 AM. #

That was so me in 1992 too!



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by Janina Dentata on 2:51 PM. #

If I tilt my head and squint, I can almost see some foreign cities on that skirt.

by Rachael on 3:57 PM. #

Ah, the awkward phase. I think I'm still going through mine. :)

by brista on 8:46 PM. #

I LOVE this! How cute are you!

by copperoranges on 12:08 AM. #

But the important thing is, did you have a famous cities skirt?

by Sadako on 12:18 AM. #

You need to pimp whatchuckwore! Piimmpp I tell you.

Also: FIERCE outfit. Claudia would've been jealous.

by courtney on 1:50 AM. #

No offense, but I laughed my arse off when I saw this photo!

I so had a similar ruffled denim skirt and belt that I wore with a t-shirt decorated with colored rhinestones and sparkly puffy paint (remember puffy paint?)

Ah, the early 90's...

by Tamia on 1:41 PM. #

At least your awkward phase only lasted a decade. I'm still navigating the murky waters of my awkward phase - just ask my bangs; they have a mind of their own.

by Erika on 1:54 AM. #

If you really wanted to be fierce, you should have rocked a pair of spandex shorts underneath that skirt. Ferosh!

by hamdinger on 10:56 PM. #

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