by Unknown on Saturday, February 07, 2009

Super Mystery #1: Baby-sitters' Haunted House

So this isn't a full entry. There are plenty of fashionable hijinks in this particular masterpiece, though - I do plan on revisiting it. Plus, Claudia spends the entire book getting hit on by some guy my age (slight exaggeration), so good for her. But we'll cover that ground later. Let's limit our focus to the cover for now, because holy Urban Outfitters, Batman.

Are you feeling me on this?

Ignore Dawn and Kristy - they're both beyond redemption. I mean, Dawn is following Claudia's lead and borrowing shirts from Mr. Kishi's closet, but she's also borrowing his shorts. (I see no other explanation for the khaki monstrosities she's sporting.) And the socks! Kristy's in the summer version of her uniform, having swapped out the turtleneck-sweater combo for a nondescript red t-shirt she certainly didn't get at Hipster Paradise.

However. Check out MA! You know the folks over at Urban love a good vest. They probably wouldn't combine it with that particular t-shirt unless it was, like, Charlotte Ronson approved, but whatever. Cut a couple inches off those shorts - and maybe hit them up with some bleach - and they'd totally be Rumi approved. (This is not a knock on Rumi, she's all sorts of fierce.)

You'll also note that both MA and Claud are wearing sandals that would not be out of place in the UO catalog. Claudia herself looks like she just stepped out of one of their editorials. Except maybe she should look more morose, and perhaps the UO stylists are not into side ponytails the way our girl is.

Also, while I was scouring UO's site for evidence to support this theory, I ran across these and I'm pretty sure you should buy them for me. I saw them in person when I was visiting my friend Joe in Brooklyn, and I was all "Joe! Look at these shoes! I love them!" and he was all "hmm, that's nice." He's very tolerant, but how excited is a straight male really going to get over a pair of grey booties?

(As is the case with most book covers I post, credit to the dibbly-fresh gallery for enabling my laziness.)


Wait. Shorts and socks aren't allowed?


I mean, yeah... yeah of course.

(Curses Asian father for teaching him the wrong way)

by So@24 on 10:02 PM. #

CUH-RAZY how much of the current hipster wardrobe (AA, UO, etc.) seems to be inspired by my childhood fantasy fashion.
Does this mean I'm so old that stuff is "vintage" now? HTF did that happen?

by Tamia on 6:10 PM. #

I never envied anyone's taste in shoes until I started reading your blog.

by Rebecca on 10:54 AM. #

holy crap. mary anne's outfit is straight out of my weekend rotation from last summer. i would never put myself and mary anne in the same fashion universe! my world is upside down.
also: someone get her those shoes. i would do it myself but i just spent $150 repairing my own shoes.

by absolutely not on 11:20 AM. #

Where have I been? This is probably the greatest thing I've heard of since... well... the last time I read one of the BSC books. They were my life.

by Anna on 7:09 PM. #

long time reader, first time poster :)

every girl should have a pair of grey booties. go for it!

by wendy on 12:13 AM. #

This blog is amazing, you are are amazing...I can stop crying myself to sleep now knowing that someone is out there reppin' Claud in all her glory.

side ponytails & mars bars,
The Lady

by The Lady on 11:28 PM. #

Those UO booties are incred. I found some almost IDENTICAL at a thrift store two months ago, but they were a size two small & unwearable. I still get sniffly about it sometimes.

by Your Ill-fitting Overcoat on 3:56 PM. #

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