by Kim on Monday, April 13, 2009

A Moment with Kim: Shoe Buying Moratorium* Temporarily Lifted

Because . . . I mean . . . come on.
Remember a while back, when I mentioned the whole 90's revival we're experiencing? I said something about how I wasn't sure if I was pro or anti, but maybe I'd, like, break out my high school collection of Doc Martens. At least one of you was like "oh honey I would reconsider that." And I see your point, especially since my Docs were mostly of the chunky oxford variety. Plus, I wasn't sure they were really my thing. Until I saw these ridiculous Docs (1460 W Goldilocks). I mean, I'm basically wearing wallpaper ON MY FEET. You know that if I'd been shopping with our girl, she would have bought a pair too.

They were also a pretty sweet deal - $30 marked down from $109 at Famous Footwear. I am going to be stomping around in these things like nobody's business.

* The moratorium was put into place after I stumbled upon a pair of Frye Carmen boots for 60% off at Urban Outfitters. Extremely irresponsible. Totally worth it.


YESYESYES! Please, please, please let Docs come back into style. Because I was always desperate for a pair back in the day but being around the age of 7, there wasn't much money in my pocket for those awesome, awesome shoes that Blossom wore. And now I'm sort of grown up (ha!) so I can totally buy myself a pair. I was actually looking into a pair for this last winter, but I was worried they'd look too butch on me.

And those Frye Carmen them. I might steal them from you if I saw you on the street. I love boots so darn much but they always look so terrible on me somehow.

by brista on 10:36 PM. #

OMG. They are wallpaper on your feet! I LOVE THEM, I LUST THEM. ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

by Lis on 10:42 PM. #

those docs are INCREDIBLE.

by minteva on 11:23 PM. #

both pairs are GORGEOUS. why is it that you ALWAYS find such great stuff at kickass prices?? experience from years of excessive window-shopping maybe?

by the-stars-say on 12:22 AM. #

They are pretty fucking awesome.


by courtney summers on 3:26 AM. #

I am seriously considering buying those Docs, they are MAGICAL.

by GraceFace on 6:57 AM. #

Ahhhhhh yes. I am so pro these shoes.

by whitney on 10:29 AM. #

Fryes for 60% off? Still crazy expensive I am sure, but what a deal.

I've got the super-tall Engineer boots, and I paid full price for them, I love them that much.

My hot-pink Docs were only $20, however, so it all evens out. Maybe.

by Lorena Cupcake on 10:36 AM. #

I want those Frye boots! Actually, what I really want is pair of the motorcycle boots, but I am totally not that personality type and can't justify the cost for something I may not be able to pull off. Sigh.

by kimberly on 12:30 PM. #

maybe i will just paint pretty flowers on my old docs that are probably still in my parents' attic.

by meredith on 2:32 PM. #

I was wondering why i've been having strange urgings to buy a pair of docs....this must be it.

I've been looking at hot pink, shiny black patent, and flowery. And trying to work out what the sudden appeal was. know...blacks a tad...normal? Who knows.

by An (ex) alien in new york on 9:11 AM. #

your blog just completed my life

by molly on 2:11 PM. #

I never had docs, but I'd be tempted to get a pair. I feel like if i read something on your blog, it's like it's already a trend.

by Sadako on 3:10 PM. #

I'm totally not into the Fryes, which, thank god because I just laid off. Not yours, specifically, just in general.


Those docs?

I want.

And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

by Laurie Stark on 12:29 PM. #

I have a pair of thrifted faux-snakeskin docs. I love them. I support the Doc resurgence,

by Unknown on 9:03 PM. #

I love those Docs. It's like Lilly Pulitzer gone grunge. Love it! And those Frye boots? Just give them to me!

by erika sorocco on 1:52 AM. #

$30?!?!?! That's a steal of a deal! I love them!

by Jenni on 8:35 AM. #

Love the Docs, not so keen on the second pair of boots. But what would I know, my name is Stacey and therefore I might be thoroughly ocnfused about what is cool and what is not...

by Stace on 4:53 AM. #

I have literally been looking for the Doc Martens Goldilocks boot FOREVER! I've never owned a pair of Docs (because they are so expensive!) but have had my heart set on this pair for too long to give in and buy a plain pair.

I need to go check every Famous Footwear on the east coast now.


by hatchet face on 11:10 PM. #

LOVE the frye carmen boots. totally worth it, especially 60% OFF?! win

by C on 10:21 PM. #

I want your Docs. Even though it's 14 months after you found them.

For the record I'm a 31yo woman 6 months pregnant with a baby girl, and I'm determind to save my collection of Docs for when her feet are big enough (mine are man-sized). I would trade you your wallpaper Docs for my irridescent purple ones that I could never break in, but my baby girl's going to need them some day.

by Jennie on 8:28 PM. #

I want those Frye Boots awesome.

by Unknown on 7:13 AM. #

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