by Unknown on Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping with Claudia: How Psyched Are You For Summer?

Yeah, me too. Today was ridiculously warm and summery and maxidress-worthy. (I know, maxidresses are a polarizing item, the topic of much debate. Personally, I love 'em. They're California Casual, guys! Totally Schafer-approved.) Since the shoe buying moratorium is still in place (I will admit to trying on a pair of Chloe knockoffs by Dolce Vita at T.J. Maxx today), I'll limit my seasonally-trigged shopping jones to window shopping at etsy.

Kishi-approved vintage (
later in the series the ghostwriters started describing her as a thrift-store junkie, remember?) footwear below. Including a pair of ankle wrap sandals - you know how Claudia feels about shoes that lace up your calves.
Salina strappy sandals - size 10
Liz Wear fringe wrap sandals - size 6.5
Mixed Blues tricolor huraches - size 8.5
Pikolinos slingback sandals - size 7
Guijada handcarved clogs - size 9
Rieker laceup gladiators - size 6.5

Those purple Guijada heels . . . damn. Please, someone buy them and give them the love they deserve. They're amazing.


I love that these are Schaefer- and Kishi-approved. Also, I am definitively pro-maxi dress.

Unfortunately, the only shoes here in my size are the mixed blues, which aren't my things. I love those fringed ones though!

by Children of the Nineties on 11:48 AM. #

you don't see too many awesome shoes on etsy in a size 9.5-10ish, but those are great! good hunting.

also i think maxi dresses are really cute if a. you're very tall & statuesque or b. very short & pixie-ish (pixish?)

at 5'7", in a maxi, i think i just look like i got lost on my way to the boardwalk.

by sweet jane. on 5:03 PM. #

The shoes are amazing, I love your blog.

Have you seen the post on WhoWhatWearDaily on 90s fashion?

I swear the picture could be of Stacy, Claudia, Dawn, and Mary Anne.

by Nicole on 4:48 PM. #

I think maxi dresses are perfectly fine. In the summer (esp in the Northeast), it's a given that everyone kind of always looks like shit. Maxi dresses only look bad in photographs.

by Rachael on 9:31 PM. # the best blog ever.

by andkatewaslike on 4:34 PM. #

I think maxi dresses mostly just have to be worn with confidence. they're like those liquid leggings - potentially ugly but also kind of great if they're worn by someone who pulls them off.

by text machine on 12:44 AM. #

Thank you for making What Chuck Wore, it is my new favorite blog.

by willy cheesesteak on 5:58 PM. #

Tagged you in a meme on my blog.

by Sadako on 4:21 PM. #


by Bradford Pearson on 9:48 AM. #

And I'd like to download your handwriting as a font to my desktop

by So@24 on 8:05 PM. #

How did no one comment the hilariousness of you dotting the i's with hearts just like Stacey did?

by So@24 on 8:19 PM. #

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