by Unknown on Friday, August 21, 2009

Claudia Kishi Discovers Online Shopping; Singlehandedly Saves Economy.

Mom and Pop Kishi were pretty hard on our girl, huh? They should just be glad her reign of fashion-y terror didn't overlap with the era of Spending All Your Disposable Income on Online Shopping. She would've racked up massive credit card debt in no time. I mean, think about it. She'd be all hopped up on Yodels and frantically bidding on ebay auctions for fringed vests and snake bracelets. (Or snake earrings, or snake rings, or sandals that laced up her calves.*)

Chickdowntown would've seen her coming. And rolled out the virtual welcome mat.

She's fictional, though. And you are not. (At least, not as far as I know.) So they'll settle for your love by sending you this horse shoe slim clutch by Moyna Handbags. Claudia would be totally jealous, am I right? And you're going to look great. (May I suggest pairing it with some shredded denim and earrings made from paper clips and seed beads? So fetch!**)

Wanna get your hands on the clutch? Easy enough. Chickdowntown has one reserved for a lucky What Claudia Wore reader. All you have to do (besides 'live in the United States' - sorry, international ladies) is drop me a comment naming the Ann M. Martin-approved item you'd die to own. Is it Dawn's I'm Awesome necklace? Stacey's beret, adorned with a sparkly dinosaur pin? One of the 5 million jumpsuits these crazy chicks are always sporting? The iconic telephone cord bracelet? Claudia's bungee cord belt? (If so, why? It's a bungee cord, dude.)

The contest will close on September 3rd. I'll use a Ouija board to pick the winner. (Just kidding, I will probably put your names in a sassy hat or something.) In the meantime, follow Chickdowntown on twitter, become a fan on facebook, and check out J.A.K.'s western plaid shirts. Mostly because the yellow/orange one is callin' my name and I just want someone to tell me it'd look great with my Fryes.

I'm gonna go call Claudia, maybe she can find it for me in her dad's closet. Forgive us, Pop Kishi.

* the laces would be two tiny snakes. With beads for eyes. God, I need those sandals immediately.
** If Regina George is Cokie Mason, then Gretchen Weiners is Grace Blume. Think about it.


Cute purse. I live outside the United States but am used to missing out. All those "win a trip to New York!" and "Collect The BSC Dolls" and 'twinkies' were way out of my reach since I first started reading BSC books.

Hypothetically though, I'm thinking the earrings made of thousands of tiny charms made by Claudia from Mallory and the Trouble with Twins. Am I remembering that right? Ooh, or the Princess Diana earrings from Claudia and the Middle School Mystery.

But I'd settle for anything shirred in a pinch.

by Laura @ Hungry and Frozen on 7:04 PM. #

Score for being an American. Also, easy question.

It'd be the pink and blue skirt from Logan Likes Mary-Anne! The one with the sketchy designs of London and Paris, etc. Ten years after reading those books, and I still remember that awesome skirt. When I saw that was one of your older entries, I flipped out.
That skirt is pure icon. I'd wear it now in a heart beat.

by The Star on 7:15 PM. #

I'd really like a Laura Ashley dress from Mary Ann's makeover. Kidding. I think that despite her falling out with Stacey, I'd still like some cool, black Laine-esque turtlenecks.

God, I love that you make me remember these things!

by Amy on 7:16 PM. #

Hands down, the barrette shaped like a bone a ala The Flintstones!

by Ellie on 7:24 PM. #

Claudia would love online shopping. She could eat stuff from her hollow book and shop at the same time, ha!

I've always wanted Dawn's shirt that was blue on the outside and green on the inside, which I think is from Mallory and the Trouble with Twins. Or some Mallory book, I think. I'm not dibble or chilly enough to wear anything more outrageous than that!

by Rainbow on 7:28 PM. #

Definitely the short silver puffy skirt Dawn wore in Dawn's Big Date. I'm really into puffy skirts and if that one was for sale, I wouldn't pass it up. I have this one skirt that is similar to Dawn's but black and puffy and my parents absolutely despise it. They begged me not to take it to college with me. It was the first piece of clothing I packed.
Plus, I love to see Miss California Casual step outside of her denim box.

by Heather Taylor on 7:40 PM. #

Hard question, augh. I think that if I could have anything out of the BSC books, fashion-wise, it'd be the gladiator sandals that lace up your calf a little. They show up in multiple books and on multiple characters, if I recall correctly, but I think they're probably to blame for the fact that when I drew people in middle school, I'd usually give them lace-up sandals.

Plus, I've never owned a pair myself, because I've yet to see a size eleven pair that appealed to me. D: Someday, BSC, someday. *shakes fist*

by Tintin on 7:44 PM. #

damn, i was going to say the pink and blue london-paris skirt! but somebody beat me to it. the image of that skirt has remained with me since i first read of it probably fifteen years ago now.

by starving artist on 8:05 PM. #

How has no one said squiggle pins in every colour?!

by Claire on 8:23 PM. #

I always had a strong desire for Claudia's habit of having her shoelaces match her outfit. My mother however, found this to be fantastically annoying.. especially since we couldn't find shoelaces in every single colour known to mankind.

by Lis B on 8:57 PM. #

I have wanted Mary Anne's skirt with the cities on it since back in the day. I also loved all Claud's sweater on the cover of the &th (I think) book where Mimi died. It was black and red, big & slouchy and she paired it with these big yellow earrings which I'm sad to say I bought in pink yrs later.

by Krysten on 9:00 PM. #

flowered leggings! i haven't gotten up the guts to wear patterned leggings or tights but i am on the verge!

by jamie on 9:17 PM. #

um that purse is gorgeous!

I think I would love to own a pair of earrings made for me personally by Claudia. Otherwise, the telephone cord bracelet would suit me just fine because I think I would get a lot of awkward glances and curious questions. And then, just when I had lost faith in humanity, someone would recognize it as a BSC artifact and we would become insta BFFs.

by e on 10:52 PM. #

@Tintin - I would LOVE to own a pair of those gladiator sandals.

Remember when Claud dressed as a watermelon, with green tights, a red shirt (possibly polka-dotted, but I can't really remember) and dangly watermelon earrings? I totally tried to recreate that when I was in middle school. Needless to say, it didn't go over well. :)

by jessi on 11:08 PM. #

I want Claudia's skeleton earrings !

by kokostiletto on 12:10 AM. #

Definitely the hats - I'm thinking Laine's oversize red beret. HOT.

by Emily on 12:29 AM. #

Cowboy boots with leggings. Can't picture Claudia without them.

by Megan on 1:00 AM. #

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by stace on 1:20 AM. #

FML for not being an American. Brings back memories of filling out my details in all the books, only to discover that not only was I in the wrong country, but the competitions closed the year I was born. Anywho, I would love to own... -drumroll- Dawn's clogs...
Okay I lied. Definitely something of Claud's. Argh there's too much good stuff. I don't know whether I'm imagining it or not, but when she wore The Watermelon Outfit didn't she have black Doc Martens with 'all sorts of buckles and snaps' (whatever the hell that means)? I want those cause they sound intriguing, but I would tie up the laces. Either that or fall down a flight of stairs in a relatively Jackie Rodowsky-esque manner.

by stace on 1:21 AM. #

Oh my, so many to choose from...
I think I'll go with her earrings that looked like skeletons! That was pretty early in the series, it might have even been the first book. A defining Claudia fashion moment right there - she snuck them past her parents, and put them on while Mimi was there, remember? A close second would be the plastic bird barrettes that the Claud-meister lent Dawn for her date on the cruise - birds of paradise, according to Claudia (though Dawn had the gall to doubt Claudia's wisdom).

by Sondra on 1:37 AM. #

Mary Anne's red off the shoulder dress from Steven E the day that Richard took her to get a makeover. It actually sounded, dare I say it? Sexay.

by Sadako on 2:38 AM. #

Mallory's glasses, of course.

by Rebecca on 3:08 AM. #

I don't like that clutch and don't live in the US, but can I just say:

MA's cropped t-shirt of a cactus wearing a cowboy boot.

by The Cosmopolitienne on 5:17 AM. #

Not sure if you've seen this or not, but mental_floss has a Claudia-themed quiz today!

by jessi on 10:08 AM. #

Dawn's bright white high tops. I did a book report and presentation on "Little Miss Stonybrook...and Dawn" in third grade--and it was also the first BBC book I read. I can't forget those sneakers and the fact that the winner of Little Miss Stonybrook received a can of turtlewax as a prize. You can see on the cover how Dawn is peeking from behind the curtain, and making sure everyone knows that she takes pride in her L.A. Gears.

by Katy Alvarez on 3:22 PM. #

i seem to remember in one of the earliest books (maybe even "kristy's great idea") stacey was over at kristy's and k's brother sam was smitten by stacey's skirt/top combo made out of sweatshirt material and covered in a pattern of yellow question marks. I WANTED THAT SO BAD. IT WAS SO SOPHISTICATED AND "NEW YORK CITY."

by Kate on 11:51 PM. #

Ooh, the earrings that Claudia made everyone when Mallory's and Jessie's parents finally let them get their ears pierced! I can't remember if that's the book where Mallory has to deal with the Arnold twins or the book where Mallory goes on strike.

by on 1:10 PM. #

I totally wanted Mary Anne's "Famous cities" skirt. I kind of still do, actually. :)

by Ambitious Blonde on 5:56 PM. #

the fact that you want me to choose one item is not only unfair, it's impossible. does Claudia's entire homemade earring collection count? i want to be one of those ladies who pierces their ears over and over and wear all of them at once. but then my earlobes would be all dangly and gross. but i digress.

and i actually think i could rock a bungee cord belt. this IS a recession after all, every fashionable woman for herself!

by petitgateau on 6:09 PM. #

Famous Cities skirt. Hands down. I wanted it when I first read about it in Logan Likes Mary Anne and I STILL want that motherfucker. If I had an ounce of artistic talent and sewing know-how, I'd have made myself one a LONG time ago.

by nikki on 9:14 PM. #

Oh man, I love this blog, and now a reason to love it even more! lol. I would steal Claudia's ENTIRE earring collection, but I'd specifically love the "one dog, one bone" earrings set. I think it was from Hello, Mallory. I remember thrifting HUGE colorful earrings the moment I was allowed to get my ears pierced, ala Claudia.

by Anonymous on 10:01 AM. #

I'm a little more classic and tame than Claud so I'd probably have to stick with stuff like the ballet flats, cowboy boots and maaaybe her fedora that Stacey borrows in one of the earliest books.

by jessica lewis on 10:31 AM. #

Stacey's tights that are red for 1 leg and black for the other! I totally pictured her as a court jester and it cracks me up to this day. :D I would rock those. ;)

by tinydancer124 on 10:59 AM. #

Dawn's little straw hat! I already have clogs to pair it with.

by Abigail on 10:25 AM. #

Oh my gosh, it's so hard to pick. I'm going to have to go with Mary Ann's red dress from her makeover day with her dad. What I remember most is that it had a "shirred skirt" and sounded amazing.

When I was little I totally found a dinosaur pin and put it on a beret too though :).

by Bri on 10:49 AM. #

Everyone had Dr. Martens in 8th grade (including Claudia, apparently).

I never got any, but I secretly still want some.

by Hank on 12:12 PM. #

i can't tell you how much i love your blog, but i'll try--i love it more than the entire BSC likes wearing men's button-downs.

anyway, i would like to vote for my two favorite pieces of BSC-wear:

1. the cities skirt with "the eiffel tower and other stuff" on it (which i would 100% wear today, if said skirt existed)
2. the unbeatable sheep earrings, because, as claudia epically uttered, "sheep are in".

p.s. as a kid i made the claudia-inspired purchase of a mismatched pair of earrings--one was a slice of pizza, the other a soda cup.

by dana on 5:58 PM. #

I feel like one of the books mentioned Claud wearning a bowtie with Scottie dogs on it. Ahhh... one can dream.

PS. I am in the US.

by HT on 1:22 PM. #

Famous Cities skirt. Hands down.

by Anna on 2:17 PM. #

Please. Its impossible to pick only ONE item I covet. I have lusted after Claud's wardrobe since I was but a wee one. I would definatly raid her legging collection though. And her earrings. And her shoes.

by Becky on 1:03 AM. #

Claudia's neon green tank top. My older sister had one in the early 90s and I want it back.

by Miss Badger on 12:11 PM. #

as a hippie chick i'd very much like to go for one Claudia's art room-made baked and painted clay necklaces. Her craftiness was well ahead of her time.

by Milla on 1:08 PM. #

this blog is so cool!

anyhoo- i love claudia's earrings (especially the "lucky ones that look like Princess Di's", from book #40), and i'd also love to get my hands on her shirt with the bright pink and turquoise poodles on it (#33). although when i was a ten year old reading these books, i definitely rocked the *cringe* kristy thomas wardrobe...please don't hate me! ;)

by kristin on 3:57 PM. #

The belt with the buckle shaped like a telephone!

by Anonymous on 5:07 PM. #

I'm going to go with Claudia's heart shaped earrings on the cover of "Claudia and the Bad Joke" girl can stay fashionable even in a hospital gown.

by Claire on 2:32 AM. #

I just want to let you know that I absolutely love your blog and am super jealous that I did not think of it first. Bless you.

by Courtney Dunlop on 10:39 PM. #

And I haven't read all your posts so I can only assume that you have either in the past or you plan to write about the time Claudia wore tights with clocks printed on them.

by Courtney Dunlop on 10:41 PM. #

A pair of these

by Tresjolie9 on 2:48 AM. #

I want a whole collection of Claudia Kishi original mismatched earrings. Cowboy hat in left ear, cowboy boot in right. Parrot in one, palm tree in other. Stars in my right lobe, moons in my left, come on now! I used to imagine that they were made of fimo clay too. Remember that unfortunate early 90s crappy craft material? So Kishi.

by Rica on 6:30 PM. #

Two magical words: Grapevine Earrings.

P.S. I just discovered this blog and I cannot believe my eyes. I am simultaneously so overjoyed and so super jealous that I didn't think of it myself! So awesome!!! BSC 4eva.

by Marisa on 4:13 AM. #

scrunchy socks! i would layer those bad boys up to my knees.

by Katie on 12:16 PM. #

That sassy yellow jumpsuit (?) Claudia is sporting on the cover of the inaugral edition, Kristy's Great Idea!

by Elizabeth on 4:50 PM. #

Hands down, I want Mallory's "I Love Kids" sweatshirt.

(Runners up: I want Stacey's "one leg black, one leg red" tights from Kristy for President. I also want the flamingo barrettes that Claudia picked out for Mallory in SS#10, Sea City Here We Come, to impress Toby on their date, and then Stacey asks "Oh are those cute childish barrettes for Claire?" Honestly, probably the biggest burn in the series.)

by Stephanie on 10:18 PM. #

a pair of flop socks so i know what they are! (ideally, claud's "neon ice cream cone" pair(s) from the shadow lake super special)

by lbnass on 4:12 PM. #

I want the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts that Claudia and Stacey were wearing when they first met each other (and they couldn't decide whether to hate each other or compliment each other's fashion tastes).

by Linda on 7:17 PM. #

Logan's winning touchdown jersey?

by So@24 on 9:55 PM. #

Hi my name is Claudia Cannon.


by Claudia Cannon on 10:18 PM. #

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