by Unknown on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

#52: Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies

"She loves to experiment with her hair, braiding it, twisting it up, wearing ribbons and barrettes and ornaments [like, Christmas ornaments?] in it. And her clothes are outrageous. Her parents let her dress in what style she likes [and then slip J. Crew catalogs under her bedroom door]. A typical Claudia outfit might include a sequined shirt, stirrup pants (maybe black), low black boots, dangly turquoise earrings, and ribbons woven through tiny braids in her hair. And she wouldn't forget sparkly nail polish*."
I hope it was this sequined shirt. 'Cause I don't have $245 dollars, and maybe Claudia would let me borrow hers. Pretty fly, right? While we're at it, I hope she got her hands on those Chanel knockoffs by Jeffrey Campbell. I wear a size 6, Claud!

The plot of this novel is just, like, BABIES. Babies everywhere! My ovaries are sympathetic. As I was re-reading I noticed that Mary Anne decided she's too young for a child now (uhh, yeah) but that 25 seems like a good age. My ovaries were all "SEE? YOU'RE A YEAR LATE! GET MOVING!" So rude.

Anyway, part of the plot has to do with a Modern Living class in which the 8th graders have to pair up and parent a baby. As portrayed by an egg. Shades of Sweet Valley!

"'I don't know why you want to spend so much time with an egg,' Stacey said to me. She brushed her hair out of her eye.

I gasped. 'Sammie is my daughter!' I exclaimed.

Stacey made a face. 'Honestly, Mary Anne.'

Yeah. Honestly, Mary Anne.

* Public service announcement: that shit is a BITCH to get off.


haha, this is great as usual. :)

by RMb on 9:32 PM. #

On removing glitter polish - saturate cotton pad with acetone remover, press it firmly to besparkled nail, let it sit there for a couple of minutes (the longer the better) then commence removal. Pure acetone will speed up the process tremendously, but will dry out your cuticles.

A bit crude and ruinous, but you could also glob on a THICK coat of fast dry top coat, let it harden and then peel off your polish.

Great post as always!

by Shryh on 9:51 PM. #

Oh man, the egg or flour sack babies were all over tv and YA lit, and I was always dying to do it in school, but I don't think people do it in reality.

by JordanBaker on 11:31 AM. #

Honestly, I wish I had seen your PSA before I decided to put (no fucking joke) four layers of sparkly nail polish on a couple weeks ago. BRUTAL.

by Whitney on 12:51 PM. #

Oh, Sweet Valley. You were not quite but almost as good as BSC.

Also, I now feel the need to dig out my glittery polish...

by Diana on 6:43 PM. #


As a huge fan of:
(a) the BSC
(b) fashion
I love your blog!

I've left you a blog award on my blog:

Please stop by to see it. : )


Love this blog! I've linked to it in my own. I discovered it through an article about revamping the series....nothing will ever compare to the original. How fun to envision Claud's clothes!

by M. Crane on 3:12 PM. #

love this blog and so i was so excited to see that you made refinery 29!

by jamie on 7:43 AM. #

this is so confusing, because i distictly remember reading 'mary anne and too many BOYS'. my mom saw the title of that one and took it away from me, so i would sneak a few pages every time i went to the library. 'too many babies' does not sound nearly as saucy! ~joelle

by joelle on 1:54 PM. #

Ah yes, the baby class project. It seems if you are going to have a book series/tv show aimed at tweens you must always have this plot at some point. Funny though, I never actually had to deal with it in school...maybe because I never bothered to take home ec...

by fantasylover12001 on 2:08 PM. #

i looove when you link to stuff you interpret as claudia style! those earrings are definitely kishi approved.

by Lexie on 7:29 PM. #

oh. my. gawd.
where have you been all my life?
i just stumbled across your amazing blog and i'm so freakin' excited to read more! claud was my HERO when i was little.
you rock.

by Em-Jae on 3:12 PM. #

Have you ever tried Google image searching "too many babies"?

by Madeline on 4:43 PM. #



Sparkly nail polish? I thought that was Stacey's thing. Chapter two always hailed glittery nail polish as ipso facto proof of her New Yorkese sophistication.

The egg project is no myth; we did in in fourth grade (so did all my siblings) as an extra credit project. I carried mine around in a basket but it was kidnapped :-(
I never did get closure on where that thing went.

by Libellule on 12:22 AM. #

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