by Unknown on Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Believe Claudia Would Spell It 'Pohpuree'

I found the Potpourri category on Jeopardy absolutely befuddling as a child. Just say Misc., Alex. Are you seriously too good for Misc.? Anyway, here's the What Claudia Wore version of the Potpourri category. Bonus: you don't have to answer in the form of a question! You don't have to answer at all! I told you this blog was better than Jeopardy*.
$200 I'm glad to know that Abby Stevenson lists me as a hilarious comedian. So meta!
$400 My current favorite style blog is The Owls Are Not What They Seem. And not just because of the Twin Peaks reference. Noel Vallens recently DIY-ed a candy necklace that screams Kishi. But, you know, a classier version of Kishi (sorry, Claud). If you're not already addicted to Noel & Joelle's outfit photos, go check 'em out immediately.
$600 You can now access this fine corner of the internet through Now you no longer have to google "that blog about bsc fashion, you know, the one written by the crazy lady". You're welcome! The sad downside is that blogger is kinda shady about this whole custom domain thing. All my comments - my beautiful, funny, wonderful comments from all you nostalgia fiends - are gone. They will supposedly be restored by the end of the day. We'll see.
$800 VenusZine's Muses of the Moment dresses up the core four in trends from today.
$1000 Refinery29 featured What Claudia Wore in a killer article about weirdo fashion blogs (technical term!), 6 Style Blogs and Their Singular Obsessions. I was extremely flattered to be listed alongside such innovative blogs. Especially Should Be On The Nanny, because anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how I feel about The Nanny (in brief: she is a delightful, nasal angel to be revered forever).
* New slogan? What Claudia Wore used to be subtitled "a look into the closet of Stoneybrook's most fashion-forward babysitter". But maybe it's time for a new era. "What Claudia Wore: It's Better Than Jeopardy" has a really nice ring to it. Or maybe I've had too much caffeine this morning.


Awesomeness. Love the new domain name. And I never got Potpourri either. Though I can't imagine Trebek deigning to say Miscellaneous. It's just too ordinary for him.

by Sadako on 12:50 PM. #

you got my vote for Better than Jeopardy, though i can't recall if you asked for it.

by Carol Vizcarra on 3:52 PM. #

Wow love this post love tbus blog!!!!
I agree better than jeopardy!!! Please go to my blog

Cause otherwise I'm just talking to myself!!!

by Louise on 4:09 AM. #

Hi, I really like your blog. It's very strange, just what I was looking for. You're very funny and most fashion blogs tend to be pretty serious, at least the ones I've noticed. So, basically, I like it. a lot.

by andy on 9:55 AM. #

aw thanks for the owls shot-out! we are both major fans of your blog too (i personally am a big fan of the kishi, so it only stands to reason). ~joelle

by joelle on 1:51 PM. #

pot purr-y?

That's how I used to pronounce it as an immigrant child when I was totally addicted to Jeopardy.

Would Claudia love xx?

by magda o on 12:22 AM. #

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