by Kim on Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Kishi Aesthetic Lives On, If Only In Nylon Editorials

How this look would be described by Ann M. Martin and/or a ghostwriter: "Claudia has a really unique, really acute sense of style. For example, today she was wearing a teal-and-white striped tank top under a plaid button down shirt and a lime green cardigan. She pinned a flowery brooch to the cardigan, and was sporting an armload of bangles. I think she'd painted some of them herself. She completed the look with floral, knee-length knickers, purple push-down socks, and extremely dibble lace-up heels. A long pink ribbon held back her jet black hair. The outfit would have looked weird on anyone else, but on Claudia it totally worked."

Image from the March 2010 issue of Nylon.


So true. Makes me wonder if Claudia changed her name and is editing mags like Nylon and the like...

by Sadako on 2:55 PM. #

You're brilliant, that was perfect :).

by Brittany on 3:00 PM. #

i like to think that maybe that outfit was inspired by something claudia wore...

by RMb on 5:11 PM. #

This post is genius.

by Nicole on 9:51 PM. #

That was amazing...I wonder if I could pull off that look...

by Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit on 5:44 PM. #

" I think she'd painted some of them herself." I LOVE.

by amy kelinda on 10:34 AM. #

First there's this entry, and then I randomly found this quiz on the internet:

I guess today is telling me that it is OK that I am wearing a camp shirt tied at the bottom and a little bow barrette.

by aimee on 11:46 AM. #


by whitney on 12:14 PM. #

oh my, your posts are cracking me up! thank you!

by Anna on 8:27 PM. #

Thank God I've found this blog--there is someone on the earth in the Claudia Outfit Spectrum state of mind besides me!

by Julie Wilding on 1:20 PM. #

you crack me up. every one of your posts has me laughing. love.


by apparellel on 6:18 PM. #

love this. and because after reading your blog, i think you would appreciate this blog post of mine :)

by briglioa21 on 8:54 PM. #

I love this blog.



by Under Urooba's Umbrella! on 4:20 AM. #

"I think she painted some of them herself." Very nice ghostwriter touch. They should really hire you.

by Melanie on 4:24 PM. #

aaaahahaha that's hilarious!

by Unknown on 8:45 AM. #

"The outfit would have looked weird on anyone else, but on Claudia it totally worked" Brilliant!

by Unknown on 10:59 AM. #

You could have been Ann M. Martin's assistant! It sounded exactly like a quote, except that while she always claimed that Claudia could "do anything" with her jet-black hair, in reality the only thing she ever seemed to describer her doing with it was sweeping it to the side and fastening it with a novelty clip.

by yourfriendrobin on 11:54 AM. #

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