by Unknown on Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate Pop Stars Claudia Would Approve Of

Y'all know what day it is, right?

Okay, yeah, it's Thursday. I guess I should have been more specific. It's Telephone Day, people. I usually watch Survivor and then immediately fall asleep on Thursday nights. Tonight, I'm staying up until 11:30 so I can watch the premiere on E!. I'm fanning myself in anticipation.

If Claudia Kishi was real, she'd probably be a member of the Haus of Gaga by now.

Look at this free bitch. I mean, DAMN.

Update: It's here, for those of you who can't make it 'til 11:30 EST (aka me).


break out your bottles of champagne and pour them all over your fur coats in a decadent and vulgar fashion! its TELEPHONE THUUUURRRSSDAY!!!

by meg on 3:17 PM. #

What's telephone thursday??

And yes, Kishi would adore Gaga. I'm surprised Lady Gaga hasn't rocked an alligator barrette yet... or has she and I just missed it?

by Robyn on 4:49 PM. #

OK I can't help it. I'm unabashedly a Gaga fan AND a Claudia fan, so this is just a marriage of crazy fashion amazingness. I can't wait for the premiere of the music video either!

I'm gonna go rah-rah-rah-ah-amble away now. :D

Toast with Charmalade

by Charmalade on 4:54 PM. #

unBELIEVABLY excited for this.
though, i'm worried that with all the build-up, my expectations (read: hopes and dreams) will be severely undermined by reality.
(not to mention, there are no sexy russian mafia men in this one -- so it can't be THAT great)

by sarah on 6:43 PM. #

Damn straight she would!

by Sondra on 11:13 PM. #

Oh man, Claudia would totally love Gaga, ha! They'd be like kismit buddies, except for the whole Lady Gaga may be crazy part.

by amy kelinda on 2:29 PM. #

Considering that often ghosties/Ann M. lovingly describe BSC outfits in great detail but then leave off details (like say that they were wearing an awesome skirt but then neglect to mention a shirt, or talk about a great tie dyed vintage-y shirt but forget to mention pants), I think Claud would approve of Gaga going pantsless.

by Sadako on 7:28 PM. #

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