by Unknown on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things I Couldn't Afford On A Babysitter's Salary in 2008

I was going through old files when I found a wishlist I made back in March of 2008.

(My apologies for the lack of paperclip jewelry and flop socks in the above image.)

It's interesting to look at the colors/styles I was digging two years ago. Honestly, not much has changed in the past couple of years. I'm still really into neutrals and jewel tones, although I tend to wear a helluva lot more grey and black than you might guess from looking at this collage. I still love drapey cardigans and flowing tops. Urban Outfitters was my digital muse, but these days most of my online lusting happens at Need Supply or Anthropologie.

I did end up purchasing some of the items pictured here: the Old Navy lion tee (which is now looking kinda . . . sad. Quality matters, kids!), the Hunter boots, and the Jeffrey Campbell riser oxfords (in black). I ordered the Kat maryjanes (also in black), but I had to send them back because they were cut strangely and gave me massive toe cleavage. Which is a really disgusting phrase.

In other news, I'm (still) trying desperately to ignore my desire for Jeffrey Campbell's Charli clogs, which I mentioned in my last post. I imagine I'd end up in a corner, stroking them and muttering like a loon. Nobody wants that.

. . . but seriously, they're pretty badass, right? Do you think the Pikes are going to need a mother's helper anytime soon?


Hey there! I've stalked your blog for a few months now, and thought you might be interested in this blog:

She's hosting a Spring Fashion Week right now, where everyone posts their outfit each day and then checks out everyone else's outfits. Even if you don't participate, there's plenty of good clothing eye candy :) Check it out!

by Katie on 6:20 PM. #

Puffy paint just doesn't scream Claudia-is-a-fashion-force-to-be-reckoned-with to me.
What's wrong with me?

by Alison on 7:14 PM. #

Yes I totally need them too! Can you charge bank holiday double time rates? ? I love your posts :)

by Kitty on 8:19 PM. #

You must have tiny feet. Those shoes are great, but would look ridiculous on my giant Yeti feet. Am super-jealous of your teeny cute feet.

by Erin on 8:28 AM. #

"Toe cleavage" is the funniest thing I've read all year.

by LUX on 12:14 PM. #

i also hate toe cleavage. but i also hate clogs, i just can't get into them. to me, they're like platform flip flops...they should stay in the 90s style vault.

by K.E.N. on 5:01 PM. #

So, I found this blog after reading a Washington Post article! It's amazing! Thank you for this. I've slacked off all morning with work and I don't even feel guilty.

I also saw clogs and wanted to wear them- and then never found an appropriate outfit.

by nongermane on 9:03 AM. #

I seem to recall you making fun of a certain Dawn Schafer for wearing clogs. But then, hers probably weren't this cool...

by Rose on 2:00 PM. #

wait, need supply in richmond va?? thats my local go to store, but i am totally blown away by the fact that anyone NOT from richmond knows about it! they have gotten a lot higher end lately... and looking at the page i recognize at least 3 of the models as store employees. how funny!

by alice on 6:46 PM. #

I'm not sure that "clogs" and "badass" belong on the same page, but as far as clogs go they are top notch. Very Dawn-esque.

by Libellule on 12:28 AM. #

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