by Unknown on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Claudia Wore Turns Three

April 1st marked the blog's three year anniversary! Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this project - your links, comments, and e-mails make my day on the regular. To celebrate, I went through the archives and compiled a list of my favorite entries. They used to be some of your favorite entries too, but my comments are still AWOL (yes, I'm bitter). For those of you who are recent converts to the School of Claud, feel free to waste valuable hours of your life getting caught up. Just try not to get fired in the process.





There's been a lot of BSC-related press recently, thanks to the recent release of the prequel. I'll point you to two articles that I was lucky enough to be involved in -- Monica Hesse's Baby-Sitters Club returns and Tali Yahalom's The Baby-Sitters Club's New Cult Following. Thanks to both for taking the time to chat with me! And thanks again to all of you for reading and playing along. Because you can always count on me*, and I can count on you.

* except for regular updates. You can't count on that.


i love this blog. love.

by miss clover on 7:44 PM. #

I can't believe I'm just finding this blog. Where have you been all my life (in the last three years)? Bravo.

by Jackie on 10:20 PM. #

Please tell me you've seen this:

(Quiz: Kishi Creation or Fashionista Flop?)

Honestly? You probably wrote it. But there you go. :) Love, love love the blog.

by Mandy on 1:26 AM. #

i just finished me thesis and wanted to relax but didn't know what to do because it's midnight. your blog has been amusing me for an hour and i'm still going strong. thanks so much for the throwback and the giggles!

by Anonymous on 3:18 AM. #

Happy blog birthday! You're all growed-up now!

by amy kelinda on 11:45 AM. #

happy 3rd!! here's to many more awesome updates. :)

by RMb on 5:37 PM. # this blog..I've included you on my blog entry today about the BSC revival..

by bellabride on 12:57 AM. #

Yay Kim, congratulations! Wonder if in 10 years there'll be a What Claudia Wore revival... ;-D

by Isa on 6:30 AM. #

How did you know that Claudia endangered my employment? Was it the week that no projects were completed because I was scouring the archives here or the giant bag of candy in my top desk drawer? Or was it my orange fingernails and feather hair accessory? Not professional :)

by Abby-Wan Kenobi on 3:36 PM. #

Happy blogiversary! Long time reader, but terrible commenter. THe Post article was fantastic.

by nikki on 9:04 PM. #

by LG on 9:42 AM. #

So, I just started this blog on Monday and have gotten through all of it whilst I should have been working...can we be best friends? Kthanks. I, too, have a penchant for reminscing about the glory days of the BSC (I may or may not have owned the movie soundtrack and listened to it on repeat), and own 2 pairs of frye boots which I WORSHIP.

by Traci on 4:19 PM. #

I adore your site! I found myself laughing out loud at just about all of your postings. I haven't seen one dedicated to the Laura Ashley obsession, which terrified me as a youngster and still haunts me today, but I haven't searched through everything yet... :-) Your observations are dead on - you ROCK!

by The Tea Slinger on 7:32 PM. #

This blog is the ultimate treasure in a world of blogs that I can't help but be addicted to. Claudia was always my favourite babysitter - after the movie came out I tried to make a fork mobile but Mum was like "you want to do what with my forks?!" damn...

by rachel on 7:39 PM. #

i just discovered your blog, and oh my goodness i love it! amazing. it's like all my favourite things rolled into one.

emily xx

by Emily Bee on 11:46 AM. #

Kim, saw this and though of you.

Love the description under the picture (scroll down, you'll see which one I'm talking about)..."Kristy's Great Idea, my ass"...classic.

by Angie on 9:43 PM. #

Congrats on three years! I love this blog :D

by Laura @ Hungry and Frozen on 4:38 AM. #

AMAZING!!!! I was obsessed with Claud! In fact-5 years ago, when facebook came out, I created the best page ever: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Caller Super Thriller Mystery #2 Fan Club!!/group.php?gid=2201424594&ref=ts

It's a college-only page, as it was invented before the days of "global groups," but I think you can still look at it.

by Kristen on 5:18 PM. #

I did some thinking, and I want to see if my suspicion is true.

Did you at any point in time have an outfit that contained 4/5 of these items, and think you were very very cool.

1) zebra stripes (black and white OR pink and white)
2) Stretch pants (bonus if they were stirrup)
3) glitter
4) the color hot pink
5) 2-3 pairs of slouch socks, alternating colors.

Be honest with yourself.
You know you did.

by aimee on 12:44 PM. #

I just wanted to add (a little late) that I love this blog. Love, love, love.

Have you played around with Polyvore? I discovered it through a Glee fan blog, and I've become addicted to it. I imagine you could have tons of fun creating collages of Claudia's old fashion creations!

by Deliciously Girly on 10:25 PM. #

I always thought the cover of that book was really weird. You couldn't tell whose arm who's

by Nicole on 5:58 AM. #

haaaaaaaa. YESS! the handwriting. thats actually brilliant.

by Kathryn M on 5:36 PM. #

I just found this blog a few weeks ago and it cracks me up everytime! Love it!

by Weigel on 7:42 PM. #

this blog is the funniest damn thing i've come across in ages! found you via an article. thanks for the laughs!

by Dawn on 2:47 PM. # can tell that was photoshopped/superimposed, not actually tattooed on skin.

by Libellule on 8:49 PM. #

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