by Unknown on Thursday, May 06, 2010

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I'm no Claudia. Every morning I wage a war with my alarm clock. I'd rather sleep late than spend my precious morning minutes putting together my best Ms. Frizzle look. Which means I milk the snooze function for all it's worth, then frantically pull on whatever items of clothing are closest (some days, this is unfortunately self-evident). For this reason, I love me some skinny jeans. They are my version of Kristy's omnipresent cornflower blue pegged jeans.

And I've finally found the perfect pair.

It took forever, and I had to spend a decent amount of cash to do it. Listen, I'm not short. I'm about 5'6", a bit taller than the average woman*. However, pair after pair of jeans were giving me what I like to refer to as the jegwarmer effect. You know exactly what I'm talking about -- skinny jeans bunching around your ankles because they're too damn long, creating an awkward legwarmer of denim.

Enter James Jeans' Twiggy.
They are a stretchy denim miracle. No jegwarmer effect! They boast a perfect 29.5" inseam. I own two pairs - China Doll (as sported by Lily Allen at the V Festival) and Sway (which I'm wearing above). They fit like a glove and are amazingly comfortable. I'm also really impressed by their resiliency - they don't bag out at the knees and butt like my cheaper skinnies tend to do after a few wears. Like I said, stretchy denim miracle.

Oh, by the way, they're not paying me to write this or anything. I just really love these jeans. And I'm probably not the only girl who's sick and tired of wearing jegwarmers. So, you know, public service announcement.

* This is an actual footnote, for once: a 2002 survey by the National Center for Health Statistics puts the average height of an American woman at 5 feet 3.8 inches. Thanks, google!


What a babe! Love the clothes. Maybe you should start featuring yourself sometimes hm?

by Emily Prentzel on 8:00 PM. #

Any suggestions for good skinnies that are a little cheaper?

by Katy on 8:14 PM. #

i think i'd trust this review even if they HAD given them to you for free! these look great!

by Lexie, Little Boat on 8:41 PM. #

Lovely! You look great in this photo-- they really do fit you great! (greatly? Whatever. Pretend it's an adverb).


by Robyn on 8:42 PM. #

You look great! I wish I had the body to rock skinny jeans. I'm actually fairly thin, I was just blessed (cursed?) with wide hips.

by nikki on 9:09 PM. #

Heeeey there, hot stuff! I love the skinny jeans, tiered cmai, and oversized shades! I have yet to try jeggings for myself because I am *ahem* shorter than the average American woman. So if YOU'RE having ankle bunching problems, I can only IMAGINE what it'd be like for me!

by amy kelinda on 10:14 PM. #

Have you ever thought of having pants hemmed? That way if you find a pair of pants that's perfect except in the length you can wear them.

by Sadako on 11:42 PM. #

You look fan-freaking-tastic in this pic. I'm sold!

by missris on 10:53 AM. #

I actually like that they do that :) I tend to make up for it by wearing super high heels, so I just look nice and tall (I'm 5'5). Tell me more about those shoes! I love tall wedges.

by Jessica on 5:54 PM. #

i am sooo not a morning person. i don't know how some people do it.
ps, love the shoes!

by Rosita on 3:07 AM. #

thats weird because i am 5'7" and i'm always called short!

also; amazing shoes :D

by Frankie on 11:20 AM. #

Never mind the jeans, how rad are your shoes?!

by Threesmallapples on 3:08 PM. #

Ditto on the shoe comment! Who made those?

by josephine on 2:57 AM. #

I hate the jegwarmer effect, but had held off on buying because of the price. I managed to miss them on Haute Collection but decided to Google again today, and found them on massive sale ($52!) here:

Here's hoping they fit ok. At least one reviewer at Zappos said they have good butt coverage, but as a girl with hips/butt, that tends to be an area I struggle with in designer and especially skinny jeans.

by Lenora on 1:51 PM. #

Practically all premium denim comes overlong; hem alteration is a very inexpensive investment--just bring along the shoes you would be wearing with them. As someone who's skinny but with hips, I love the Joe's "Honey" skinny jeans. Great if you're not built like a boy.

by Libellule on 9:57 PM. #

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