by Kim on Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Shoes Deserve Their Own Epic Ballad

For example, I can't look at my new clogs without cooing Peter Cetera's Glory of Love. I am the man who will fight for their honor!
I have always needed them.
I could never make it alone.


Ooh, very nice!

by Stephanie on 10:53 PM. #

They're freakin' great. Claudia would have loved them, with roll-down socks.

by Julie Wilding on 11:09 AM. #

I just bought clogs too! I can't wait to wear/blog them!

xoxo, Ashley @

by Ashley [Free Honey] on 10:39 PM. #

Oooh love those.

by missris on 10:44 AM. #

OMG! I am just visiting your blog for the first time and I see this pic you have up from what I think was a cover of "the babysitters' club" book!! Is it?!?! I seriously remember that exact pic from when I was little. LOL

In addition to that random outburst... I really like your blog :)

by Londyn on 9:54 PM. #

I have to remove points for the peter cetera reference.

Don't worry. I'll remove them from myself as well for IMMEDIATELY getting the song stuck in my head, and knowing all the words (thnx 5th grade chorus).

by aimee on 5:21 PM. #

Also, in retrospect, having this song, Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract, Don Henley's New York Minute and We Didn't Start the Fire sung by a bunch of 5th graders is really kind of effed up.

by aimee on 5:24 PM. #

You are really super cute, and j'adore those clogs, but I'm just not sure those eyeglasses are doing anything for you. A little too Mal for me.

by lljljljljj on 5:29 PM. #

You have good reason to be staring loving at those bad boys. They're gorg!

by BonBon Rose Girls Kristin on 12:53 PM. #

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