by Unknown on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What if the BSC Just Stayed In and Watched Some TV for a Change?

These girls are just not passionate about television. I call foul. When I was a freshman in high school (only one year older than Our Heroines), I discovered the X-Files and lost a couple years of my life. The proof is in the pudding, and 'the pudding' equals lots of eBayed posters and novels and other embarrassing paraphernalia*. And I feel like that's pretty standard adolescent behavior. I mean, I know they're entrepreneurial and busy loving kids and all, but didn't they ever wanna lie around watching Saved By the Bell and eating ice pops?

I found a note on my iPod today that I'd completely forgotten about, written in the middle of a sleepless night, titled Tv shows bsc would watch. Some of the notes are so shorthandified that I can't quite figure them out (there's a bit about 'horses' and 'The Ring' that I think was supposed to lead to a humorous paragraph about my fear of horses and inability to sleep after watching horror films, so please pretend to laugh** even though I no longer remember the intended jokes), but the gist of it is there.

Feel free to submit your own theories on the girls' favorite shows.

Kristy: Parks and Recreation. She is Leslie Knope. (Who is amazing.) I have to take a moment to praise the hell out of this show. I was really unimpressed with the first season but am totally in love with the second. They've really hit their stride, and I was disappointed to hear that it's not returning to NBC until mid-season. It was like watching DJ Roomba die all over again.

Mary Anne: Grey's Anatomy. I had some jokes here about how lame this show is, and a note to self about "no statute of limitations on mocking lame tv shows", but I'm letting it go. It just seems like something she'd watch and sigh/cry over, doesn't it?

Stacey McGill: Gossip Girl. Obviously. Her dad even owns an apartment on the Upper East Side! Man, remember when that show was good? Miss you, boo. And why does Chuck Bass talk like Batman these days? Did something happen to his vocal cords? He didn't sound like that first season.

Dawn Schafer: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution or Ghost Hunters. She can't pick a coast to live on. She probably wouldn't be able to pick a favorite show either.

Mallory Pike: Vampire Diaries. Apparently I picked this show because I wanted to joke about her writing a story about a vampire horse, but since I've forgotten the associated jokes (see above), I'm reneging and going with Jon & Kate + 8 for the relatability factor. I'm sure it would be a great comfort to her that A. her siblings are not sextuplets B. her parents are not Jon & Kate. I think we're all glad our parents aren't Jon & Kate.

Jessi Ramsey: So You Think You Can Dance. She laughs at Mary Murphy's cheesy jokes.

Claudia Kishi: Veronica Mars. It's like Nancy Drew, but with less reading and more artsy camera angles.

* Also there were some poor hair color decisions, but that is neither here nor there.
** Like this: "Ha ha! She is scared of horses! Classic!" Thanks.


I totally agree with you about
Parks and Rec on both counts--it's excellent and I can see Kristy watching it.

p.s. I still have my 'I Want to Believe' poster stashed away somewhere, I am sure...

by evilcat on 7:11 PM. #

Not only do I think these are great choices (I can also see Stacey watching 30 Rock b/c she is all about moving to NYC and having a career) but also I like to think you probably watch some of these, which means you have great taste in TV!

by Diana on 7:12 PM. #

Logan - his TV is constantly on ESPN, and when they show soccer he gets pissed. Because we live in America and they should be showing football, goddammit.

Shannon - Mythbusters.

by nikki on 7:31 PM. #

amaaaazing hahahaha

by junia on 9:43 PM. #

This is maybe the best post ever. Stacey would be all over the TBS reruns of Sex and the City too. She would love Samantha but pretend to be into Carrie.

by Whitney on 10:15 PM. #

Hahaha awesome choices for each person!

I could see Claudia really liking Top Model too, because of all the crazy outfits. I bet Mallory would watch Animal Planet.

by Stephanie on 10:48 PM. #

Fantastic choices! I love this.

by Breanne at Bella Vita on 12:39 AM. #

Ha ha! I think Claudia would catch Project Runway sometimes, too. Once, I saw this guy on there who made a dress out of human hair.

by Raindrop on 10:10 AM. #

There are some scenes of lying about and watching TV (music videos, specifically) in "Stacey and the Bad Girls," but that's because it's the BAD GIRLS. Good girls don't watch TV, or chew gum.

by andrea jean on 10:20 AM. #

I concur. I was a pretty industrious teen and still spent hours a day draped over furniture pining over various fictional TV characters. Didn't these girls ever do the same? We know at least some of them are boy crazy!

by missris on 10:23 AM. #

Hilarious! Love the choices. I also watch a lot of those shows! I agree with you about Parks & Recreation. I watched the first season just because I like Amy Poehler, but the show was just ok. Now I love it.

I loved Veronica Mars. I miss that show.

by zanne on 11:07 AM. #

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by Pixie Dust on 1:32 PM. #

Great choices. Oh, how I miss Veronica Mars!

by Amy on 3:57 PM. #

Here's one: I actually wrote a letter when I was 12 to Ann M. Martin's publishing company asking her to explain why there were no (REAL!) pop culture references in the books; I went on and on telling her about all of the music I liked and the TV shows I watched and the clothing stores I shopped at. Looking back, I clearly had way, way, WAY too much time on my dorky little hands.

by emily on 5:42 PM. #

I can totally see them all watching Gilmore Girls together.

by voodooapple on 10:31 PM. #

It used to be my dream to have an I Want to Believe poster.

I think Mary Anne would watch something like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition until she would hyperventilate or something. I can also see her being really into the TLC wedding shows (like Say Yes to the Dress).

Claudia would TOTALLY watch Project Runway.

by Caroline on 12:19 AM. #

Claudia would freaking love Veronica Mars. I probably would have said Project Runway or ANTM or The Best of...on the Food Network. I don't think I would have thought of that show for her, but YES. She totally would.

by Brista on 1:02 PM. #

I could see them all watching The Wonder Years together as well as the old TGIF lineup at BSC sleepovers..Family Matters, Step by Step, the Dinosaurs, and Hangin with Mr.Cooper

Kristy-The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy

Mary Anne, Mallory, and maybe Jessi- Full House

Stacey and Claudia-Saved By the Bell, which the others would want to watch but wouldn't be allowed too.

Somehow I don't see Dawn or Jessi really being into t.v. that much.

Wow, I went totally old school with this post..but these were the shows I watched and loved at their age, well minus Ren and Stimpy.

by sarah on 11:22 PM. #

These are great!

However, Kristy would also watch Supernatural, and it'd gross everybody else out, until they got a load of how hot the lead actors are.

by LeighLeighla on 9:37 PM. #

Claudia would LOVE Top Model. When the models wore bikinis made out of meat she would be totally inspired.

by Nina on 12:51 PM. #

But did you MAKE your own X-Files episodes?? And were you always Mulder? Didn't think so...

by Wanderlusting on 2:06 AM. #

Love your blog:
Kristi: The real police women of whatever county that show is about

Claudia: Food Network show about junk food

Dawn: The Hills

Mallory: Daria

by Miz Modern Manners on 5:49 PM. #

I think you're right. We are glad our parents aren't Jon and Kate.

Claudia would watch Unwrapped.

by Bea on 3:43 AM. #

This is an awesome website! So glad I found this!

by Katie on 1:33 AM. #

This is an awesome website! So glad I found this!

by Katie on 1:33 AM. #

Mallory writing a story about vampire horses made me laugh out loud. (for real!)

by Maggie on 1:05 AM. #

Kristy ~ Her guilty pleasure would be The L Word. ;) Beyond that, no idea.

Claudia ~ Forget watching Project Runway; she'd AUDITION FOR IT. I agree with her watching ANTM.

Stacey ~ S&TC, for sure.

Mary Anne ~ All TLC, all the time.

Dawn ~ I don't think she would watch much TV, if any.

by shelly on 9:56 PM. #

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