by Unknown on Sunday, June 06, 2010

Need Supply: Claudia Would!
"Today, Claudia was wearing a casual (for her) outfit -- an oversized, cream-colored sweater and cuffed jeans. She'd cut holes into the sweater - she said it was part of her deconstructionist movement. (Kristy joked that it looked more like there'd been a moth movement in her closet.) Her necklace was made from strips of leftover fabric she'd braided together, and she finished the outfit with creamy lace up boots and a very acute black and white drawstring bag."

Similarly Claudia-approved items:

Those boots are the business. Look away, Kim.


Not just acute but totally dibble.

by uglygirl on 1:22 PM. #

MUST own those boots! Why am I so poor!?

by Sewing Pixie on 6:48 PM. #

Going to go DIY that necklace out of some old T-shirts in 3... 2...

by Nicole on 1:48 AM. #

Hey Kim, since you're local, and shoe-obsessed....

I have this pair of side-lace 70's patent leather shoes up for grabs:

Size 8B. Very High arch. Patent leather (not vinyl, I KNOW!, exciting) the ties are splitting a little where the glue holding them together has gone. leather soles. No idea what the brand is. they do need a good cleaning. I'd love to keep them, but alas I can get them on, but they are not comfy.


by aimee on 10:54 PM. #

oh my gosh! that necklace! i wish i had the patience to DIY such a thing ...

by Lexie, Little Boat on 8:06 PM. #

Those boots are seriously dibble.

by Hannah on 9:11 PM. #

did claudia really describe something as "deconstructionist?" that sounds more like something Janine would say.

by SophisticatedBrew on 3:14 PM. #

I'm not certain these are similarly Kim approved boots but I'd bet probably a third of my BSC collection you'd be into them!

by stace on 3:35 AM. #

i almost bought a holed-up jumper for $200. Am rather glad i didnt, but now i'm eyeing my winter wardrobe with a pair of scissors in hand. do i dare..?

by jess needs a new face on 3:00 AM. #

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