by Unknown on Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Mystery #2: Baby-sitters Beware

This book is insane. There are like five different mysteries going on, and none of them really make all that much sense, and one of them ends with Mary Anne and Logan being like "hmm, I don't know, maybe it was a Cokie prank!" That's the resolution, seriously. This thing was hard to get through, and there wasn't even much fashion to compensate for the weak writing.

At least there was a hilarious cover pic. Pay attention, Andrew!

". . . for this early December meeting when most of us were in jeans and sweaters, Stacey (who is tall and on the thin side, with blonde hair and pale blue eyes) wore black leggings with cowboy boots, an oversized turtleneck sweater, and this cool black suede vest with pearl buttons. Claudia (who is Japanese-American with creamy, perfect skin, brown eyes, and long, straight black hair) was wearing leggings, too - purple ones - with black Doc Martens*, red slouch socks, black bicycle shorts over the leggings, a big t-shirt with the words "This Might Be Art" scrawled on it in purple (I knew she'd made it herself), and an old black suit jacket of her father's, with the sleeves rolled up. Stacey had gone for your basic gold earrings. Claudia's earrings were purple feathers (she made those herself, too)."

I would love a "This Might Be Art" t-shirt. I'd totally rock that outfit. From the waist up. I don't think I can get down with the leggings and bicycle shorts. I'll stick with my jeans.

Later, Stacey and Claudia take Mary Anne shopping for a big date with Logan. The outfit they come up with is not as exciting as the famous cities skirt outfit. There can only be one, folks.

"By the time we'd finished shopping, I added not a blue shirt but a very thin, lace-edged sweater to my wardrobe. I was going to wear it with a skirt, and one of Stacey's belts. I also bought new, patterned stockings, and Claudia promised to lend me a pair of earrings 'that would be awesome.'"

But what about the SHOES?!

* I think she means Dock Martins.


pretty sure that they are still called Doc Martens

and the classic song:

by scientician on 8:43 AM. #

I may or may not have made a shirt just like that after reading the description of Claudia's...

by Lis on 8:56 AM. #

I wonder if Claudia would hate American Apparel because they would ban some of her favorite shoes/boots (and butcher the spelling)?

I guess probably not, though. She'd be a sucker for half their stuff. And she's a pretty shitty speller.

by Dork Reporter on 12:57 PM. #

I wonder if she spelled "This might be art" correctly... hmm...

by Anonymous on 2:28 PM. #

Hahaha, I wonder what Andrew is looking at? I remember loving the BSC mystery books -- I should pick one up again and see what I think! I still remember the one where someone is house sitting for someone else (my memory doesn't hold up, obviously) while at the same time someone else is actually ALSO living in the house. Did you follow that?

by amy kelinda on 2:39 PM. #

After the first Super Mystery's epic outfit descriptions, this is a bit of a disappointment. I do love the sound of Claudia's outfit though, maybe minus the bicycle shorts...two pairs of trousers would surely be bunchy...

by Laura @ Hungry and Frozen on 6:08 PM. #

All the mysteries are ridic.

by nikki on 9:01 PM. #

I REMEMBER this shirt. And I still want it now much as I did when I was ten....what's wrong with me??

xoxo, Ashley

by Ashley on 9:17 PM. #

Shopping is always fun!

by Beth Dunn on 11:56 AM. #

oh my god. the infamous famous cities skirt.

by Jill on 4:41 PM. #

Wasn't she hot in her leggings with biker shorts over them?! That just sounds a little too tight and warm.

by alicia on 4:28 PM. #

Dear Kim,
what the HELL? how come I only just found out this blog exists? I thought I was the only one in all the land who still thinks about becoming an honorary member of the BSC at age 28. my god I'd be the best goddamn babysitter of all AND I would give Claudia and Stace a run for their money with all the fake outfits I go running around in.
internet high five, sister.

by Nicole on 4:31 PM. #

Now I want an This Might Be Art! D:
How come I've never heard of BSC before? How old are the books?

By the way, I sure laughed at the AA thing, but I do think the idea of setting sóme rules for employees in clothing shops is good. But wtf, no Converse? I automatically link Allstars to American Apparel.

by Claudia on 8:04 AM. #


by Bobby's Girl on 11:37 AM. #

A) LOVE the blog
B) love the cities skirt
C) what the heck is on dawn/stacey's sweater? an owl? a native american scene?

by Cathi on 3:34 PM. #

that outfit sounds exactly like what some hipster would be sporting, like, RIGHT THIS SECOND! claudia was a visionary really.

by jess needs a new face on 2:57 AM. #

LOL It was tongue-in-cheek; check the previous post before this one.

by Libellule on 12:17 AM. #

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