by Kim on Monday, July 12, 2010

Comparing Closets with Claudia

Taking a break from unpacking (not sure this was the best time to reorganize my entire filing system) to say hello to my friends (you!). The house is coming along, with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the second bedroom, which is currently home to eventual yard sale items (who wants a really, really heavy television? anyone?). Some day in the future, it's gonna be my shrine to shoes.

It sounds a little excessive, I know. But the closet at my last apartment looked like this, only with less hidden candy:
So you can see why I'm relishing the opportunity to spread things out a little. By the way, this image is from Raina Telgemeier's adaptation of Claudia and Mean Janine, which is amazing. I wish there'd been more of those and less of these. (The larger version is on tumblr, blogspot is being wonky again.)

Until I get things under control in the bedroom, I'm only willing to share this corner.

Please note my complete collection of Super Specials, which are gonna need to go elsewhere if I buy any more heels. (Inevitable.)


Is that a dress from the H&M Garden Collection I see?

by Ambrrr on 1:44 PM. #

I'm really perturbed that Claudia stores edibles with her shoes.

by Alicia on 2:25 PM. #

Moving you BSC books to make room for shoes? Hmmm....different priorities for different folks, I guess.

by nikki on 3:55 PM. #

My closet is EXACTLY like yours.
'cept messier.
'cept more disorganized.


by Under Urooba's Umbrella! on 7:36 PM. #

Oh gosh, this makes me mad that my mom insisted I donate my complete (at the time) BSC collection to the library when I was 15. I miss my Super Specials *especially*. But your closet is splendiferous, and that rendering of Claudia's is ammaaaaazing. I love all her clueless orthography errors! At least she realized "close" couldn't possibly be right.

by Anjali on 7:52 PM. #

Def. looks like my collection, except out of about 50 books I only have 3 super specials.

I do have this BSC special letterbook, where they all go on holiday and you can pull out tiny letters to each other.

by Nancy Magoo on 11:56 PM. #

do you really not like the covers of the reissues?? I think they are ADORABLE. They'll never touch the wonky paintings on the covers of the original but I think they are very fresh. Even...dibbly fresh.

by quidquid katie on 2:00 PM. #

Heels or BSC?

Tough choice.

Although, I do have to say that I love the heels already on that shelf.

by Alison on 9:14 PM. #

I really like your blog and am envious of your closet room. I thought you might like this fanfic I wrote about the BSC - though my word count was limited I was determined to get in a Claudia outfit!

by Kristin on 11:07 AM. #

shoes and books!

by magda o on 8:22 AM. #

Hi there,

Just stumbled upon your blog. Utterly hilarious and has totally inspired me to find my old BSC books.

So jealous of the wardrobe even if it has meant the sacrifice of some books.

Drop by, if you like, admittedly less funny but I'd love a visit.

by Tash on 6:02 PM. #

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