by Unknown on Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Guess Claudia's Working For Free People These Days

Remember her "dangly Native American beaded earrings" from book #71? She "made them [her]self from a bead pattern [she] saw in a museum." Well, she's either designing for Free People or is one of their buyers, 'cause check these babies out.
I have definitely seen that pattern in a museum, dudes.
So I had my suspicions. Then I checked out their shoe section (I know, you're shocked). And what did I see?
Yeah. That's right. Sandals with laces that wrap around your calves. More than one pair, in fact.
Case closed.

Pretty solid hiring decision on Free People's part, right? I mean, as long as they don't let her write any product descriptions.


OMG THOSE EARRINGS ARE TO DIE FOR! I have been trying to make native american themed jewelry. those just blew me away. thanks for your post!!!

by Rosita on 8:39 PM. #

I have often had my own suspiscions that Claudia is working as a buyer for Free People or Urban Outfitters.

Love the earrings, but I've seen them before. I think it was at a craft show in 1996 in Michigan.


by Golden Girl Olive on 11:35 PM. #

haha this is awesome!!

by RMb on 10:42 PM. #

I just started the BSC graphix Claudia and Mean Janine. I had my doubts about the BSC series as a graphic novel, but wow was I wrong. I wish the whole series were available in graphix form. I wouldn't have picked up the book if you hadn't posted the pic of Claudia's closet a few posts ago. Thanks!

by Penelope Pal on 2:16 AM. #

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