by Unknown on Thursday, July 08, 2010

Starring Dakota Fanning as Stacey McGill

I just realized I haven't updated in almost a month. I did tell you guys I was moving, right? Shit, I don't think I did. I'm still in the immediate aftermath, which means I'm spending most of my time running around in my nightgown trying to get the house to look like "the place I live" and not "the place where I store my awesome collection of cardboard boxes." Also sometimes I take breaks for martinis and/or mexican food. But mostly it's house stuff.

Until things are a little more settled, I submit for your consideration a picture of Dakota Fanning at some sort of BSC fan convention. I guess she came dressed as Stacey McGill (so New York!). That's cool.
So . . . is she wearing all 188 accessory ideas in this picture? There is a lot going on here.


I've been in my apartment for almost a month and a half and it's still "the place I store my cardboard boxes." :( Good luck unpacking and stuff! BTW, I love your blog!!

by living well on 12:03 AM. #

i just cant get over the I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE headline. come on, MC, we can do better than that.

by Lexie, Little Boat on 12:07 AM. #

uggg I hate that stage of moving. I've finally upgraded from an apartment to a house back in march and most of my stuff is still in boxes.

by ~J-ME~ on 6:12 AM. #

Congrats on the new place!

by 2sday on 8:44 PM. #

JUST found your blog: TOTALLY obsessed. Growing up, I never missed a BSC book (my favorite was Dawn!) + this blog is such an AWESOME throwback. Cheers.

by Her name was Lola on 8:41 PM. #

Dakota's headband looks photoshopped on.

Good luck on the unpacking. That phase usually takes me about... 3 months. =)

by Adam's Clayton on 1:02 PM. #

moving is always such an exciting/dreadful time! haha. Glad to hear its coming along. im torn with the Dakota fanning shoot. love the Persona beads on her wrist but i still can't think of her as a young woman.

by Megan on 9:14 AM. #

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