by Unknown on Thursday, August 19, 2010

#5: Dawn and the Impossible Three

So little fashion, but this book makes up for it by being one of the best in the series. I have a huge soft spot for the first seven books of the series -- I think they're really sweet and well-written and more nuanced than everything that follows. The characters haven't turned into caricatures of themselves yet (unfortunately, it doesn't take long) and they're more believably adolescent.

Ann M. Martin hasn't gotten to the point of recapping everyone's entire family history in each book - we just get a brief paragraph about each of the main characters. Dawn tells us that Claudia "hates school, but loves art and mystery stories. She's a little bit hard to get to know." I'm a little disappointed that the writing team dropped this aspect of Claudia's personality -- kind of aloof, a little bit of a loner. It's talked about a lot more in the early books.

Historic moments in BSC fashion: Mary Anne wears jeans for the first time in this book.

". . . Since he no longer buys her clothes, you should see what Mary Anne gets with her money. She doesn't look like Claudia or Stacey, who wear these really wild outfits such a tight black pants and Day-Glo shirts, but, well, for instance, at that very moment as we walked across the Kishis' lawn, Mary Anne had on her first sweat shirt and her first pair of jeans ever. She looked terrific!"

Finally, some fashion. And some very normal, pre-teen insecurity from our California Girl.

"Stacey trotted over to me, looking as fabulous as always. She was wearing a simple pink T-shirt under a baggy jumpsuit with big pink and red flowers all over it. Her permed hair bounced over her shoulders. I was wearing blue jean shorts and a white T-shirt that said GENIUS INSIDE. I looked ordinary next to Stacey."

Luckily for Dawn's ego, her style is so in right now - check out Madewell's current looks for more California Casual styling.
I really do like that shirt. First clogs, now denim on denim ensembles . . . dammit Dawn, you win again!


I read my first BSC book in 4th grade. The first four books came out one month apart. I remember going to our small town's small mall, to check the pre-teen section for the new edition. I loved the first four books. I always looked forward to getting another one. But after book four... it took awhile for the next one to come! I think I waited 4 months for #5 to come along!!!

Now, I don't know if I read first editions of the series (I'm 33) or if my local bookstore was slow to get the books. But you can't believe how excited I was to get this book! :)

by Bobbi on 6:04 PM. #

I'm surprised you didn't comment on Mrs. Barrett's fashion choices. Besides her messy scatter brained self, she always seemed so glamorous to me.

by tricia on 6:25 PM. #

I never noticed before, but even the teddy bear looks totally unhappy on the cover!

by Anne-Marie on 9:37 PM. #

It's funny that you mention that comment about Claudia. I just recently reread this one as well, and was surprised by it. You kinda see it in Baby-sitter's on Board too. I wish they had expanded on it.

I did love reading this book though. The first five are definitely among my favorites!

Love your blog!

by stelle on 10:42 AM. #

The one thing about this book that always annoyed me is that they say Marnie has a chocolate allergy, and then later on in the book she's eating M&Ms. I know that's a weird detail to remember, but I was allergic to chocolate as a child, and it always struck me as a ridiculous inconsistency.

by Abigail on 12:41 PM. #

I would go so far to say the first 15 are the best; and even the super specials during that time. This was before they had their eleventy-million 2 week school vacations; and their was *some* semblance of real time.

by SHAbang on 1:01 PM. #

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by Morgan Gesell on 9:07 PM. #

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by Morgan Gesell on 9:09 PM. #

Why didn't Dawn have any clothes that changed color in the sun? They must have had that all over the place in California. Especially with Disneyland Dad...

by Cook like Chelle on 5:56 PM. #

my comment isn't about Dawn but I just had to share: today i bought a dress at H&M sheerly because it looks like the one the BSC Stacey doll wore (picture here: she's the middle one with pink boots).
btw- i also live in manhattan & own a silver squiggle pen. i fear that getting a body wave is next...

by Eventide on 7:24 PM. #

I love your blog! I agree that the first few books were by far the best. I was wondering, do you think that you could review Mary Anne's Makeover sometime? I'd love to hear your comments on her outfits, lol. = )

by Raindrop on 5:31 PM. #

nawww you're getting more shout outs here in Oz! We love BSC!!

Go Kim!!

by Angela on 5:53 AM. #

Noooo! The Cowboy Tuxedo will never be OK...don't let the lemon Dawn rubbed on your head for highlights au naturel get in your brain!


by Golden Girl Olive on 9:18 PM. #

IMO, no one ever pulled off the double-denim look as well as Mariah Carey in her "Always Be My Baby" video.
Keep in mind it took place at a cabin in the woods, though. Very cabin chic!

by Libellule on 10:49 PM. #

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