by Unknown on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've Got Theories: Claudia's Future Career Path

We all know Claudia wants to be an artist when she grows up. But that's so vague. Like, I went around telling people I was going to be a writer when I was a kiddo. And I could say that I've been employed as a writer . . . if writing technical documentation counts. (I still can't believe Scholastic turned down the manuscript I sent them. Sure, I was eight. It was still an amazing piece of work.) So it's theory time: what would Claudia be doing today?

We're living in rough times, employment wise; we've gotta take a worst case scenario into account. I'm gonna say that the worst case scenario finds Our Fashionable Heroine wearing an apron and working at Michael's or A.C. Moore. She'll take solace in discounted art supplies and probably five finger discount herself the most complete set of oil paints you've ever seen (slouch socks are a handy shoplifting tool).

Best case scenario? I've joked in the past that she'd probably be a member of the Haus of Gaga, so I'm going to roll a bit further with the design team theory. I was checking out Marina and the Diamonds' music videos and (oh my lord) they are so Claudia.

The bright pastel candy colors and pop art stylings of Oh No! (below) are totally something Claudia would come up with after eating a ton of candy buttons. Could it be that our girl has found employment as a quirky music video concept artist*?

Second piece of evidence: Claudia loves glitter and makeup, right? Think about it.

*Probably not, because she is fictional.


That's hilarious. I sent Scholastic a "novel" I wrote when I was that young too!

by Jessi Lou on 2:12 PM. #

the real question is does she have a fashion blog?

by Lexie, Little Boat on 6:38 PM. #

If Claudia had a fashion blog my life would be that much more complete..and it's really sad that I just admitted that.

by sarah on 8:19 AM. #

I've always thought Claudia would be that kookie "Project Runway" designer that wins the "make an outfit out of Christmas decorations" challenge but is on the chopping block for her questionable taste level 75% of the time. The judges don't get her and she gets eliminated in the middle, instead of making it to the finale where she should be.

Still it will be enough to pique the interest of Hollywood celebrities and stylists that like working with pretty people. Claudia will then design costumes for Christina Aguilera's inevitable circus themed album/tour and create polarizing red carpet looks for Tilda Swinton and Kate Hudson when she feels like having an edgy moment.

by Elissa Farkas on 5:04 PM. #

OR maybe she would be a really cool, artsy nanny who still wears eccentric outfits and sells her art/jewelry/clothing on the side, and does all kinds of crazy awesome art projects with the kids she takes care of...

(I'm actually just saying that because that's what I do and I always wanted to be Claudia.)

by luna on 12:32 PM. #

Claudia would run her own handmade jewelry business on etsy. paper mache parrot earrings for all!

by sw85 on 7:01 PM. #

Do you ever play the what college they went to game? My thoughts:

Kristy - Big state school with a top sports team (UConn or Michigan) with a double major in business and psychology.

Claudia - Stoneybrook Community College to get her grades up before going to FIT, Parsons or RISD

Stacey - NYU, UPenn or Columbia - business major, possible minor in Art History - becomes a gallery owner.

MaryAnne - Smith or Wellesly with a transfer to "Stoneybrook U" to be close to home after being scared away by the strong feminist politics. Major in English or Teaching.

Dawn - Reed, Occidental, UCLA or Berkeley. Major in Poli Sci and/or Environmental Science

Mallory - Some artsy writing school like Bennington or Bard but she feels out of place with the artsy students.

Jessi - Julliard or straight to ABA

by Carleton English on 10:23 PM. #

Oh, those long long ago innocent days!

by om on 5:04 AM. #

I work at a middle-school that is abbreviated as SMS, and the art teacher IS Claudia Kishi (just blonde). She always offers me Oreos and diet sodas (maybe she thinks I have the 'betes?) when I help her organize the art supplies. She's really cool.

by KB on 11:27 PM. #

Hey, tech comm totally counts! It's what I do to pay the bills as I attempt to be a "writer-writer" (as my mother says).

I could see Claud working 40 hours a week and then staying up until all hours thanks to froofy coffee and painting and sculpting and living in a tiny apartment she's painted in weird patterns and trying to sell her art.

by Comics Chick on 4:25 PM. #

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