by Kim on Friday, September 10, 2010

#110: Abby the Bad Sport

This book has no redeeming value. There's a lot of talk about soccer and being a team player, and not a single trip to the Washington Mall. I hated it and I would like to have those forty-five minutes of my life back, or reparations* in the form of Madewell gift cards.

At least there was an outfit to go with the standard-issue character introductions.

"Claudia often wears her art on her sleeve - almost literally. On this, my first Monday back at the BSC, for example, she was in a little crop-top muscle shirt that she had batikked green and blue. She'd sewed a bunch of buttons up the front as if it were a vest. She also had on skinny black shorts, one blue sock and one green sock, and black Doc Martens with one blue shoelace (on the foot with the green sock) and one green shoelace (on the foot with the blue sock). Her long black hair had been gathered into a single braid. A blue ribbon with more buttons attached to it was woven into the braid. Her earrings? Buttons, naturally."

Love the sock/shoelace switch-up. Very Clarissa Explains it All. Oh, and let's pretend the socks were thigh-highs, even though we all know Mama Kishi would not be feelin' that. Oh! And let's make the shorts leather. So 2010!

We also have some team spirit from the BSCers, who come to all of Abby's games. They're good friends. I would have told Abby that her sport was boring and I'd support her by meeting her later for a Seinfeld marathon, after she'd gotten all of that running and kicking out of her system.

"Claudia has decorated an oversized T-shirt for the occasion with purple-and-white soccer balls and had made earrings to match. Kristy was wearing a purple baseball hat covered with buttons. Stacey wore a purple silk T-shirt, and Mary Anne was wearing a purple striped shirt. Jessi had on a purple leotard [of course she did], while Mallory was wearing purple-and-white-striped socks and a white hat with a booster button on it."

Dude, the Unicorn Club is going to be so mad when they hear that the babysitters are wearing their signature color.

* Yes. Reparations from Ann M. Martin and her army of ghostwriters. You'd want them too if you'd read this crap.


Way to get a reference to the Unicorn Club in there. It's good to see Kristy making a bold choice with buttons. Also, I'm pretty certain I've done the two different color sneakers, two different color socks thing before.

by Christy Admiraal on 3:41 PM. #

Dude, before I got to your remark I was SO THINKING the Unicorn Club was going to be pissed!!! I love that someone else thinks this way.

Delightful, as always. And damn, do I want that first outfit (with your updates, of course).

by hannah on 3:43 PM. #

I would like to think that Jessi is wearing ONLY a purple leotard.

by Amanda on 3:55 PM. #

Hello, fifth grade self, who really, really, really wanted to be in the Unicorn Club.

by Amy on 4:05 PM. #

Good lord, I was going to make a Unicorn club joke.

by nikki on 7:45 PM. #

The first description makes me want to grab my sketchpad and pop out a 2010 version of Claudia asap... until I got to the last paragraph.

Now I'm too concerned where Jessi's pants went.

by E N T R O P I F I C U S on 11:59 PM. #

Poor Mallory. The only vague thing she got to wear was her socks. And a hat with a booster button, whatever the hell that is.

by Sadako on 3:13 AM. #

I feel like Jessi has to have some ... problems down there with all the leotards she is constantly wearing. Like a raging infection. Does she have different leos for fashion than she does for class? Also how does she go to the bathroom?! I am just going to assume they mean bodysuit when they say leotard, because those unsnap at least.

by Kristin on 11:27 AM. #

I was also about to make a Jessica Wakefield comment, she's been known to wear the odd purple leotard in Madame Andre's ballet class. I wonder if Jessi is better than the Wakefields?

by winstonegbert on 2:29 AM. #

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