by Kim on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BSC at Fashion Week: What Is This I Can't Even

I feel like my entire Google Reader has been taken hostage by New York Fashion Week. Which is pretty great; I get to enjoy NYFW in small, clickable doses (while eating Honey Mustard and Onion pretzels, which would probably be frowned upon at most shows), and Mark All As Read once I'm tired of staring at the beautiful people.

One of my favorite reads has been White Lightning -- Elizabeth Spiridakis is the kind of blogger who inspires me to use cliched phrases like "keeping it real". Plus she gets really excited about ridiculous shoes and throws outfits together in a way Claudia Kishi would totally approve of.

Anyway, I was catching up on her Fashion Week coverage when I came across her entry on Rachel Antonoff's slumber party themed presentation and . . . I died a little inside.
Jessi Ramsey has made it to Fashion Week! Slouch socks are so in right now! Leotards for everyone!

(More information about the presentation can be found on Daily Candy and Stylecaster. If all Fashion Week presentations involved bubbles and s'mores, I'd be trying to elbow my way inside a few right now. 'Cause, come on. Free s'mores.)


Buuut... did they have day-glo shorts and turtlenecks in various colours and earrings made out of shoelaces?

by winstonegbert on 7:26 AM. #

i love white lightning too. she's pretty awesome. and rachel antonoff.... love.

by Every Little Counts on 10:50 AM. #

Hey! Love your blog, it's totally making me nostalgic (I was SUCH a BSC junkie). I stumbled across this on Huffington Post - thought I'd share

by Stephanie on 6:18 PM. #

Elizabeth is so entertaining. I love reading both her blog and yours because you both write so well and have a great sense of humor.

by the chic addict on 6:25 PM. #

Lameee. Couldn't they have at least picked one of the more well written books in the series?

by melaniejanedrake on 8:50 PM. #

your site was the first thing i thought of when i saw the pics from this presentation. amazing.

by briglioa21 on 10:32 PM. #

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