by Kim on Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Devil's In Your Details

1. Digby and Iona stump ring 2. Gap flares, Jeffrey Campbell Charli clogs 3. Banana Republic venus lure necklace


Those clogs are amazing.

by Mel Hart on 1:52 PM. #

Hoorah for clogs! Love x

by Angela on 10:46 PM. #

LOVE your ring. So sad to see that it is $170. Also sad to realize that I have no initials to put in the heart except my own. It's a pity.

by Unknown on 11:43 PM. #

Love the Babysitter Club books in the background.

by Nancy Magoo on 12:20 AM. #

I clearly have no fashion sense whatsoever as I thought the bottom picture was a bowl of silverware...with a medieval mace in the background?

by M on 9:56 AM. #

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