by Kim on Saturday, September 25, 2010

Incredulous Kristy Does Not Have Time For Your Gum Chewing Shenanigans
Guys, look at this fucking book cover. It is practically a meme in itself. First of all, Claudia's room appears to be a barren, orange-carpeted wasteland. Isn't club headquarters supposed to be crowded and messy and full of art supplies and old Halloween candy? (Illustrator: "Look, I put a painting of Hershey's Kisses on the wall, what more do you want.") Secondly, Jessi (wearing some weird shiny leggings that look suspiciously Dov Charney approved) is clearly thinking "oh shit, I am so screwed right now." Wendy (the Bad Baby-sitter of the title) is like "what? This ain't your castle, I can chew some damn gum. Jeez."

Kristy . . . is wearing the bitchiest bitchface of all the bitchfaces. I can't stop staring. It's amazing. Let's take a closer look.


Since you guys make me laugh regularly, I'm pretty sure you can come up with a better caption for her than I can. So I made a memegenerator template for her. I call her Incredulous Kristy, but you can call her whatever you want. If you come up with something funny, please make an image and leave me a comment with a link to your creation. Funniest image wins the dubious prize of a beat up copy of Claudia's Book, where you can learn all about the formative events that made Kishi the artist and bad speller she is today.


I never realized how much fun it is to caption BSC covers. Can we do this every week? Here's mine:

by Michelle on 1:36 PM. #

I heart slash hate Kristy so much.


by Unknown on 5:57 PM. #

Ha ha, this is the most hillarious cover I've seen in a while!

Here's my link. = )

P.S. I love your blog!

by Raindrop on 8:25 PM. #

Wow... here's my whatchamacallit:

by The_Mistletoe289 on 10:40 PM. #

by theslowcollapse on 3:20 AM. #

Your blog makes the world a better place. Here's my image!

by Anonymous on 5:03 AM. #

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by Anonymous on 5:03 AM. #


by Staff on 4:44 PM. #

I can't come up with anything funny for the cover, but my book's previous owner can: On my copy (which came from a thrift store), the previous owner used a pen or pencil to make an indent on Kristy's hand to make it look like she was giving the finger.

by Stephanie on 10:28 PM. #

"Bitch, what do you mean you didn't read the club notebook?"

this is fun! caption contests every week :)

by Linnie Binnie on 10:58 PM. #

I was such a Kristy growing up, despite the fact that I thought was was like Claudia and decided hiding candy all around my room was cool.

by btr2272 on 11:56 PM. #

this was so much fun! here's mine:

by mcspanish on 3:28 PM. #

I thought I'd hark back to the original meme somewhat.

by Ming on 7:19 PM. #

This is awesome. Here's mine

by owlshoes on 7:22 PM. #

Kristy Thomas is the BSC's HBIC, obviously. ;)

by Unknown on 7:41 PM. #

Here's mine!
<3 for BSC

by PleaseEatSomething on 8:17 PM. #

I dont have a meme but these are awesome. I could never understand why Ann M Martin loved Kristy so much!

by winstonegbert on 10:44 PM. #

ROFL oh Kristy, how I love you.

Another illustration scheduled for later today :)

And just wondering,did you ever see in the books if Mom & Pop Kishi speaking Japanese? or Mimi?

by E N T R O P I F I C U S on 4:00 AM. #

love your blog!

heres mine

by bebegalonfacebook on 5:46 AM. #

Such a brilliant idea. I MAY have made a bunch... but I'm most pleased with this one:

by lemonpants on 5:31 PM. #

I love you have dedicated a blog to Claudia. The way her fashion was described in the BSC books was my fave part.
Thank you!

by Carly Findlay on 7:27 AM. #

I hope you approve. (obvs I said frank meaning something else?)

by WorthyStyle on 12:30 PM. #

For mine, I chose to combine the whimsy of the classic 1995 film, Clueless ("Do you even KNOW who my father is??!") with the timeless expression on Kristy's decidedly bitch-face (and the ghost-writers' penchant to repeatedly mention just how wealthy Watson is)

by krossetti on 4:07 PM. #


well, since i found "what claudia wore" in the first place! i'mma go follow thee tumblr nau!

by OwlFace on 8:05 PM. #

love the blog! here's mine:

by Unknown on 12:16 AM. #

Got my boyfriend in your showah...

by the.bleach on 6:47 PM. #

I'm late to the party, but as someone who idolized Kristy, I'm going to be doing this all night. So much better than Insanity Wolf.

by Amanda on 1:49 AM. #

Just came across this and had to add mine:

President Forever

by beppinsan on 12:08 AM. #

I had way too much fun with this.

by Natty on 4:37 AM. #

This was fantastic. Great idea!!

by Alaina on 9:45 AM. #

Sadly, that meme generator is no more. No surprise, since I'm two years late to the party. But I think I'd have gone for:

Duh, it's like, the *first* rule of the club.

You don't talk about Babysitters' Club.

by Sati on 7:26 PM. #

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