by Unknown on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Incredulous Kristy Remains Incredulous; Internet is a Delightful Place

You guys are so great. I love all your Incredulous Kristys. My deepest fear was that you'd be like "huh" and not even bother, but instead you made a bunch of masterpieces, possibly while under the influence. And I would never judge you for that. You work hard! Take the edge off, have another beer. I've been so overjoyed with the incredulous nature of it all that I put up a bunch of them on tumblr. I can't promise that little side project will last (RIP What Chuck Wore), but there was too much gold not to redistribute it somehow.

Of the Kristys submitted in the last post, my favorite had to be lemonpants's Indignant Kristy, who can't even believe these bitches would be grabbin' slices without asking permission.

Ahh, the pizza toast; a great BSC tradition. Lemonpants, if you would like a not-so-gently used copy of Claudia's Book as a reward for this brilliance, please e-mail me.

Other things that are great:
  • Phi adding Chloe Doc Martens to her interpretation of Claudia's outfit in Abby the Bad Sport.
  • Season five of Bad Girls Club. Don't look at me like that. These are the girls Cokie Mason (AND PROBABLY STACEY MCGILL, JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE) grew up to be. It's the greatest trash ever. Make some popcorn.
  • Drew Grant churning out more Bret Easton Ellis/BSC crossovers: Mary Anne's Man, Stacey and Dawn's Big Adventure Parts 1 and 2
  • Getting psyched for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Seriously, I can't even talk about how excited I am. There are no words, just squealing noises and jazz hands. Somewhere in Stoneybrook, Mallory is painstakingly sewing some sweet-ass wizard robes for a midnight showing at the Washington Mall. You know she is.


I'm literally LOL-ing at Incredulous Kristy. I already tried "Should I grab you the mystery notebook?" out on my roommate. Probably more effective if the person reads BSC...

by Alison on 9:00 PM. #

Ah yes, the Chloe x Docs... If I can't have(read:afford) them, I'll make darn sure Claudia does.

no more What Chuck Wore T-T?? Say it ain't so... *sobs into purple paisley handkerchief*

by E N T R O P I F I C U S on 10:32 PM. #

Haha this is brilliant. I love your blog.

by Katie on 11:26 PM. #

have you seen this?!

by Jordan on 9:39 AM. #

Incredulous Kristy is the best.

And my heartrate starts to increase every time I see the Deathly Hallows trailer. Which I may or may not have watched about ten times in a row. (OK, I totally did)

by nikki on 9:50 AM. #

Island Adventures for sure. Who needs Lost when you can have a bunch of middle schoolers shipwrecked on an island. And of course at the time it seemed totally reasonable to me that they were old enough to live there, no problem.

carly927 at gmail dot com

by Carly on 11:55 PM. #

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