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Mystery #11: Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum

This isn't a recap blog, but I often talk a little bit about plot in my book entries. Don't expect much of that for the mysteries. I really dislike them, and I've talked about why in past entries.

That said, I'm glad I got my hands on this one. Not because of the plot (it's stupid). The cover, however, more than makes up for the detective-y hijinks. And we get FOUR Claudia outfits. They're all amazing.

1. "I love to put outrageous outfits together, and I hate looking like everyone else. I mean, I do wear trendy clothes, like leggings and big slouchy socks and Doc Marten boots, but I always add my own touches so that I stand out from the crowd. For instance, earrings I've made myself, or a big belt that I found in a thrift store. I also like to play around with my hair. One day I'll wear it in a French braid, and the next day it'll be in a ponytail on the top of my head.

That Sunday, my hair was in a long braid hanging down one side of my head [hey! Me too! Right now!], with red ribbons threaded into it [oh. Damn. Bested again.]. I was wearing a red-and-white striped shirt that hung down almost to my knees, red leggings, and black high-top sneakers. Even though I wasn't planning on going anywhere that afternoon, I had put some thought into my outfit. That's just the way I am."

2. "I had dressed up a little, in pink lace leggings and a long black sweater. My hair was tied back with a pink ribbon, and I was wearing pink ballet-type flats."

As seen on the cover!
Related: wise words from Blair Waldorf. Yeah. Honestly, Kishi. And while we're on the topic of Gossip Girl, I watched a season 4 promo and got all excited (smut! babies! fashion! petty bitchiness! Chuck Bass!), even though I totally know better. I refuse to fall for the CW's shenanigans this time. Your fancy trailers and excellent font choices can't fool me, Schwartz.

3. "'Forget about the mystery! [Seriously, word.] This will be my first formal party, I'm going to meet a famous artist - and I have no idea what to wear!'

'You look nice in what you have on now,' said Kristy. 'Why don't you just wear that?'

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a pair of bright red leggings topped by a white man-tailored shirt and a vest that used to belong to my father. Only Kristy would think my outfit qualified as 'formal'."

3½. (closet search) "Stacey pulled out a black velvet dress. 'How about this?' she asked.

I shook my head. 'Boring,' I said.

She nodded and threw it on the bed. 'What about these silk pants?'

'Are pants okay at a formal party?' asked Mary Anne doubtfully. 'You don't want to look like a kid who doesn't know how to dress.'

'Ditch the pants,' I said immediately.

Stacey pulled outfit after outfit out of my closet. I have a lot of clothes, but nothing seemed right. Most of them are fine for school, or even for special events like dances or parties. But nothing looked right for a party like this one. A grown-up party.

'You look terrific in this,' Stacey said, holding up a bright blue sweater-dress.

'Thanks,' I said. 'But it's not right, either.'

'Do you think I could borrow it?' she asked."

Focus, Stacey.

4. "'What's this?' Stacey asked, reaching into the back of the closet and coming out with a long, silky pale green robe embroidered in gorgeous colors. . .

. . . I took off my vest and shirt, and slipped on the kimono. The silk felt soft and light against my skin. It seemed to float around me. I tied the sash (which Mimi called an 'obi') around my waist and stood up straight.

'Wow,' said Mary Anne softly.

'Awesome,' said Stacey. 'You look totally awesome.'

I walked to the mirror to see for myself. The green and blue colors of the kimono set off my black hair, and the long, fluttering sleeves looked romantic. For half a second, I saw Mimi's face instead of mine in the mirror, and I felt tears come to my eyes."

Spoiler alert: the janitor did it. There you go. That's the kind of crook who would steal art, apparently.


Why does everyone always looked so creeped the hell out on the covers of the Mysteries? Like, they're looking around the corner at a security guard and a glass case. Not exactly terror-inducing. Whatevs.

by Adam's Clayton on 6:33 PM. #

What, Claudia's taking fashion advice from Mary Anne now? "A kid who doesn't know how to dress"... Glass houses, MAS, glass houses.

by Zoe on 10:23 PM. #

"Focus, Stacey."

you crack me up! thanks for your awesome blog, just in case i haven't already said that!

by Karla on 7:08 PM. #

I never knew any of my grandparents so Mimi was always my image of what grandparents were like: caring, loving, and totally cool with your youthful shenanigans. And I still remember details from Claudia and the Sad Goodbye.. Awww, Claud!! <3

by Tess on 8:08 PM. #

Sigh. I loved the descriptions of her outfits. The green kimono almost brought tears to my eyes as well, and I wasn't even picking out the clothes with her!

by Carly Findlay on 7:48 AM. #

Props to Claudia for taking Mary Anne's advice and dialing her look back just a touch for the grown-up event. What a sweet description of how she evoked Mimi in the kimono.

by Libellule on 11:37 PM. #

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