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Steph, sbarnard85 AT gmail

Fave SS... hmm... going to have to go with Shipwrecked! I remember being really impressed with their survivalist skills, like how they made the rainwater drinkable and stuff.

by Steph Barnard on 6:14 PM. #

'Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation'...I think this was the first BSC book I ever read!

by Jessica on 6:15 PM. #

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by Jenni on 6:17 PM. #

I don't think I ever read too many of the Super Specials, although of the ones I remember reading, California Girls was probably my favorite.

kittenbonanza at yahoo dot com

by Jenni on 6:18 PM. #

I still have my copy of BSC in the USA. I remember that new girl Abby being obsessed with Elvis and Mallory being a racist but not really and Mary-Anne getting all pissed at Dawn's dad. I wonder how long that trip would take in real life.

by maryse on 6:20 PM. #

BSC Super Special 10: Sea City, Here We Come is my favorite! The best part is when they go to the ice cream shop and the whipped cream machine malfuntions.

amy.b.chojnacki (at)

by Amy on 6:21 PM. #
California Girls! I went through a variation on the Mallory hair incident, only it was brunette to red. It was worse than hers.

by Olivia on 6:26 PM. #

New York! New York! It took me years to realize what "fil-et mig-non" was.

jonesamyk (at) gmail (dot) com

by Amy on 6:28 PM. #

New York, New York!

by Kate on 6:29 PM. #

Snowbound, of course. "Will they get out alive?" I bet they will.

by Taylor on 6:30 PM. #

My favorite SS was Snowbound!

aplusjapan at gmail

by Good Morning Idea on 6:32 PM. #

My favorite was Aloha, Babysitters! Ka-duh, they reference the X-Files and Mallory doesn't get to come - win!

Amy, amyeclegg at gmail

by Amy on 6:43 PM. #

Toss up between Summer Vacation (the closest I ever got to actually going to summer camp) and Starring the Baby-sitters (the closest I ever got to musical theatre).
Definitely two major contributions to my childhood.


by amylolique.faciens on 6:43 PM. #

Sea City here we come! because that's the one i remember best :D

by meliasaurus on 6:44 PM. #

Sara, sara.marie.judy[at]gmail[dot]com

My favorite SS had to be Winter Vacation, because Vermont is my favorite state.

by Sara Judy on 6:48 PM. #

BSC in the USA! It made me want to rent an RV and see the country. At the age of 12. (at)

by Laura on 6:50 PM. #

SS#2, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation was my fave. Especially when Mary Anne was like "Don't kill me, I have a kitten! Also, I have a gun."

sberkemeyer at gmail

by Stephanie on 6:55 PM. #

Probably Snowbound, although I only vaguely remember it now. I read that over and over in fourth grade, on account of it being the only BSC book in the classroom...

by Liz on 7:12 PM. #

I loved all the Super Specials, probably even more than the regular books. But my favorite was probably Babysitters Winter Vacation! Vacationing at a ski lodge is still a dream of mine.

(tralliott at gmail)

by Tracy on 7:13 PM. #

#11: The Baby-sitters Remember

It just makes me feel all nostalgic and stuff!


by Hannah on 7:22 PM. #

specialj67 AT gmail DOT com

#10 Sea City, Here We Come!

It was the first BSC book I ever read, and man have i read the crap outta that one!

by Jackie on 7:24 PM. #


When I was in the fourth grade, I won a bookmark making contest with my BSC Super Special #4 Entry (Claudia and Dawn were waving from some kind of dock. One of them had braids and red/white striped shirt... Man, I wish I still had that bookmark).

Yeah, my BSC illustration goes waaaay back.

by E N T R O P I F I C U S on 7:37 PM. #

for realsies it was Aloha, Babysitters.
I really didn't like Mallory OR Kristy so I felt vindicated that they couldn't go (even though Kristy was going to Hawaii anyway with her rich stepdad.)

by kristen! on 7:39 PM. #

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by The Two (blorf, cute) Pompous Jerks on 7:59 PM. #

"New York, New York!" was my favorite. I had it stashed in our family car so that if we ever drove someplace I'd always be sure to have something to do: read it! So maybe it became my favorite simply because I ended up reading it a *lot*

by The Two (blorf, cute) Pompous Jerks on 8:00 PM. #

California Girls!

thisiscyclogenesis @ gmail . com

by Sara on 8:04 PM. #

Babysitters On Board! I was trying to convince my friend recently that we should go on a cruise, and this was one of my points of why cruises are awesome.

by sophia on 8:11 PM. #

I always liked #1 Baby Sitters On Board. I was jealous of Karen Brewer's sparkly manicure she got at the cruise ship spa!

by StephanieC-W on 8:17 PM. #

nicolestanfield AT

BabySitter's European Vacation...complete with Mallory finding out she's related to Shakespeare! Say what?

by Isabella Redux on 8:20 PM. #


frenslea at yahoo dot com

by Lexie, Little Boat on 8:29 PM. #

"Baby-sitters' European Vacation" was the best! I think my friends and I highlighted all the sexy subtext about Kristy and her love interest in my old copy.

nickeecoco at gmail dot com

by niki on 8:32 PM. #

What was the one where they went to Disney World? Cause I read that one over and over AND OVER.

jenne . speegle [at] gmail . com

by jenne on 8:42 PM. #

I loved the Summer Vacation one...I was so jealous of their tan legs in those green and white outfits.

If I win the shopbop card, I am hitting the Fair Isle collection hard! ha ha.

go.megan.go AT gMaIL

by Miss K on 8:57 PM. #

You know, I never actually read Babysitter's Club (I just think this blog is fun!) but Island Adventure sounds pretty exciting!

by Faith on 8:57 PM. #

Ashleigh, deaa000 at gmail dot com

All about Sea City, Here We Come! A completely ridiculous hurricane, AND the immortal line, "The tushy picture's gone!"

by Ashleigh on 9:22 PM. #

Babysitters on Board! Classic.

by mar on 9:29 PM. #

God, I loved all the Super Specials. I guess Baby-Sitters Summer Vacation is probably my fave. I'm still disappointed that I never went to a month-long summer camp, and a lot of that is Ann M. Martin's fault.

athousandchurches @

by Tintin on 9:40 PM. #

Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation is my fav.

by Katie on 9:50 PM. #

wow Sea City is the one I remember best!
sarah.currence at gmail

by Sarah on 9:54 PM. #

Without a doubt, Babysitters on Board! It was the very first BSC book that I read. I was hooked. Oh, now I'm getting all nostalgic.

by Arizona. on 10:31 PM. #

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by Emily on 11:07 PM. #

Oh, hands down the one where they did "Peter Pan" and Jessi was all pissy because she didn't get cast as Peter.

(erinking5 @ gmail)

by Erin on 11:09 PM. #

It's actually a pretty tough decision, considering how thoroughly awesome most of them are. But I'm going to have to go with Babysitters' Summer Vacation.

by Christy Admiraal on 11:36 PM. #

My favorite Super Special was definitely The Baby-Sitter's European Vacation because Stacey finds the ASHES of a DEAD MAN in her suitcase. Amazing.

by Katie on 11:51 PM. #

baby-sitters island adventure! I can still remember thw poor wording on the back cover, even though I was probably 12. Something about them being stranded on the island forever. Obviously the writer doesn't know what forever means!!

callah.yogalife (at) gmail (dot) com

by ♥ Callah on 12:00 AM. #

Baby-Sitters Summer Vacation was most definitely my favorite! Perhaps it stands out as my favorite because I didn't much care for Baby-Sitters On Board and my sister and I didn't have more than a couple of the Super Specials.

I remember owning a big BSC Christmas/Secret Santa book with removable letters and postcards.. I wonder where that is..

darcy dot dubose @ gmail dot com

by Darcy on 12:25 AM. #

summer vacation fo sho.

alex dot coria at gmail dot com

by Alexandra on 12:33 AM. #

My favorite is Baby-Sitters on Board!

I love when contests allow me to bring my 30 closest friends on an all-expenses paid trip. Except, like the Pikes, I make two of the people work for their trip while constantly reminding them that they're the paid help. Happens to me all the time.


by Alison on 12:33 AM. #

Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation

I have vivid memories of reading that, haha.


by Anonymous on 1:01 AM. #

I'm going to have to go with Baby-sitters Summer Vacation. This one made me want to go to camp so bad. I only owned two of the super specials.

notshybutsly (at)

by Rachel Sears on 1:06 AM. #

BSC in USA! constance.liao AT gmail

by Connie on 1:14 AM. #

I think I read the NYC Super Special at least fifteen times. As a Southerner, it took me years to understand the references to various places.
annstarrr (at) gmail (dot) com

by Some Girl on 1:30 AM. #

"Baby-sitters' Island Adventure" is the one I most clearly remember, so there must be a reason. Perhaps because it was just so incredulous? Even as a naive preteen who bought into a storyline about a bunch of girls who never left junior high, I still found it fairly impossible that any of them could survive on a deserted island for any amount of time--with kids, no less.

by Katie on 1:45 AM. #

Definitely a toss up between Island Adventure which was just totally AWESOME and BSC in the USA. I had the version with the shiny silver cover and that's how I learned you should stay in the bathroom if there's a tornado on the rampage....oh BSC you taught me everything I know

by Kara on 1:48 AM. #

laura - twinkltwrp@ hotmail

Fav SS - toss up between Babysitters On Board and NY NY... prob NY... it got me through a looong car trip with my family one summer!

by Laura on 2:01 AM. #

I'd have to say Babysitters On Board; that was the only SS I owned.

trevaellen [at]

by treva on 2:34 AM. #

My absolute favorite was always the Hawaii one, I'm unsure of WHY now that I reflect back, but at the time it all seemed very exotic and dramatic
alexismk12 at gmail dot com

by A on 3:02 AM. #

I don't know if Little Sister counts, but I must have read "The three musketeers" about 6 billion times. I totally lusted over Hannie's blue dress and the fact that they got to go square dancing. I also remember making a lanyard from the craft section at the back. Also, did you know Andrew read Hop on Pop all by himself?

by winstonegbert on 3:23 AM. #

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by The Cosmopolitienne on 8:08 AM. #

Super Special 14: BSC in the USA, hands down.

They were roadtripping cross country in two RVs (HAHAHA) so all the babysitters get to pick one place to stop at. And Kristy says something like: "Claud chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art but knowing her I bet she had a hard time deciding between this and Hershey Park."

helillian @ gmail . com

by The Cosmopolitienne on 8:11 AM. #

When I was young, it was Winter Vacation, I still don't know why. Now, I prefer Snowbound, I think it's one of the most realistic of the SS.


by Émilie on 8:24 AM. #

Favorite Super Special has to be #2, Camp Mohawk! (aka Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation)

by andrea jean on 9:40 AM. #

I can't believe no one has said Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake (#8). It had everything--mystery, romance, danger, obnoxious Karen subplots.

cemahoney at gmail

by Colleen on 10:14 AM. #

Tough question... I am still fond of Super Special 3: Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation. It was one of the more plausible plots and despite living within an hour drive of New England, I have never spent an amount of time in a ski lodge. Or been to Hawaii. Or driven across the US.


by Elizabeth on 10:19 AM. #

Sea City Here We Come! though seemingly less glamourous than some of the other specials (how did they manage to get to Hawaii, California, a US roadtrip AND Europe during their busy 8th grade babysitting schedule?!) but I remember aching to be a mother's help at a beach; to me that had to be the best job ever. Until I got it, plus 6 years of mosquito bites, sunburns, and summer flus with my own version of the Pike family.


by Jeanine on 10:44 AM. #

Hmm, my favorite Super special would proably have to be.. Baby Sitters Winter Vacation
email is :

by rachel_oblitey on 10:50 AM. #

Do I lose points for not remembering the title? Because it was the totally the one where they performed Peter Pan. ("Starring the Baby sitters club"?) I kept it after I "outgrew" the BSC and got rid of the rest of my books. It fueled my dreams of Broadway...somehow?

by Libby on 11:10 AM. #

My favorite SS was Summer Vacation...I wanted SO badly to go to summer camp! My email is ShellyRzewuski at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

by Shelly on 11:29 AM. #

This is really hard to pick, but I think my favorite was Summer Vacation...I always wanted to go to camp SO badly and I used to read this over and over again. My email is ShellyRzewuski at gmail dot com. Thanks so much for such an amazing blog!!

by Shelly on 11:30 AM. #

I remember "Snowbound" being my fave Super Special.

by Tanty on 11:37 AM. #

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by nazrine on 12:10 PM. #

Sea City, Here We Come
karlaisgone AT hotmail

by Karla on 12:28 PM. #

I have to say Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation. I read it while at summer camp, which, of course, gave me tons of ideas of what our counselors did after we were asleep!

m e g h a n l a z i e r @

by Meghan on 12:54 PM. #

My favorite Super Special is, of course, #1: Baby-sitters on Board! That little brat Karen gets a manicure on Watson's dime, Stacey meets a boy with a heart problem (she knows all about what it's like to have a chronic illness, duh), one of those Pike monsters whose name I can't be bothered to remember finds treasure, Claud has a secret admirer (yeah right), Nannie gets a boyfriend, Kristy is a slob and Dawn is a neat freak, and Mary Anne is ... forgettable, as usual.

kmdooley @ gmail . com

by kd on 1:22 PM. #

I loooove the Camp Mohawk superspecial. I'm the dork who wrote a fanfic referencing Camp Mohawk!

I hope I win!


by nikki on 2:00 PM. #

sydvick3 @ aol. com. (I like to kick it old school).

Um, had to be Summer Vacation. Remember when Jessi had campers that were racist?

by Syd on 2:04 PM. #

My favorite was Super Special #2, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation. My best friend and I used the inside front cover of my copy to write dating advice to one another, despite the fact that we were 8 years old and had never actually been on any dates. My favorite tip from my friend was to "wear stockings and high heels," because that seemed like something Stacy would do.

clothdoll at gmail dot com

by Alicia on 2:10 PM. #

My favorite was definitely Snowbound. What respectable newspaper would include 8th graders' stories of the snowstorm? Honestly, Stoneybrook needs to step up the level of journalism.

knight (dot) lindsay at gmail (dot) com

by Ms. Knight on 2:28 PM. #

Melanie Ho

Favorite SS: "California Girls"

by melaniejaneho on 3:40 PM. #

My favorite was #7, Snowbound. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and lived for snow days. Of course my life was never as awesome as the BSC so I never got an epic snow storm like theirs while I was living in Buffalo.

by Miss Klutzy on 4:56 PM. #

New York, New York!

by heather on 5:07 PM. #

Possibly Island Adventure? I may have to track down and read the super specials I missed out on to make an informed choice though!


by Jennifer on 5:42 PM. #

My favorite Super Special is a tie between "California Girls" (if only for home state reasons) and "New York, New York" because of Claida vs. Mallory for the art class. My email is

All you need for this post to be PBS-Ed to the max is to end it with "and thanks to contributions from viewers like you". That actually would be a nice touch.

by Zoey on 5:49 PM. #
Hard to pick a favorite Super Special-- probably a toss-up between Babysitters on Board (oh the heyday of Pre-Mallory. Plus, Claudia persuades herself that a rock star is her secret admirer) and California Girls, where Mallory gets that horrendous makeover.

by The Franimal on 6:14 PM. #

Definitely "Starring the Babysitter's Club" - partly because I love Peter Pan and because that's the one where Dawn becomes Miss Feminism and tries to rewrite Peter Pan, right? And Jessi throws a bitch fit because she isn't the star?? Good stuff :)

by living well on 6:29 PM. #

#14, of course! Nothing compares to "BSC in the USA!" The sheer level of adventure they managed to pack into one book-- geez.

email is

by Hannah on 6:31 PM. #

My favorite super special was Summer Vacation. I reread that book sooo many times. It also made me hate my parents because they wouldn't let me go to summer camp.

by Heather R. on 7:24 PM. #

BSC in the USA! The part with David Michael telling Karen that the four corners would be a patch of dirt really stuck with me.


by sw85 on 8:16 PM. #

Winter Vacation! Ski lodge vacation + "disaster" that keeps them all there longer, and Mary-Anne's ridonkulous letters to Logan make it a winner.

lizellcessor at gmail

by Liz on 8:51 PM. #

My favorite was definitely Aloha, Babysitters. I liked that it focused on Claudia for a big part, and gave her a real, emotional story, because as much as I love the descriptions of what she wears, after a while it became all her character was. This book showed that she had more depth and spirit.

by Sabrina on 9:23 PM. #

"Aloha, Babysitters!" Not to be a walking stereotype, but I wasn't a Mallory fan and I sort of loved that she couldn't go. Also, I've had a lifelong habit of reading books in the bathtub and the first and only book I've ever managed to drop in the bathwater was "Aloha, Babysitters!" And OF COURSE it was a library book so I had to shell out like $15 or something. I still have it!

by DANI on 9:44 PM. #

I still have Babysitters' Summer Vacation and New York, New York! on my bookshelf. And yes, sometimes I still read them.

by lisa on 10:09 PM. #

New York, New York! That was my favorite as a kid, mostly since I'm from NY. Recently I re-read it to my kid sister, and she wasn't a huge fan. Silly suburban girl.

by Anonymous on 10:43 PM. #


My favorite was Snowbound, not because it stands out as having any merit above and beyond the other volumes but because it was the only Super Special I received in a stack of other BSC books when I was stuck in bed with the flu. Weird how a fever can enhance a tale of thirteen year old babysitters surviving a blizzard.

by Claire on 11:03 PM. #

My absolute favorite Super Special was "Sea City, Here We Come!" I must've read that one over and over again.

I also really liked the one where they go to camp and the one where they go visit Dawn in CA. Come to think of it, how did 13 year olds have so much disposable income to spend on vacations?

by Anonymous on 11:19 PM. #

Baby-Sitters on Board, without a doubt. My mother bought it for me before summer vacation in 1995- I know because it's written on the inside cover- and I read and reread that book hundreds of times. As much as I love their road trip around the US, or their trip to California, or when they got MAROONED ON A ISLAND OFF THE COAST OF CONNECTICUT, I loved the cruise/Disney combo best.

by Madeline on 11:28 PM. #


"Twenty-one inches of snow falls in Stoneybrook, stranding the baby-sitters. Will they get out alive?" omg, so much drama!

by Emily on 12:12 AM. #

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by Nora on 1:12 AM. #

My favorite was definitely California Girls! I was just telling my roomie yesterday about Claudia going on that awkward date with that guy she met on the beach, and having to eat snails because she accidentally ordered them. Plus, they get to visit Derek Masters on set! Mallory experiments with makeup, Mary Anne bonds with the asthmatic kid, and Stacey is featured on the cover in a bikini that I hope to God no thirteen-year-old's mother would ever let her wear. And isn't that the one where she gets in the accident?! The plot twists just keep happening!

by Nora on 1:14 AM. #

I would have to say Babysitters' Summer Vacation. I wanted to be a counselor in training so bad!


by Dani on 3:13 AM. #

New York, New York! I even re-read it before I visited New York for the first time, even though I was 22 years old.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au

by cerebral e on 3:28 AM. #

Island adventure, because if Claudia could survive on an island, I felt so could I. as a child with a seriously overactive imagination, this, and everything else that happened to the babysitters, seemed like a teenaged inevitability and i was calmed by the skills i picked up from this book. ha.
camille_elyse at yahoo dot com

by Camille on 3:44 AM. #

Snowbound or Island Adventure... this is probably because I was still reading them in middle school, and everyone knows that middle school required reading lists are based solely around survival stories.

lucyjupiter at gmail dot com

by Abigail on 8:15 AM. #

I loved "Baby Sitters on Board" because it was the first super special and reading a big book seemed so much more serious. Like I was reading War and Peace or something.
"New York New York" is a close second.

by Leah on 9:01 AM. #

Snowbound, duh. :)

by Samantha on 9:56 AM. #

Snowbound was definitely my favorite Super Special!

by missris on 10:24 AM. #

It's a toss-up between BSC in the USA and Aloha, Babysitters ... too hard to pick!

by Skinny Kitten on 11:00 AM. #

I don't think I ever read a Super Special, but I loved the WCW coverage of the Hawaii Super Special!


by Portia on 11:46 AM. #

'New York, New York' because I know my obsession with fashion came from reading about Claudia and Stacey, and I'm pretty sure thats where my obsession about moving to New York came from. [and its happening sooooon!]


by briglioa21 on 11:59 AM. #

It had to be Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation. I was obsessed with camp and the BSC as a kid making it my absolute favorite.

by Emily on 12:16 PM. #

New York, New York all the way! Fill-et mig-non!

by Alicia on 12:53 PM. #

I loved BSC in the USA - even though parts of it were completely ridiculous (like any sane father would take all those kids on a cross-country road trip, let alone TWO fathers). Mr. Schafer runs out of gas in the Badlands (hilarious); Abby is obsessed with Elvis (random); Jessi has a weird, sobering experience on a Southern plantation, (interesting, but a drag); they get stuck in a tornado (cliche); Stacey doesn't get that there is more than one coffee shop in Seattle (FAIL); and Kristy ends up seeing her dad in a weird, contrived situation. I do love how Mary Anne's grandma tells Mr. Schafer off (he gets uber annoying), and irritating Dawn, who wants to find a "ghost town" ends up in a tourist trap.

OK. I've got to read it again. One of my faves!
-Carolynne Keenan

by Carolynne Keenan on 1:21 PM. #

aloha, babysitters. leaving the wet blanket behind? good move, BSC.

by caroline on 1:49 PM. #

California Girls, all the way.

by Granville on 2:02 PM. #

Babysitters' Island Adventure. That really took the babysitters' survival tales to new heights.

ajdomzal at gmail dot com.

by Alyssa on 3:09 PM. #

snowbound! I loved that one--were there really no teachers to help control all those kids? good thing the bsc was there to step in!

katers5306 at gmail dot com

by Katers on 4:05 PM. #

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by Hilary on 4:25 PM. #


by Hilary on 4:26 PM. #

Since Stacey and the BSC began my NYC love, I'm going to have to go with New York, New York!


by Lisa and Laura on 5:09 PM. #

The first one is the best. I love, love, love the outfits that Claudia wears, and especially the one she dresses Dawn up in for her date.

Even now that I'm 29, I feel like those girls are older than me. They just act so old!

by Allison on 6:22 PM. #

Too many! This is difficult to figure out! I think I love the Snowbound one most, though, Sea City, here we come is awesome too. Oh! And Shipwrecked! ACK! TOO MANY SUPER SPECIALS. I wish I had read the USA one, but by the time that came out, I had moved on to Christopher Pike.

by ms wendy on 9:15 PM. #

I loved the Camp Mohawk Super Special! I think it was the second one. I went to sleep away camp every summer and always daydreamed that next would be as amazing as the ones the BSC had. (megan DOT kurzeka AT gmail DOT com

by Megan on 9:22 PM. #

My favourite and most-read BSC Super Special was Starring the Baby-Sitters Club. I loved the drama between Krisy and Jessi over the part of Peter Pan, the drama between Stacy and Sam, and how Claudia got to be the set designer.

by Sarah on 9:49 PM. #

omg this entire thread has been a walk down memory lane! I LOVED the super series best..I mean HELLO, the handwriting! I was a font junkie back then, even without a personal computer. I love them all, really. Island Adventure literally scared me into thinking that I too one day would be stuck on a deserted island...Snowbound also made me live real terror. I lusted after summer camp (still haven't forgiven my parents) and a disney cruise (also still on my bucket list) Reading these comments made me realize how many girls had similar yearnings based on the completely unrealistic travelings of the BSC. Thanks, Ann M. I guess the ultimate winner is Sea City, because its a trip I actually HAVE taken. Love those ragtag Pikes (hello Weasleys?)

by Nicki on 10:43 PM. #

Because I love Gilligan's Island and Claudia, my fave is Baby-Sitter's Island Adventure.

by Mama Bee on 11:07 PM. #

Edited to the above post I made (I am Mama Bee) my e-mail is

by Mama Bee on 11:09 PM. #

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by alice on 12:22 AM. #

California girls! they win the lottery and take a vacation! whats not to love?

alice dot mcelhinney at gmail dot com!

by alice on 12:23 AM. #

Loved New York, New York! :).

(silenscarmina at gmail dot com)

by Brittany on 1:17 AM. #

obvi BSC Super Special 10: Sea City, Here We Come. like who are we kidding? thats the best.

by Lauren the Tall on 2:55 AM. #

My favorite super special is "California Girls!" :)

(email in profile)

by Deanna G. on 8:19 AM. #

for some reason, i am picking snowbound, even though i can remember little to nothing about it.

by Allison on 9:56 AM. #


Starring the Babysitters, easily my favorite. I read it so many times thec covers fell off.

by Claire on 10:21 AM. #

Sea City Here We Come. And my email address is

by Sadako on 1:20 PM. #

I loved second Super Special...I think it's because I never got to go to summer camp as a kid so I've always had a fascination with camp stories. Go Camp Mohawk!

by ajroyston on 1:31 PM. #

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by Kate on 1:40 PM. #

Baby-Sitters on Board! Because even as an eight-year-old, I noticed the two children leaning precariously over/through the railings. The illustrators caught the girls slacking once again.

by Kate on 1:46 PM. #

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by Meghan on 1:51 PM. #

Nothing beats the first, Baby-Sitter's on Board! I read it before every trip to Disney World.

by Meghan on 1:52 PM. # - New york New york because im going there for honeymoon in june and it makes me excited!x

by Anonymous on 2:36 PM. #

#7: snowbound!

by Kacy on 3:09 PM. #

And totally the first one "Baby Sitters on Board" - I still think of Claudia's gladiator sandals and bikini every time I go to Disney World.

by Filmi Girl on 4:01 PM. #

ejrosenfeld at
NO DOUBT "New York New York"! It came out when I was 10 and made me think that I too needed a pivotal trip to The Big Apple.

by emily on 5:15 PM. #

Babysitters' Winter Vacation!

by Andrea on 5:24 PM. #

Definitely BSC in the USA. Driving across America in 2 RV's? Yes please. Also the book that made me think hummus was some sort of odd meat (thanks hippie Dawn).


by Mona K on 9:00 PM. #

Snowbound, for sure!

by Sticky Note on 9:07 PM. #

Babysitters at Shadow Lake'

by Amiee on 10:00 PM. #

My favourite BSC Super Special (I've only read 1-12) is definitely 'Starring the Baby-Sitters Club'.

by Laura on 11:07 PM. #

The Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation! I literally read that book like 5 times in one summer.

by Erin on 11:33 PM. #

Babysitters On Board is currently dissolving on my bookshelf!

by ALC on 11:35 PM. #

It's a toss-up between Baby-sitters on Board! - I loved when Karen got the manicure and the presents from Claudia's secret admirer - and California Girls when they WIN THE LOTTERY, even they are only 11-13 years old (remember when Mallory tries to become an actress and dyes her hair blonde and it looks terrible... classic).


by lljljljljj on 5:21 AM. #

Definitely #14 BSC in the USA
Aside from how awesome it is to say the two acronyms together that book had it all. Surviving a tornado, and getting stuck in the desert and duh - kristy seeing her dad. Plus they're all better when we can get some crazy Karen entries in there.
BTW: what kind of parents let their daughter ride in the other RV while agreeing to take along her other friends? Although you can't blame Kristy, who wants to be in the junior RV. she clearly made the better choice

by saignacio on 10:27 AM. #

New York, New York

by SophisticatedBrew on 10:57 AM. #

My favorite super special was Babysitters on Board, that very first special haha.


by Aimee on 1:09 PM. #

I'm going with "California Girls!" because the scenes with Claudia and her sophisticated date, Mallory's new makeup and dyed hair and Stacey hanging with the wrong crowd (you can't trust a surfer, moral of the story) are still fresh in my mind, despite it being years and years since I last read the book.

-Rachel (rachel[dot]l[dot]dixon[at]

by Rachel on 1:30 PM. #

BSC in the USA for sure. I owned it as a child but I sold it at my grandma's rummage sale. A few months ago I found a copy at a used book store and I snatched it up immediately. Best idea I've ever had.

Liz (

by thelizparade on 3:54 PM. #

BSC in the USA alllll the way. Mostly because the cover was so sparkly and the edition I got came with a super cool necklace that was my most prized possession for about four years.

- Sneha

by Sneha on 1:40 AM. #

Definitely the Island Adventure!

by Crowns Clothing on 1:56 AM. #

BSC's European Vacation, because a bunch of fictional teenagers have already fulfilled my dream of going to Europe someday. Sigh. One day...

- RS

by Rainbow on 2:44 AM. #

Island Adventure!! My two favorite babysitters, stranded together...young me wanted to be on that island so bad.

by ElissaMY on 2:15 PM. #

I guess it would have to be California Girls. I didn't keep up with the Super Specials as much, but I remember liking that one.

by luna on 10:30 PM. #

When I was a kid, Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake was my favourite super special. I think because I was mesmerized by the idea of the giant cabin Kristy's family has. Looking back, I think it has less of a plot than any of the other super specials.


by Karyn on 11:06 AM. #

summer vacation ftw!!! thanks for the giveaway :) katie(dot)donbavand(at)gmail(dot)com

by Katie on 12:11 PM. #

It's hard to pick...but I will go with California Girls! (the exclamation is in the title, I do believe). I loved Mallory's makeover....but she's freaking 11! who let's an 11 year old do that?

by Jenny on 3:21 PM. #

SS #9- Starring the Baby-Sitters Club!

I loved all the drama and I always LOL reading Claudia's entry: "Stace whanted to be in the play but she did not whant to be Sam's husbend."
Classic Caludia.

by SweetSapphire83 on 7:43 PM. #

Definately the Island Adventure!

by Liz on 12:56 PM. #

Ohhh I'd love to win! My favorite Super Special is tough... Baby-sitters on Board is the clearest in my mind (I think you've mentioned the fab Claudia outfits from that one) but I'd have to pick New York, New York!

n.m.evangelista [at]

by Nicole on 1:11 PM. #

Snowbound! I grew up in Florida, so it seemed really exotic.

blanket.evans at

by MamaBlanks on 4:15 PM. #

Babysitters on Board or California girls. I remember thinking Dawn was kind of dorky in the first and Mallory..oh dear... in the second!

by Dexter's Mommy on 7:26 PM. #

Sea city! My favorite.

by Noelle on 9:00 PM. #

Babysitters on Board.

I was and still am inexplicably fascinated with cruise ships. I've never been on one, but one day I will, and I will bring my copy of Baby Island and read it on the top deck and pretend to be Vanessa Pike.

by Megan on 10:28 PM. #

California Girls! Mallory blowing all of her funds on hair and make-up was epic!

by the-me-i-was-then on 10:35 PM. #

My favorite has to be #1, because it has my favorite Claudia outfit in it.

mrsminmi [at] ymail [dot] com

by Mrs.M in MI on 10:51 AM. #

Babysitters' Summer Vacation all the way! I always dreamed of being a camp councelor when I was younger. I wanted to be just like Kristy!

by alyssa. on 12:25 PM. #

Wow, this is really hard. I think it's a toss-up between "New York, New York!" and "Starring the Baby-sitters Club" - I loved the Jessi romance and the awesome night on the town that the BSC goes on for the former, and the latter was just a drama romp.

That said, I do have a soft spot for "Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake" - loved Claudia's chutzpah in decorating that little boat for the boat show, and how the Stacey-Sam relationship finally happened.

by Tiff on 4:41 PM. #

All of the specials are so action-packed it's hard to choose, but I'd have to say California Girls due to Kristy fighting with the We Love Kids Clubs and Stacey hanging with the surfers who I always thought sounded way cooler than the BSC.

by Kristie on 7:58 PM. #

Babysitters on Board! No doubt girl scout

by samantha. on 12:01 AM. #

"Sea City, Here We Come!"

I, too, vacationed on the decrepit shores of New Jersey.

by Jackie_Kevin on 3:07 PM. #

My favorite is Babysitters island adventure!

I always thought it was crazy that they got stranded and were all resourceful at 13 and 10 (dawn's little brother jeff)

by Elizabeth on 4:52 PM. #

BSC Super Special 5: California Girls

by nicksomnipod on 5:32 PM. #

is this closed?

fave super special is island adventure!

summer.ogata [at]

by Summer on 11:58 AM. #

(Could have sworn I already commented on this, but now don't see my comment. I swear I'm not trying to cheat!)

Shipwrecked without a doubt.

by Carly on 9:48 AM. #

uh that's an easy one - Baby-Sitter's On Board! I mean do the others even compare? I would reread that one in a second (and probably read it about 100 times in my life)

by Michelle on 2:07 PM. #

The one where they're shipwrecked...or maybe the one with the ski trip.

by Cagey on 7:05 PM. #

Babysitters at Shadow Lake. Romance between Stacey and Sam Thomas... awesome.

by Sonja on 12:15 PM. #

My favorite Super Special was most definitely Summer Vacation! Ohmigosh I forever wanted to be a camp counselor after that!! :)

by Erika on 5:50 PM. #

california girls all the way!!!!

jennifersoss (at) gmail com

by Jennifer on 10:02 PM. #


made me want to go to camp sooooo bad.

but of course, everyone knows the Mysteries were WAY better.

by calla on 11:52 PM. #

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