Updating the outfit: Jessi and the Dance School Phantom

by Kim on Monday, September 03, 2012

A while back -- you know, when I was actively updating -- some of you suggested I use polyvore.  Some of you also suggested I re-create Claudia's outfits myself.  I assume that subset had been dipping into Sharon Schafer's special brownie stash or something.  I mean, what were you thinking? I can't pull off a high side pony!  But I CAN try to create less offensive versions of Hodges Soileau's attempts at fashion through the magic of online collage sites.  So: updating the outfit begins with book #42, Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.

What a cover.  Jessi looks more stankface than scared, and then there's Dawn.  With that hair.  That hair*.  It's so bad that the first update I made to her outfit was a VO5 hot oil treatment, because there's no excuse for that situation on top of her head.  Her Texas Tuxedo would be slightly more acceptable if she was wearing grey jeans, and when I think California Casual I think Swedish Hasbeens.  Mostly because the early books kept mentioning Dawn's affinity for clogs and it just stuck.  And orange slice earrings because California.  Obvi.
Jessi and the dance school phantom

* little Lucille Bluth nod for you there.


Yay! I love your blog and am so glad you're back with new stuff. Keep the tie dye, parrot earrings and scrunchies coming!

by Jenny on 1:31 PM. #

...now that I think about it I'd totally rock that look.

by Mel on 10:17 PM. #

<3 lucille bluth

by sputniksweetheart on 11:47 PM. #

You're back! Please never leave again.

by Christine on 12:30 AM. #

So happy to be reading these entries again.

by ddmaree on 8:02 AM. #

I'm so glad you're back! Your blog has rekindled my childhood love for the BBS. I can't wait to see you tackle Stacy's outfits. Turquoise pants are so in right now is mildly frightning.

by Nana on 4:55 PM. #

Lol...Dawn's hair always drives me crazy on the covers! It's never as shiny, smooth, long, or blonde as they say it is.

And not to plug myself or anything (I totally am) but I'm rereading the BSC books on my blog and I do Polyvore's for their outfits. :) And I'm glad you're back too!!

by Jenn on 9:58 AM. #

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