"Wow, it's the Babysitters Club dolls!"

by Kim on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dude, remember these?

"I want to be like Dawn!  She's so natural, right down to her jean jacket!" Yeah, okay kid. . . . wait, what about a jean jacket is natural?


hahahahaha the song!!! "SHE'S JUST LIKE MEEEE!" love this blog btw, I found it thru Agent Lover and.....let's just say you've done Stoneybrook proud :)

by Mary O on 2:29 PM. #

Wow! And it's not just your average "natural" jean jacket... It has glittery stars! So hippie-chic. >.<

by Asylum Bunny on 2:49 PM. #

I had Kristy. She was real creepy.

by Katie Mae on 4:08 PM. #

Wow, Mallory was really ahead of the curve when it came to hipster/geek chic.

(I have to say, apart from Jessi and Mary-Anne, these are pretty much the clothes I always imagine the girls wearing.)

by HelenB on 4:41 PM. #

I had Claudia. She was sold in a yard sale a few years laster.... I miss her...

by Josefin on 2:05 AM. #

So many Mallorys musy have ended up in the remainders bin...

by Jennie on 5:39 AM. #


Why did I never know about these?

by Charlie on 6:19 AM. #

Her wearing cloths and hair styles make me crazy. She is so fashionable and simple too. Like her simplicity in jeans and jacket.generic lyrica

by Anonymous on 7:19 AM. #

I had some of them and I think they're still in my closet now. I also had the Jason Priestley 90210 doll. I was SO COOL!

by Mandy on 12:06 AM. #

Oh man, I had the Claudia doll. I remember begging my parents for her and then being a little confused that she didn't look Asian at all.

by living well on 11:47 AM. #

I do remember those! I had Claudia! God only knows what happened to her, though...

by dull_flame on 12:01 AM. #

Totally had Kristy. She was the only one left at the store, or else I would have probably picked Claudia.

by chelsea on 7:49 PM. #

I had Jessie! I read the book it came with (it was a mystery) and did a book report and brought her in with me in the 3rd grade. lol I totally forgot about that til just now.

by Free Hunter on 1:30 AM. #

Ok, I'm 31 and I've just spent about 5 days after work down the rabbit hole of this blog. I freaking love it. My friend's big sister Megan used to "steal" me from my friend to piss her off by bribing me with BSC books and some jar of weird colored sugar crystals she got at Disneyland or something like that. It worked. I would sit in her closet and read. Super dork. anyhow, I really wish all your photos still linked from your archives :( Sort of takes away from the writing ;) (I'm reading them anyway haha)

by Unknown on 9:47 PM. #

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