Yumi Sakugawa Gets It

by Kim on Monday, November 12, 2012

Just found the most amazing illustrated essay: Claudia Kishi: My Asian-American Female Role Model Of The '90s. Yumi Sakugawa is my favorite person right now. Go read the whole thing immediately, adult Dawn Schafer is portrayed as a tanorexic wearing a pot leaf necklace. Can't even handle the greatness of that image.


Brilliant essay. I love gold-digger Stacey!

by Sati on 4:53 PM. #

omg that was amazing. Claudia was my hero too, not because I am Asian-American, but because as a Hispanic I too had precious few role models in the 90s, and for my kid brain, I identified with the jet black hair, almond shaped eyes, and artistic side...plus, I used her to justify my own crazy sense of style. It was OUT THERE.

by Amanda Triplet on 5:10 PM. #

that essay is amazing. i don't think the world could handle Claudia Kishi kawaii art

by Tree on 12:29 PM. #

This blog is awesome. I just discovered it. And that essay is fantastic. :)

by Liz on 4:31 PM. #


by sakinah on 12:18 AM. #

i love this blog. i was obssessed with the babysitters when i was a kid and had no idea there was something this fabulous out there to make fun of it. i just can't decide which babysitter i hate most. i think it may be stacey. diabetes is such a new york thing. jeez.

by striped sweater on 8:00 PM. #

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