BSC Style Alive & Well on What My Daughter Wore

by Kim on Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Just randomly found the most amazing style blog you're not reading (or maybe you are, I'm often late to the game on this stuff) called What My Daughter Wore.  I got so into it I started thinking that some kids would be cool to have until I remembered that they cost money and require a lot of, like, maintenance and whatnot.  Or so I hear.

Anyway, whether or not these cool young ladies know it they are totes channeling the Babysitters Club and I'm loving every second of it.  Am I wrong here?


Thanks for posting this! I am so impressed at her daughter's style. I wish I dressed so chic-ly when I was 10!

by Dottie on 7:11 PM. #

Also, your blog is freakin' awesome. Almost Forgot about how much I loved the Babysitters and, duh, wasn't Claudia everyone's favorite? Thanks for the nostalgia!

by Dottie on 7:17 PM. #

Also you think your baby/toddler is going to be dressed so cool and then you realize they're naked 75% of the time.

by Jana on 6:12 PM. #

Haha so true :) Those outfits are very BSC reminiscent!

by sakinah on 3:00 AM. #

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by Jack Nami on 5:02 AM. #

I would switch around the Stacey and the Dawn. The trench coat has a very city vibe, but the movie star specs are very California. Plus that one has on the chambray-like shirt, very Dawn.

by Libellule on 12:02 PM. #

The colored pencil is so so amazingand makes me feel like I'm in the Stonybrook time warp?

by E N T R O P I F I C U S on 9:43 PM. #

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