You Can Always Count On Me, And I Can Count on Boo

by Kim on Monday, March 04, 2013

Bunheads, you guys. Bunheads. You gotta get on this ABC Family train.

Come to think of it, ABC Family is also the reason I had this weird three year obsession with the Gilmore Girls at an age too embarrassing to report (still think Jess Mariano is the DREAMIEST).  And then I had that shameful two year obsession with Gossip Girl (Dan, you guys? Really? Dan fucking Humphrey?) and then this year I got oddly obsessed with how badly the show ended and then eventually I found this finale recap and it strangely made everything better.

And now I kinda love Bunheads and I'm really embarrassed about it, but apparently not embarrassed enough to not talk about it on a completely public blog. Sometimes I watch adult tv shows* too. Really**.

Which led to this email:
Which leads to this post.

So, you know, if you're not into this cotton candy puff of a show, there's really nothing for you here. Sorry dudes.

Onward. Let's contemplate together.

The amount of girl power in this image is overwhelming.
Kinda sensitive and naive. The emotional center of the group. Got in trouble with her friends for her boyfriend situation. Just livin' her Mary Anne lifestyle, haters.
Blonde. Boy crazy. Super possessive of her bestie, just like when Claudia became BFFs with Ashley Wyeth. Child of divorce. Weirdly good at/into random adult things -- the real estate agent to Stacey's mathematician.
Sibling trouble (although with a dense, terrible-at-acting brother instead of a scoliosis-suffering twin sister). Kind of adrift until discovering her kickass side. Roller derby is way cooler than soccer, Abby, get with the times. Also, amazing crushed velvet dress on that cover.
Most likely to benefit from some serious time in therapy. Most likely to get drunk at a high school party and throw up in the bushes. Most likely to run away from home. To be honest, I can't figure out whether Sasha is Sunny Winslow or Cokie Mason or Stephanie Green from Sleepover Friends (because as Lauren pointed out, they both have their own houses).

Millie Stone is obviously adult Kristy Thomas. If you disagree you're just not paying attention.

* Speaking of totally adult tv shows: I have a lot of concerns about Girl Meets World, the first of which being that I totally conceptualized that show on my elementary school playground and I think somebody owes 8 year old Kim a LOT of money.
** Sometimes I also read adult books. But not very often, apparently.


yesssssssss. i've been waiting my whole life for this post. (or more likely, it didn't actually occur to me til you posted it, but now i realize it's everything that's been missing in my life)i hope and pray with all that is in me that bunheads doesn't get canceled. i have already invested a lot of emotional time with them.

by lacy.lynn on 11:28 AM. #

Carl is totally just like Logan, too.

by Unknown on 11:47 AM. #

OMG couldn't agree more, about all of it. Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl (I would have believed Jenny over Dan, but I still miss it), and I love Bunheads, and also recently developed an addiction to Pretty Little Liars. (addiction is an understatement. Less than a week ago I hadn't watch a single episode, and now I'm also caught up to current.)

I was sort of doing this in my head with that show, but I always see Claudia when I look at Emily, and it hurts my heart a bit that she's not more artsy. (Yeah, pathetic, I know.) But Spencer as Kristy and Hanna as Dawn? Def. I think Aria could give Jenny a run for her money in the Stacey category, though.

BSC for life, man.

by Amanda Triplet on 5:14 PM. #

LOVE your blog. What a delight to see your latest analysis! It was a treat to see in my Google Reader (RIP soon).
In any case, since you're in Northampton, I hope you are going to Ann Martin's talk tomorrow at Smith College. She's donating her literary papers to Smith's archives. I can't begin to imagine what kind of gems are in her notes!

by STM on 2:20 AM. #

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by Anonymous on 1:09 AM. #

I haven't seen that but am hugely into PLL. On that note, Aria=Claudia +Stacey --artsy wardrobe choices and a penchant for older guys. Spencer=Kristy--athletic, type A and the leader of the group. Hannah is a bit of an amalgam too. Fashion-wise, she's a Stacey--more into the trendy and up-to-date. Plus she has the divorced-parents situation. Personality-wise she's very sassy, so perhaps a mixture of Kristy's blurt-it-out frankness and Claudia's humor. And the other one...Emily? Of course a Mary Anne. She's the most unassuming of the bunch but she comes into her own now and then.

by Libellule on 12:18 PM. #

I love Bunheads and hadn't even THOUGHT about it. But you're right about all of it.

by nikki on 2:41 PM. #

Randomly came across your blog during a throwback 90s/childhood memories binge. It is awesome. Just wanted to say thanks for creating/sharing it on these here internets. Motivated me to revisit all my BSC books!

by Amber of Maryland on 1:41 PM. #

OMG I KNOW THIS ENTRY IS SO LAST YEAR BUT HOLY SHIT SLEEPOVER FRIENDS. I thought I was the only chick in the world that remembered these books and you just made my life

by hurricane Heather on 11:21 PM. #

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