Blast From the VHS Past

by Kim on Monday, October 28, 2013

If this doesn't bring you back, you and I were NOT watching the same video cassettes in the 90s. Check the source for more BSC gif sets, including Kristy's first monologue of the series. I can still hear the actress' smirky tone during that line about loving animals and "sitting for Little Miss Piggy." Line read of the century tbh. 

Also, please note: Claudia hung her neon yellow sunglasses from her hoop earrings so she could more easily access her snacks. So inspiring. 


I'm loving all the recent updates! Keep 'em coming, please!

by Olive on 3:04 AM. #

Geeking out here, but: while I LOVE the Baby-Sitters Club Movie from 1995, I think the casting for the series was more how I envisioned the girls. However, Schuyler Fisk was REALLY good in the movie. But like . . . Kristy should have bangs, right? Also I appreciate Stacy's perm in the series, as much as one can appreciate a perm. #endrant

by Poopsie on 2:11 PM. #

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