Updating the outfit: Mary Anne Misses Logan

by Kim on Friday, October 11, 2013

I can't get enough of the delightful scene on this cover, which unfortunately appears nowhere within the book. Look at those joyful babysitters! Updating Claudia's outfit was pretty easy and fun until I realized it was getting way too classy and coordinated, at which point I threw in some neon accessories. Gotta keep it real Kishi style. 
Claudia would: Mary Anne Misses Logan

Here's the original book entry, which is formatted kinda funky and missing its image, but hey, close enough, right?

Shameless self promotion: I'm running a giveaway at my job right now and I've grown addicted to promoting it. So, uh, consider entering my contest? The prize is 12 artisan candles and my eternal love and devotion. Fuck, if one of you guys wins it, let me know when I email you from my super-profesh work email (I suggest 'have you found my red ribbon?' as our code) and I'll smuggle a BSC book in there or something. It'll be like Babysitters Chain Letter, but with ethically made candles. 


OMGOSH, I was just talking to some co-workers about the "have you found my red ribbon?" code the other day and how I modified it for my friends' and my use (in our safe and sound rural town). LOL. :-) You're the best. Glad to see new posts.

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