by Unknown on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Moment with Kim: Shoes. Sometimes a girl just needs some.*

I now own 2 pairs of Frye shoes. This is a big deal for me. This is the Kim equivalent of Claudia finding a sweet-ass pair of neon green hightops with tie-dyed orange and yellow laces which she then bedazzles and combines with a sequined sheath and her snake bracelet. It's that big.

(You know Claudia loves sneakers AND bedazzling. "Sneakers, Bedazzling, and You" is actually the title of her next book.)

Anyway, my love affair with the Frye brand began a few years ago, when I became obsessed with the idea of owning a pair of campus boots. (I forget why; I probably saw a picture of Kate Moss wearing a pair or something. Never said I was original.) Once I realized that I didn't have $300 to burn (well, not "realized" so much as "came to terms with"), the dream kind of fizzled until my 23rd birthday approached and I found a pair of vintage Thom McCans on ebay that were total Frye dopplegangers.

A bidding war ensued, but my rapid-refresh abilities won out in the last few seconds, and I've been stomping around in those puppies ever since.

My first pair of actual Frye's were a purchase I made at the beginning of this year. I'd been saving up for a while and I had a couple favorites picked out - a few that were practical and would transition well into business-casual (for when - and let's be honest, if - I join the quote-unquote real world) styling. Of course, the ones I ended up buying were the Reese t-straps, which are:1. extremely impractical
2. oddly shaped
3. (direct quote from coworker:) "the ugliest shoes I have ever seen."

Quite frankly, I fucking love 'em. They've got 3.75" stacked wood heels and they're ridiculously heavy, which means that whenever I walk down a hallway in them it sounds like a wild pony has gotten loose in the building.


Since then, my love for Frye has only grown, and I've spent plenty of time window shopping at their site and whimpering softly over price points.

So when I saw that the multicolored Adrienne t-straps I'd been lusting over for the past year were on sale ($70, down from about $200), it was nearly - no, strike that - COMPLETELY impossible to resist. This entry is mostly a love letter to Frye (Call me! I'll be your spokeswoman! I'm extremely good at thumbs-up signs!) but I also have to give it up for Zappos, because they upgraded me to super-crazy-fast-shipping for no extra charge. Which means that today I am sporting some bomb-ass red/green/brown t-straps (below) and feeling mighty fly.

Claudia would approve (although I have a feeling Irregular Choice would be more up her alley).

* Good times, good times. I saw Pharrell this May in Northampton. This may be hard to believe, but he's even better looking in real life. Suspiciously good looking, like maybe he's not entirely human.


When I saw that you had a link to a youtube video, I assumed it was this one. Let's get some shoes!

by Your Ill-fitting Overcoat on 3:08 PM. #

I love both pairs!

by lisa on 4:44 PM. #

To be honest, without this paragraph: This is a big deal for me. This is the Kim equivalent of Claudia finding a sweet-ass pair of neon green hightops with tie-dyed orange and yellow laces which she then bedazzles and combines with a sequined sheath and her snake bracelet. It's that big. I would not have understood what a big deal it was. But now I understand. And I am weeping victory tears for you. CONGRATS ON YOUR SHOES, BB! YOU DID IT!!! *PROUD*

by courtney on 6:09 PM. #

i love frye!!

and i LOVE pharell. ugh so hott.

by copperoranges on 11:58 PM. #

Hey, both of those shoes are super cute!

I love, absolutely love, love this blog by the way. I am linking it on my site (though that, I must admit, is not destined to bring you tons of traffic or anything). Woo!

by Anonymous on 4:22 PM. #

omg shoes.

on to shameless self promotion. You have inspired me, woman:

by denise on 1:56 AM. #

Oh dear... so I disagree with you on cut-off tights and now shoes? Should I stop reading this?!

Man alive, I love this blog. Fashion? BSC? Gossip Girl?! You couldn't dream such a fabulous combination.

by En on 7:59 AM. #

i just need to let you know how awesome your blog is. i discovered awhile ago and i couldn't believe i was not the only one who was in awe of Claudia's kick ass clothing. she was definitely the best baby sitter!!!

thank you for commemorating her and giving fans like moi hilarious commentary on her looks.

you're so funny, thank you!!!

by hazel on 10:09 AM. #

i think they're the most AMAZING pair of shoes ever, never hideous!

but this is the girl who things the height of shoe fashion is a pair of red boots.

must get red boots...

by Melissa on 11:13 AM. #

Kim -
I LOVE your blog.

FYI: is having a huge sale on Frye shoes....

by the.bleach on 6:52 PM. #

I just have to tell you this is my favorite blog ever. I spent last night reliving all my favorite bsc fashion moments and laughing like a loon. I remember ALL these outfits and almost nothing about the actual stories. I had totally forgotten the term "jog bra." Thank you for bringing it back into my life.

My roommate recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of having peacock feather earrings because Claudia wore them. Claud has clearly influenced our lives, perhaps more than we even know... woah.

by Jane on 8:47 PM. #

"came to terms with"

by Therapeutic Ramblings on 11:18 AM. #

I am really into Fryes, but unfortunately I wear a size twelve so I can wear just the one kind and it pretty much sucks.

Now I don't know if it means anything to you, but this old Disney channel (or maybe Nickleodeon?) 'reality series' Bug Juice is uploaded on Youtube and if you're ever bored, check it out because I promise you, there is a redhead on it who is the living incarnation of Mallory Pike. She hates cliques but only because she hasn't found one yet, ie: The BSC. She's freckly and glasses-y and Pike-y, for realsies.

by Claire on 12:02 AM. #

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