by Kim on Sunday, August 08, 2010

Win a $100 Shopbop giftcard courtesy of Shopbop & Juicy Couture

The folks over at Shopbop, in collaboration with Juicy Couture (check out their velour collection - Stacey McGill AND Kristy Thomas approved), want to give away a $100 Shopbop giftcard to one lucky What Claudia Wore reader. Shopbop has an awesome collection of designers (helpful link for the underemployed: shop the sale section by designer) and I doubt you'll have any trouble finding something dibbly fresh.

As a starting point, here's a Claudia-approved statement necklace I found in Juicy Couture's on sale offerings. I bet it would look slammin' with a pair of silver lamé bicycle shorts, one of Mr. Kishi's button-downs, and those Jeffrey Campbell clog booties I love so much.

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment with your e-mail address and favorite BSC member.
2. Cross your fingers and wait patiently. Maybe pass the time by throwing a slumber party for six of your closest friends, complete with pizza, pigtails, and pillow fights.


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When I was younger, it was totally Mary Anne. Now I'm feeling more like Staci. I'm not sure what that says about me. But I do like clothes...

by Janet on 2:31 PM. #

Mary Anne 4 life!

sbarnard85 AT gmail DOT com

by Steph Barnard on 2:38 PM. #

I always had solidarity with my fellow denim-lovin' California Girl Dawn, even though I share a name down to the letter with Kristy.

by Skeggjold on 2:39 PM. #

I've always been a Dawn girl. I bet I could find some California Casual clothes there...

go.megan.go AT gmail DOT com

by Miss K on 2:40 PM. #

while i identified more with maryanne, claudia was definitely my favorite...

laurenmanke AT gmail DOT com

by filthy cute on 2:41 PM. #

oh it's stacey. hate the name, love the hair.

kate.dietrick AT gmail DOT com

by kate on 2:42 PM. #

Claudia forever.

evelynclaire (at) gmail (dot) com

by Unknown on 2:45 PM. #

Totally Mary-Anne, especially when she want to learn how to read and walk at the same time,like Claudia's older sister, I still want that skill.

by LadyBeige on 2:46 PM. #

Claudia, always and forever. Even had the fancy doll.

laurahauser AT gmail DOT com

by ellebeaux on 2:47 PM. #


by Katie on 2:49 PM. #

I definitely identified with Mary Anne, being a fellow book worm.

by Ellie B on 2:50 PM. #

DAWN. I loathed/loved her. She's absolutely NOTHING like me.

mamihlapinatapei09 AT yahoo DOT com

by Michelle on 2:52 PM. #

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by Ms. Nomer on 2:52 PM. #

I was always a Dawn fan, though not because of the wardrobe...

by amylolique.faciens on 2:53 PM. #

Claudia was my favorite by far. Junk food AND ridiculous clothes?? We would have totes been bffs.

by Delaney on 2:53 PM. #

Abby Stevenson! Kidding, Claudia, of course!

by -N on 2:54 PM. #

Mary Anne was my favorite. When I was 10, my family moved and my mother asked what I wanted the colors of my bedroom and the upstairs bathroom to be. I asked for pink and white, just like Mary Anne.

clothdoll at gmail dot com

by Alicia on 2:55 PM. #

Well, first it was Claudia, briefly trumped by Abby (I thought having a twin was the coolest) but now back to Claudia.


by jenne on 2:55 PM. #

Kristy! (The Kristy and Bart storyline was so titillating...)

sarah.ea.wood AT gmail DOT com

by _ on 2:56 PM. #

Mary Anne!

sara.marie.judy [at] gmail [dot] com

by Sara Judy on 2:56 PM. #

Stacey was always my favorite!

bluelamp AT gmail DOT com

by K on 2:58 PM. #

I always wanted to be as artistic and fun as Claudia (although I abhorred her spelling even when I was young, haha).

a.s.arch @ gmail . com

by Ambrrr on 3:00 PM. #

Claudia, duh. Is there any other choice?

carly927 at gmail dot com

by Unknown on 3:00 PM. #

Stacey! Sooooo sophisticated!

by Unknown on 3:01 PM. #

claudia is and always will be my favorite!

by on 3:01 PM. #

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by meave on 3:02 PM. #

First time posting a comment here, but I love this blog so much. As a childhood fan of the BSC, I love all the references and fashion bits (those were my favorite parts too). My favorite members were Claudia (of course) and Dawn (she was from Cali like me!). And my email address is

by Zoey on 3:02 PM. #

It's been Claudia from day one.

notshybutsly AT gmail DOT com

by Rachel Sears on 3:03 PM. #

Dawn--California and a younger brother: my 10-year-old self and she were basically the same person.

meave.g [at] gmail


by meave on 3:03 PM. #

Kristy, always.

by A. on 3:06 PM. #

I'm gonna say...Claudia, as cliche as it is. Me and my homegirl Kishi are tight. Although I am rather partial to Mary-Anne.

by Unknown on 3:07 PM. #

It used to be Kristy before Abby came sneezing in. I used to find the allergies and curly hair absolutely fascinating.

by Parinita on 3:07 PM. #

I always loved Claudia. I would skim through the first few pages to get to the descriptions of her outfit and then attempted to replicate them in my own futile pre-teen way!

by Emily K. on 3:11 PM. #

When I was younger, it was Mallory (gross), but now I would have to say... Kristy.

by sophia on 3:13 PM. #

I always loved me some Claudia. Junk food, fashion, and Nancy Drew? Yes please. I am a bit better at spelling though...

by Maps and Manicures on 3:13 PM. #

Mallory. She was entertaining. What would the BSC be without their frizzy, spazz-girl, cRaZy, freckly, glasses-wearing 11 year old?!

by Emily on 3:17 PM. #

Claudia all the way. I never bought her as the "not school-smart" type either!

by Gabriela on 3:17 PM. #

i heart stacey :) and your blog!

shuboxblog at g mail dot com.

by sarah (SHU) on 3:20 PM. #

I see that no one is choosing Mallory... Poor Mallory, indeed! My favorite is definitely Claudia.

Megancgodfrey at gmail dot com

by Megan on 3:20 PM. #

i've gotta say kristy, girl gets no love.

and i'm emma.needleman AT gmail DOT com

by needlemensch on 3:21 PM. #

Claudia Lynn Kishi! I thought she was THE literary embodiment of my nine year old self. Asian artistic junk food lover? Hello!

sandyw85 AT gmail DOT com

by sw85 on 3:26 PM. #

mary anne!

by Unknown on 3:28 PM. #

I've always been a fan of kristy.

worldlywise247 AT gmail DOT com

by Ms. Nomer on 3:28 PM. #

hmm, dawn. I'm a hippie at heart!
callah.yogalife (at) gmail (dot) com

by Shawna @ My Nails Did on 3:28 PM. #

The ever dibbly-fresh Stacey, of course!

by hannah on 3:30 PM. #

Claudia, of course!

by Anonymous on 3:30 PM. #

Mary Anne!

meghan at

by Meghan on 3:34 PM. #

I never had a favorite until Abby! I love her. twirLsheLLs at yahoo dot com


by Shey on 3:37 PM. #

Claudia because of the style, or Jessi, because I always felt like she'd be pretty chill.

by Katelyn and Andie on 3:38 PM. #

Mine is Stacey, although I always thought she'd be too cool to hang out with me.

by NotRealName on 3:41 PM. #

Mary Anne/tiger

remarkablerockets at gmail

by K on 3:43 PM. #

I started off living for Mary Anne and her romance with Logan but I think I switched to Stacey as I got older.

Elysabeth dot Reichman at gmail dot com.

by Elysabeth on 3:48 PM. #

It has always been Stacey.

by J. Lee on 3:52 PM. #

Claudia-- for the fashion alone.

by Anonymous on 3:53 PM. #

I once wore a day-glo orange (think Hunting gear) long sleeve shirt with a black plaid jumper because I thought it was something Claudia would wear--so I guess she is my favorite!

avigail dot oren at gmail dot com

by Unknown on 3:54 PM. #

Kristy... I feel that we could have brought the snarkiness.

by RikkiMarie on 3:54 PM. #

Stacy <3 Always, even when she was bad and quit the BSC for her cool shoplifting friends.

by kristen! on 4:06 PM. #

Mary Anne is my favorite BSC-er, definitely. So much so that my LJ screen name is imamaryanne.

Would love to enter!


by nikki on 4:08 PM. #

It was definitely Stacey until Shannon came along.

by Shannon SVH on 4:14 PM. #

Forgot to add my email address!

by Shannon SVH on 4:15 PM. #

Claudia!! She was like my superhero via mad fashion experiments. Also, junk food stashes. <3

by Unknown on 4:15 PM. #

Stacey! I always wanted a fluffy perm.

by slipbananapeel on 4:18 PM. #

Stacey - always. I think when I was younger it was (embarrassingly) the hearts over the "i's."

by amy_c on 4:26 PM. #

Mary-Anne, definitely. sheena louise at gmail dot com.

by Sheena Louise Roetman on 4:36 PM. #

Claudia was always my favorite!

by jocelyn on 4:38 PM. #

Mallory. Who wouldnt want bushy red hair and 8 siblings to babysit?

But really probably Staci. The fabulous clothes, blonde permed hair, and access to NYC was dream as a kid.

by Unknown on 4:40 PM. #

Totally Claudia!


by Rachel on 4:41 PM. #

sounds kind of like sucking up, seeing as how this blog is 'what claudia wore,' but CLAUDIA KISHIIIIIII and her love for crazy accessories!

lollipoppingsu @ gmail

by TL on 4:43 PM. #

Claudia was def my first fashion icon but it was Stacy who had me convinced I had diabetes at age seven.

nickeecoco AT gmail DOT com

by niki on 4:47 PM. #

Oh, def KRISTY!!

i am :-)

by ALC on 4:51 PM. #

it was always & forever Claudia. mainly because she was the next logical step up from Punky Brewster in regards to fashion.

katylou AT

by Katy Jones-Gulsby on 4:52 PM. #

For reasons my adult self cannot entirely understand...Mallory. Yes, Mallory.
I don't even know.

mjsantiago3 at gmail dot com

by Desi Martinez on 4:54 PM. #

Claudia, always.

by Stella Sparks on 4:54 PM. #

I always loved Kristy. I even had her doll, and I loved it.

Poodlegoose @

by Brandy Gore on 4:59 PM. #

Claudia, definitely. And Shannon. (How did Shannon end up being one of my favorite characters when she was only in, like, two books?!)

by gwen on 5:00 PM. #

I'm definitely a Mary Anne. Does Shop Bop have any plaid skirts or knee socks?

by andrea jean on 5:03 PM. #

Claudia... duh! But I liked Stacey when she wasn't being a bitch.

by Aurora on 5:04 PM. #

I related to Kristy the most - but I secretly wanted to dress like Claudia!!

by Jennifer on 5:06 PM. #

Stacey was always my favorite...Claudia was a close second, but only because she couldn't spell.

automaticsoap AT yahoo DOT com

by rose on 5:11 PM. #

I think when I was growing up, it was Mary Anne, because we were both such goody I think, probably Claudia :)

a.golden.mean @

by Anjali on 5:12 PM. #

i think maryanne was my favorite when i was younger. i wish i looked good in polos so i could rock some prep-chic clothes :D


by meliasaurus on 5:14 PM. #

Oh, Claudia. You and your almond-shaped eyes and penchant for unhealthy snacks. I always felt akin to Mary Anne for some reason, but secretly wanted to be more like Claudia. Today, my love for fearless fashion overturns my sentiments towards sweet MA, and I choose Claudia!

by Sallie on 5:16 PM. #

Absolutely Claudia!

by Le Chan on 5:17 PM. #

Claudia for sure!

by Megan Hahn on 5:28 PM. #

Claudia, because I've always wanted to be as effortlessly fashion-forward as she is.

by madison elizabeth mackey on 5:33 PM. #

DAWN! I always thought I loved Stacey, but real talk, Dawn's hippie diet is what pushes her over the edge and makes her my BSC BFF

perfunctory at gmail dot com

by notjenny on 5:35 PM. #


Whoa, team Stacy all the way! She was so glamorous.

by Some Girl on 5:36 PM. #

tralliott (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm more of a Mary Anne myself, but my favorite has always been Claudia! I can only dream of being as awesome as she is.

by Tracy on 5:46 PM. #

back in my BSC heyday i was definitely a mary anne girl, which probably explains my obsession with claudia. that and that i, too, can't spell.

by anna on 5:50 PM. #

Well, my faves were Stacey & Dawn. I was obsessed. And surprise surprise I grew up to be hybrid of both. A bit of a glam hippie.

But I totally did the Claudia thing of stashing candy all over my room. I thought I was so cool...

by B on 5:52 PM. #

Jessie all the way. The series gave her short shrift and I bet she was a pretty rad girl once you got to know her.

by Adrienne Aldredge on 5:52 PM. #

I was all about Mary Anne when I was little, but now I think I'd be more into Dawn.

kaci {dot} boyd {at} gmail {dot} com

by Kaci Johanna on 5:53 PM. #

I've been a Claudia fan from day one. When I was eight, I used to write down all of Claud's outfits and try to recreate them with my own clothes and puffy paint. Claudia's still remains my fav BSC member! = )

I love your blog!

by Raindrop on 6:05 PM. #

I was always a Claudia girl, m'self.

by theshe on 6:05 PM. #

Claudia of course!

by Suzanne on 6:05 PM. #

Oh no, I'm conflicted! Claudia's got the sweetest style, obviously, but I love Mary Anne for being such an awesome passive-aggressive basketcase.

chesh.cheshworth at gmail dotcom

by Unknown on 6:07 PM. #

Claudia FTW!!!

by Jackie on 6:08 PM. #

I WANTED to be Stacey like nobody's business. But I was totally Mary Anne, at the time.

lizellcessor AT gmail DOT com

by Liz on 6:16 PM. #

You can't fail with Claudia

fabfolu AT gmail DOT com

by Folu on 6:18 PM. #

Even though i never tried any of her fashion creations, I definitely identified with Claudia's candy stashing and painting.

by Amy on 6:22 PM. #

Kristy -- cuz I'm 'bossy' like that.

lindseyjaye (at)

by Lindsey on 6:26 PM. #

Mary Anne has always been my favorite, I am mesmerized by her hair. haha

by Unknown on 6:31 PM. #

Mary Anne, I identified with her because I was always quiet as a kid. And I have brown hair too :P

megan_070 [AT]

by Megan on 6:38 PM. #

I always wanted to be Claudia! But Dawn comes in a close second, despite how much everyone else seems to dislike her. I liked how she went out and did activist things, even if she was brat about it.

by Tintin on 6:39 PM. #

a friend told me about this blog, and I spent an entire evening reading the archives. you are fantastic for bringing back the books that took up so much of my youth.

i always loved claudia. that butterfly self portrait was an inspiration. i also remember being pleased about the ridiculous things that happened to her, like the jewel that got hidden in her pumpkin purse!


cel4368 at gmail dot com

by Unknown on 6:40 PM. #

Mary Anne, definitely, although I also love Claudia and Kristy (in that order).


by Unknown on 6:41 PM. #

Hmm, tough one. But I think I'll have to go with Kristy!

by Unknown on 6:54 PM. #

I loved Stacey. She was sophisticated and rocked a perm, something I failed miserably at on both counts.

by Alison on 6:55 PM. #

i always admired claudia's candy hiding skills, we never got candy so i loved her! and her side pony. word!

by On a shoestring on 7:01 PM. #

Claudia! Spelling should be creative anyways...

by Unknown on 7:03 PM. #

Claudia, of course! Girl knew what was up.

by on 7:06 PM. #

Stacey, of course. I, too, know what it's like to be far more sophisticated than one's friends.

by Emily on 7:10 PM. #

Mary Anne. I always liked the character I identified most with.

gsfieldhockey15 AT hotmail dot com

by Caroline on 7:16 PM. #

Claud has always been my favorite--she was the one I wished I was like, even though I was a little more of a Mary Ann in reality.

kittenbonanza at yahoo dot com

by Jenni on 7:28 PM. #

This comment has been removed by the author.

by Unknown on 7:31 PM. #

I love Stacey because of the time she totally sent a "fuck you" to her diabetes by eating all those Christmas cookies. I mean, she ended up in the hospital, but whatever. She's New York, okay?

by Unknown on 7:33 PM. #

Am I the only one who had Mallory as a favorite? Heck, I loved horses and writing bad stories. She was reassuringly nondescript!

by AKBM on 7:35 PM. #

I was totally like Mary Anne, but I've always loved Claud.

She's the reason I went into fashion.

alicia DOT g DOT ferguson AT gmail DOT com.

by Pen Pal on 7:36 PM. #

I think I'm going to go with Mary Anne because I'm cute but shy, LOVE animals, and have mild to moderate emotional problems.

by Sadako on 7:44 PM. #

Fun! My favorite BSC member was obviously Claudia!

cambridgechic (at) gmail (dot) com

by living well on 7:48 PM. #

stacy! i was a spelling snob and couldn't have liked claudia best. i am from california, and thought dawn's eating habits were weird. (i didn't understand the health food stereotype until i moved to the east coast!) mallory and jessie were too young, kristy too tomboy, mary anne too nerdy. yes, stacy was my chic heroine.

by kelly on 7:57 PM. #

Claudia was always my favorite, and I'm not just saying that because I want to win! I too dressed like a crazy person for most of my childhood, so I related to her and her mismatched patterns and homemade jewelry.

by Ann on 7:58 PM. #


Flaneurinthecity at gmail dot com

by Natalie on 8:15 PM. #

I was totally a Mary Anne, but wanted to be Stacey; she was so glamourous! But Mary Anne had Logan...

by Jeanine on 8:19 PM. #

This comment has been removed by the author.

by Stacey on 8:24 PM. #

Stacey of course! That perm, that sophistication...

slkblake (at) gmail (dot) com

by Stacey on 8:26 PM. #


whenyouseesparks at gmail dot com

by Anonymous on 8:29 PM. #

Dawn...or maybe Stacey. Gotta stick with my fellow blondes :)

by Sophia on 8:36 PM. #

I was a major tomboy in elementary/middle school so it was Kristy alllll the way! But I did love Claudia's clothes and the way she stashed junk food allover her room

by Gaby on 8:37 PM. #

This comment has been removed by the author.

by actionx on 8:47 PM. #

Oooh, it used to be Dawn. I even entered a contest once, where I had to write an essay about which BSC member I was most like, and I picked her.

Now I think I'm more like Mary Anne.

by Jessica Hacker on 8:57 PM. #

man.. where's the love for jessi? lol

my fave's mary anne, though i would be embarrassed to have admitted that when i was younger.


by Julie on 9:07 PM. #

I really liked Claudia. My least favorite was Mallory, hands down.

by Jessica on 9:08 PM. #

Definitely Mary Anne. A girl after my own heart.

june.fifth at gmail dot com

by Liz on 9:18 PM. #

My favorite is the oh-so-sophisticated New Yorker, Stacey McGill.

karenstanton [at] gmail [dot] com

by Karen on 9:18 PM. #

i freaking LOVED stacey. i think it was my quest to be a blonde, though my nearly black hair said otherwise.

by hapa on 9:20 PM. #

I used to be obsessed with Mary Anne!

by Unknown on 9:24 PM. #

Claudia's lasting influence: me and my friends wore brightly colored spiral landline phone cords around our necks.

uberpoof at yahoo dot com

by crazygarbage on 9:46 PM. #

Totally Claudia! Always has been, always will be. When I was younger though, I went to a book signing with Ann M. Martin. When I got up to her, I was so nervous that when she asked me, I said Kristy, and I've always regretted it. This makes up for it! lol

by Unknown on 9:52 PM. #

Kristy Thomas! We share a first name and have an intense concept of loyalty. I could never let myself like Dawn or Abby because I was too protective of Kristy.

My email address is

by Kristin on 9:56 PM. #

I liked Kristy the best when I was a kid - I identified with the blended family aspect and I loved reading about the different stuff they found on the "third floor" and the witch neighbor.

by Sassy Curmudgeon on 9:57 PM. #

This comment has been removed by the author.

by e. on 10:01 PM. #

when i was growing up, it was always mary anne but now i think it's dawn!

sorry, forgot my e-mail address:

by e. on 10:02 PM. #

ashley wyeth, duh! yeahyeahyeah she wasn't a member but i really value her pot stirring abilities. now back to following the contest rules: i vote kishi for president.

by megan on 10:04 PM. #

Claudia, always and forever.

violaceous.steph AT gmail DOT com

by Unknown on 10:18 PM. #

Claudia! Who doesn't love snacks?

rachael_diffy AT yahoo DOT com

by Unknown on 10:25 PM. #

Stacey. To my 14 year-old self she made diabetes seem glamorous!

by Unknown on 10:32 PM. #

Kristy and I would be BFFs. Jeans and tshirts, athletically inclined, rather no-nonsense. Love her.

amybracken AT gmail DOT com

by Unknown on 10:38 PM. #

my favorite has always been claudia, hands down!

by dana giusti on 11:00 PM. #

Wow, a contest, how awesome! Sleep over commencing promptly. Favorite character was probably Stacey--she was who I was deemed to "be" when we played BSC in 4th grade. Old school, booya.

angiesommer at

by Angie on 11:14 PM. #

Ooh, contests! I love contests!

My favourite baby-sitter now is Stacey (because she's the most interesting). Mary Anne used to be my favourite when I was a kid, though, because we looked kind of similar, dressed in kind of the same way, and were both shy.

ms [dot] cellophane [at] gmail [dot] com

by Kat on 11:17 PM. #

Claudia, natch! OK, so sometimes I considered changing teams and favoring Dawn because of her environmentalism and California Casual boho attitude. But her style didn't live up to the 'tude and she just couldn't compare to a character who MADE HER OWN jewelry and accessories and clearly led a totally independent and mature lifestyle, conducting personal calls and business meetings from her bedroom! Oh alright, the bottom line is that all that is well and good, but really the hidden candy sealed the deal. I wasn't allowed access to it either back when the books were originally published and Claudia's ability to not only acquire, but maintain a stock in her totally private bedroom (again, ever-independent and mature!) made her nothing short of a role-model.

by Former Teenager on 11:44 PM. #

Definitely Kristy; her spunk makes up for her lack of fashion sense. Jessi is a close second.

by Desi on 11:59 PM. #

Mary Anne. I can relate

slpiepenbrink AT gmail DOT com

by Sarah on 12:08 AM. #

I really wanted to be Stacey but I think in reality I was more of a Kristy...

sweetiewolfie at aol dot com

by sweetiewolfie on 12:16 AM. #

I am so Kristy- tomboy in ripped jeans and a ponytail.

rascal2558 @ gmail dot com

by Anonymous on 12:20 AM. #

Being a Eurasian it'd have to be Claudia.

I wanted to punch Kristy and Mary Anne in the head...I was a violent child.

by Nancy Magoo on 12:28 AM. #

Kristy is my favorite because she's not afraid to be a bossy bitch and wear Collie hats, even when neither is appropriate.
auciellok at gmail dot com

by WilburBellson on 12:34 AM. #

I always liked Dawn the best (I was a very environmental child- that School House Rock song with the earth singing about energy always made me cry).
Personality-wise, I am more of a Mary Anne. I'm shy, quiet, and cry easily.

My email:

by Caitlin on 12:43 AM. #

Claudia, no brainer!

by Amanda on 1:01 AM. #

I always liked Stacey despite her brattiness sometimes.

Cwang 3188 at gmail dot com

by Christina on 1:08 AM. #


Claud always!


by Laura on 1:15 AM. #

Definitely Claudia. I aspired to her level of fashion, at a time in my life when I only went shopping twice a year.

by Alison on 1:32 AM. #

You've probably already given it away, but my favourite Baby Sitter is Claudia, of course :)

by Louise Stella Isabelle Adams on 1:48 AM. #

Hey-ya! My e-mail is neverenoughcoffee (at) gmail (dot) com. Claudia was of course my favorite! She even had me making jewelry out of random items. Love.

by neverenoughcoffee on 2:33 AM. #

My favorite was always Mary Anne.

by Conan the Librarian on 3:05 AM. #

Absolutely Stacy, even if she was a mini Mean Girl. Actually, probably because she was a mini Mean Girl.

by Unknown on 3:33 AM. #

Dawn, definitely.

by julia on 3:34 AM. #

Stacey McGill, always and forever. It's my nom de plume...

by lljljljljj on 3:51 AM. #

I was always M.A.!
I'm a dreamboat secretary, although I'd adopt Stacy's handwriting anyday.
Before BSC, I never knew hearts were even LEGAL in handwriting!!

by Jasmine on 5:23 AM. #

Why is these even a question!?

CLAUDIA. (an e-mail address I made in the fifth grade and sadly still use today)

by Under Urooba's Umbrella! on 5:37 AM. #

mary anne! hello! :)

by Missy on 5:49 AM. #

I have to say it was probably Stacey because I am from New York, and so was she. Also, when her parents were getting divorced, she put on a wooden necklace with fruit on it, which struck me as sort of cool, at the time.

by Syd on 6:47 AM. #

I'd love to say Mallory out of pity for the underdog, but alas, it was totally Dawn. Cool, casual, laid-back, yet responsible. ME = DAWN.

by SophisticatedBrew on 6:55 AM. #

I used to like Dawn, but I'm totally a Claudia girl now - after rereading I can fully appreciate the crazyness of what she wore.

by Laura Jayne on 6:58 AM. #

This comment has been removed by the author.

by sariasister on 8:27 AM. #

I always said it was a tie between Stacey and Claudia. But I related more to Dawn because we were both from CA and I even dressed up as Dawn for Halloween one year.

and my email address is

by sariasister on 8:27 AM. #

Stacey McGill: the chic-est middle schooler around!

by skyla.lila. on 8:58 AM. #

Claudia is the only one who never pisses me off, but I quite like Abby too.

emilie_nantel [a]

by Unknown on 9:00 AM. #

It was always Stacey for me :P.


by Brittany on 9:11 AM. #

Mary Anne. She was quiet and studious, but managed to not be boring.

by Unknown on 9:20 AM. #

Claudia, of course!

by Amanda! on 9:44 AM. #

Hmm... when I was younger it was a tie between Stacey and Dawn. A hybrid for the two. I never really realized Claudia's fashion sense until reading this blog!! LOVE IT!

by KellyAOwens on 9:49 AM. #

DAWN! Mostly for the chambray ensembles. At the end of the day, I really think I love Ann M Martin and her dogs the best! I'd like to see that super special!

by EA on 9:57 AM. #

Claudia for President! Candy and safety pin necklaces for everyone!


by Unknown on 10:01 AM. #

Claudia. Obviously. Anything else would be inappropriate.

by aimee on 10:02 AM. #'s the tomboy in me

allison DOT diehl AT gmail DOT com

by Allison on 10:03 AM. #

I have always loved Stacey. She had awesome clothes, a sweet perm, and was a Mathlete.

by MamaBlanks on 10:25 AM. #

Abby replaced Staci as my favorite the moment she arrived.

by The Slut Rocket on 10:39 AM. #

I always loved Stacey - she had the boy-crazy stories with swoony Toby, Sam, and Robert, the awesome clothes, and the New York background I always dreamed about.

I love Claudia a lot more now, but it always annoyed me when they called her "exotic" looking, especially since I'm Asian myself. Thanks for the Othering, AMM.

by Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit on 10:51 AM. #

What can I say, I really liked Mary-Anne. Probably because I identified with her...because I was lame.
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by missris on 10:52 AM. #

Clearly Claudia!! Native American inspired feather earrings, tuxedo pants, backward suspenders and all!!

by Steph Andersen on 11:00 AM. #

I think when I was younger I loved Dawn. But now I'm more into Mary Anne and of course, our girl Claudia.

by Erin on 11:01 AM. #

Kristy's bad-assed-ness from the first book sold her to me before anyone else was introduced. Though I did sort of want Dawn's hair and secret tunnel.


by Unknown on 11:07 AM. #

claudia ftw! because of what she wore:)

by Unknown on 11:17 AM. #

Dorky, bespectacled, nerdy, pathetic, braceface Mallory is my favorite!

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by Stephanie on 11:21 AM. #

Stacey for sure.

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by J. Elle on 11:23 AM. #

claudia to the max!

by on 11:35 AM. #

Claudia forever. I've always been the crazy/artistic hot mess- with a penchant for junk food and fashion.

by Em O on 11:37 AM. #

Claudia of course! She even wore cool outfits when she had a broken leg!

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by Adrienne on 11:45 AM. #

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